Aside from oatmeal and eggs, what could be a good and heavy breakfast?

Helen J.
As breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, you can eat fruits which are beneficial to the body such as and strawberries. Regarding drinks we can have protein , milk, coconut water and some vegetable juices. No matter what you eat, ensure that it helps your body to be fit as a fit body is a healthy body!

Tiffany E.
The only thing i could think of is cereal but you would have to eat a lot of cereal. Cereal contains carbs and dairy from certain milks and cereals you choose.

Nathan S.
I always go with some rice with a fried agg on top, or some whole wheat French toast! French toast is only as healthy as you make it though. Protein pancakes, or greek yogurt with tons of topings

Samuel G.
Something with carbs and protein to help keep you full for the day. Today, for example, I'm defrosting some ground beef (which doesn't take long) and cooking it with some vegetables like green beans, carrots and broccoli.
You can also have a tuna salad, black beans and rice or a protein shake.

Shannon Z.
I am usually on the go with little time to spare in the mornings, so I opt for a protien shake and berries or other fruits that are easy to eat on the road.

August Z.
I like to eat fruit in the morning. eating a banana and a handful of grapes is a great way to get some light nutrition in without upsetting my stomach. It also kickstarts my appetite allowing me to focus on getting more calories and nutrients in to energize myself for the start of my day.