Don’t you think eating breakfast early (before 12) makes you less energetic and motivated? I understand every organism is different, but as a good lover I only learned recently how much of a game changer it is for me to postpone it, in means of motivation and general drive.

Nat O Z.
Figuring this one out with my schedule. The irritability of not eating and being tired hits me I've noticed while fasting and on a work schedule. If I'm not working, even if I'm active and exercising, I have no problem going sometimes well until the afternoon without eating.
Rotraut Z.
Eating breakfast early is healthy for me. Usually people stomach ready for work in the morning after the rest of nigth. Until 7 o'clock in the morning I have done my breakfast. I support to eat much food in the morning. Because its give me a lot energy during the day.
Elvira Z.
No, I’ve tried to go without a good breakfast before my work out. It doesn’t give me the energy I need to get started. So I eat a small amount and take the rest with me. I’m a avid walker and hiker so I drive to my spots. I always have water and maybe a sweet treat. The key is to be consistent. Don’t forget to let your body and mind rest/ heal mom