Any tips for preparing a fast and healthy breakfast? Preferably freshly made in the morning?

Stacy T.
Coffee maker oatmeal is a great/super fast one, especially if you have a Keurig like I do, just put the dry oatmeal into a disposable coffee cup, use the hot water from the coffee maker, and add your extras. The plus a piece of fresh fruit or whatever is a go to of mine for when I'm in a rush. I also use those disposable cups and put things like scrambled eggs, or all sorts of things. A plastic spoon/fork handle fits right in the mouth hole so you don't even have to carry it on the side. Breakfast on the go

Christina F.
I like preparing oatmeal beforehand: I just add water or milk to my oatmeal in the evening and put it in the fridge. In the morning I microwave it and add fresh fruit, nuts or jam – and voila. I also tried making smoothies in the morning, but it’s noisy and I am the person who wakes up the first, so I kinda had to stop using blender =) I also like eating boiled or fried eggs and tortillas with different fillings for breakfast. Chicken-tomato-pickles-lettuce is my go-to variant.

Noah P.
Whole wheat toast with a little peanut butter. Or microwave scrambled eggs: two eggs, a little hot sauce, tablespoon or two of milk, some salt and pepper and microwaved for about a minute and a half.

Genesis T.
Eating a healthy breakfast made me feel full and ready for my day. I was able to accomplish it due to my mom helping me wake up and get the things ready. The most important part was preparing the ingredients so that when I woke up everything was already there. I definitely noticed a difference and will eat more breakfast

Alexander A.
Boiled eggs take 15 minutes. Set them first, then your coffee, then microwave your bacon. You can also do instant oatmeal by boiling water on the stove while you microwave something else.

Sara W.
When I don't have much time I normally grab some oats, hot water, milk, cinnamon and raisins. I'm not a fan of oatmeal but I love that you can change up the flavors everyday. You can add shredded carrots and some ginger or coconut flakes or walnuts or almonds and vanilla. You can also make savory oatmeal which I'm not totally on board with yet but I'm trying new things. Nothing off limits! I hope this helps!

Raqu Len F.
I eat a mandarin orange with a tablespoon or two of honey peanut butter. Some days I will add a bagel or a 1/3 cup of nuts.

Alicia T.
I really like oatmeal when I'm in a hurry. It's super quick to make and you can put anything in it. It also fills me up quite a bit also

Jade E.
Whole wheat cereal with milk, protein pancakes with egg White, Cottage cheese, vanilla extract and some fruit, a Smoothie with fruits and vegetable.

Andrea X.
Honestly, I like to make frittatas at the top of the week so that I have breakfast throughout the week. I'll throw veggies in there and some cheese and it takes a total of 20 minutes. If I'm not feeling that, and I want a fresh breakfast, I'll wake up earlier or shower the night before so that I have time to make my breakfast and sit and eat it before I head out for work.

Ralfe G.
A well stocked kitchen! Making sure you have healthy choices in helps a lot. Different fruits, nut butters in the cupboard, yogurt, oats a variety of things to hand. And if you fancy something that takes more prep get every bit of it ready and laid out the night before. Eggs, pans, blender whatever you need. Every little bit of prep helps 🙂
Personally I like yogurt topped with granola and fruit.

Lydia O.
Greek yogurt is very high protein, and you can always add your choice of fruit preserves to counter the tartness. Fill the macros out with healthy fatty seeds like chia and flax, and maybe 15g of nuts. Need to dash? It'll keep just fine for an hour or so in an airtight container.

Corentin P.
Slice up some organic banana’s. Throw in some organic strawberries and blueberries. Make a cup of raspberry infused Green Tea. Toast a piece of Gluten-free organic Multigrain Bread with organic butter and a bit of organic Gouda cheese. Yum. You’re set. 🙂

Louane Z.
In my opinion the easiest way for a quick breakfast is fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola. I always try to have some frozen berries in the freezer for when I don't have any fresh fruit at home. I also like this type of breakfast because it's ideal to prepare the evening before on the days where I have to leave the house early (when i leave it for the night i usually substitute the granola for oats and add some raisins).

Travis E.
You could do a bowl with nature yogurt, whatever fruit you like, almonds, and maybe oat flakes or similar healthy cereals! I add also cinnamon and I love it!

Stephen E.
I have a smoothie I make fresh every morning after my 5 minute workout. It’s just almond milk, 1 x banana, 1 x cup blueberries, 1 x tbs hemp protein powder and 1 x tbs almond butter. Pop it in the fridge while you shower and get ready and then it’s nicely chilled for breakfast. Keeps me full until lunch.

Norman Q.
I typically whip up a protein shake with almond milk, spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, and some of protein powder of your choosing. Sometimes I will add in a banana and some flax seed oil. It’s quick, healthy and something you can take with you on your way to work.

Jenny Z.
Fresh is best. It doesn't take long to cut an avocado, grab a banana, grab a yogurt. Get those mini Tupperware containers and put berries into them on the weekend, then grab one each morning. Hard boil 5 eggs on Sunday, and you can grab one out of the fridge each weekday.

Tamara X.
Make sure to include some carbs (preferably complex) and some sugar. I usually have time in the morning to prepare it, but if I don't I'll throw some non-frozen ingredients into the blender and put it in the fridge so I can just blend it in the morning. Something else I like to do is prepare some instant oats to eat right away in the morning! I mix them with some peanut butter and a banana and a little almond milk.

Lutz F.
I like to put fruit in a bag in the freezer over night and then in the morning, blend it in a blender to make a delicious fruit smoothie! Recipes for these would be readily available online, but other options could be scrambled eggs, beans, a banana, or some yogurt and granola.

