How long after you get up do you eat breakfast?

Jo Anne G.
I usually try to eat within the first hour after getting up. Within half an hour is preferable. If I go over an hour i find i am more likely to skip breakfast or eat a less healthy option
Giovana N.
1-3 horas depois que eu acordo. Sla, se eu como antes de dormir acabo n sentindo fome logo pela manhã, ent sinto q tem q ter um tempinho pro meu corpo processar.
Yuv X.
It generally takes me around 1-1.5 hours as I have other important things to do in the morning such as meditation, reading, drop my mom to work etc…
Isabella C.
It depends on if I'm so hungry or not. If i am, then directly after drinking my cup of water. If I'm not, then maximum after 1 hour.
Kathleen P.
I eat breakfast about 5-10 minutes after I get up. I find that eating right away helps me feel more focused and less sluggish at the start of my day. I know that a lot of people feel sick in the morning when they eat (my sister is an example) but by starting with something small and working her way up, now my sister is able to have breakfast!
Heather Z.
Approximately 1-1.5 hours after getting up. I am still breastfeeding so do that first thing after getting up, then make breakfast around an hour after that.
Alishba N.
When I first wake up I’m usually not hungry, so I do my morning routine, check over my to do list, and then about an hour later I make and eat my breakfast.
Clara V.
I eat something small like fruits some nuts and milk right away, then I eat more like two hours later. But when I work in the morning(not everyday) I have to eat right away as I wake up a bigger breakfast like eggs and ham, as I don't have as much time.
Chloe Y.
After getting up, I usually take a shower and do my skin care routine then grab breakfast. I would say that takes half an hour before having breakfast.