Do you eat as soon as you get up or do you wait a while?

Sophie R.
Personally, I either do my daily workout or vibe in bed for a bit before I eat! When I eat too soon after waking up I feel very rushed and I'm not able to enjoy eating, but that's my experience. Some people I know eat as soon as they wake up because they feel it gives them energy to do other tasks especially if they're having a busy morning or don't have the luxury of a long morning routine (e.g. if they have to commute). It's best for you to try different variations of your morning routine to figure out what works for you! If you do decide to eat as soon as you wake up but you're not a morning person, I'd recommend meal prepping if you're able, so that you don't have to spend too much time cooking while you're groggy.
Nifemi B.
i wait a while because i have things in my morning routine that come before breakfast. like drinking water and making my bed.
Hikari N.
I eat a while after I wake up, because I stretch and pray in the morning. I take some time to meditate or just exist for a few minutes before I go and eat. Then I get ready.
Nikki X.
I do a meditation, practice gratitude, and do affirmations first. I like to prime my mind with positivity before I move into my day. Then, I eat breakfast. I eat breakfast everyday.