Eve E.
For a fresh breakfast made in the morning, I’ll make a parfait with yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits. Another breakfast I enjoy and saves me time in the morning is overnight oats. In a mason jar, I put oats, any type of milk(I use almond milk), chia seeds, peanut butter for protein, and any fresh or frozen fruits. All you have to do is leave this in the fridge over night and it makes for a perfect on the go breakfast.

Karla C.
I really enjoy avocado toast with a side of boiled eggs. I know boiling eggs can take a little, but I usually put them to boil first things first and start to get ready, by the time I'm done getting ready the eggs are fully boiled.

Also, if prepping your breakfast the night before makes it easier to and faster to make it the next morning. Have I'm mind what you're going to do that way the next morning you don't have to stand there thinking about what you should eat.

Amber F.
For my health breakfast I like to eat Vita bread with Cotagge cheese with cucumber and tomatos on the top or I like to eat oat cereals with Activia (jogurt) and with kiwi or banana a on the top.

Andrew E.
Make sure apples amongst other fruits are the available as appetiser. Brown breads, eggs and a cereal will be good to go.

Mille P.
I’m still figuring this out for myself. But, do some research on what you should be eating in the morning. Then, align that with what you enjoy eating. Look up a couple of recipes to help you out and do be afraid to improvise.

Malthe W.
You could boil some eggs to have protein plus having fresh fruits like bananas, apples or mango give you a shot of energy to Kickstart your day

Alma T.
Think of what you'll eat for breakfast the night before. Prep the breakfast if you can that night. An easy one is cereal, milk and a banana. If you want something quick and warm, go for a scoop of oatmeal, honey and some fruit you can put in it like a banana or raisins or cranberries. Theres also that freeze dried fruit and oats idea too. You can prep that in some jars and have it ready to eat after adding some hot water.

Luca P.
Smoothies are always the fastest, super healthy, yummy, and versatile. Examples could be green tea with fruit and honey, or coconut milk with sweet potato, or almond milk with peanutbutter and banana. On all, chia seeds and flaxseed work great. Even veggies to make it more healthy without tasting like grass, because the other flavors will overpower them.

Alan Z.
I pre make smoothies in mason jars. So in the morning I just add milk and blend! It’s easy delicious way to start your day with fruits and veggies

Deann W.
Have your glass of water while brewing coffee to wake you up and cut fruit to serve with a fried egg on top of multi grain toast.

Lina Z.
When rushing out of the house it's good to havesomething quick to prepare such as a banana and peanut butter or celery, peanut butter and raisins

Ekkehart F.
Fry up an egg, over hard. Toast a bagel. Butter up one side of the bagel and shmear the other with peanut butter or jam. Place the fried egg on the buttered bagel. Combine with some fruit like a banana, or some low-sugar yogurt, and a glass of orange juice!

This is my daily breakfast! High in protien to keep me going until lunch, tasty, and best of all, quick to make! Takes me no more than 5 minutes each day

Gabriele Q.
After drinking my water, I head downstairs and grab anything I can put in the toaster or microwave because that usually means it has protein. Common foods are oatmeal, bagels, eggs, bacon, toast, yogurt, and all types of fruit.

Quentin W.
Some things are more quick to make – think of what you love that doesn't take too long to prepare. Eggs, oatmeal or even smoothies are a great option for that perfect morning meal! Add some fruits and water to make sure you feel full and ready for a long day. Waking up just 10 minutes earlier gives you the opportunity to make your breakfast more peacefully. Enjoy!

Gregory W.
I love having a smoothie for breakfast – it takes a couple of minutes to prepare and is really filling if you do it the right way! Banana, frozen blueberries & raspberries, kale and milk of choice (soy or almond for me) make the base. Then I mix in chia seeds, ground flax, dry Gohi berries, and any other fun toppings. Adding a nut butter will make sure it’s really filling. You can drink while getting ready so it’s great for busy mornings, or you can make a smoothie bowl and eat more slowly when you have time. With a smoothie you can get a bit fiber hit, antioxidants (berries), omega 3s and protein (chia/flax) and healthy fats (chia/flax/plain nut-only nut butter) and cancer busting benefits (kale). Fiber will also help ‘get things moving’ in the morning to keep you regular 🙂

Rosalie U.
The foundation for a healthy breakfast is to have all the healthy stuff at home. In that way you will be likely to prepare that breakfast easier as well as you won’t binge eat on unhealthy foods. If you have a lack of time in the morning, you could easily prepare breakfast the evening before, just like overnight oats… Or stick with simple whole foods, such as fruits.

Nathan P.
I always find it helps me to get all I can prepared the night before, as part of my evening routine. Then, when I get up in the morning I don’t have to worry or think as much about what I have for a good breakfast.

Lucas E.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but for real busy people or people that just don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing the morning meal there are ways to beat the situation. You can keep breakfast foods stored in the pantry like your dry cereals & your dry fruits such as raisins, etc. and your quick cook hot cereals like quick oatmeal & grits that cook up in omly a few minutes. Then you have your protein foods like your shakes & smoothies that only take a minute or two to fix up. You can always keep varieties of fruit on hand preferably fresh fruit to add to get your daily requirement of minerals and vitamins and to help keep you regular, clean, and balanced in all areas of your body’s health.

Lisandro F.
Ok I normally have rooibos tea with honey but not sugar then I have a wheat bread and in it is lettuce tomato and cucumber . Greetings Lucky