What types of healthy breakfast options are there that you do not have to cook?

Jey P.
yogurt , granola and the fruits of your choice. it’s a colorful , simple, delicious, yet filling breakfast that’s light enough to help you start your day on the right foot.

Morgane Y.
cereal or porridge is always a good choice of breakfast if you don't want to cook or you can have fruits or eggs which doesn't need much cooking. sprouts is also a good choice of breakfast. wheat bread spread with fruits is good

Madison C.
Muesli, with yogurt, and an apple (personally I use four hands of muesli, 4/5 big spoons of greek yogurt, and i cut up the apple in little blocks)

Quentin E.
Greek yoghurt and a bunch of almonds, or a banana.
Bread and lean cheese
Bread and ham
Bread and hard boiled egg (prepared the night before)
Overnight oatmeal amd fruit
Just to name a few

Akansha F.
If you mean that i dont have to cook but my mom can so i have a lot of things… But i love salad cuz its easy to make and is healthy too… I love to make me sandwiches too.. i actually have a lot of things but I'll say that next time… So bye…

Il Dio C.
Usually some kind of fruit and dark chocolate works for me. I have a sweet tooth so the dark chocolate really helps with satisfying the craving for something sweet early in the morning. Wholegrain cereal (weetabix) and milk is another breakfast option that I really enjoy that does not require any cooking.

Daniel C.
Well, based on the premise that the most healthy food is fruits and vegetables, there's a lot of options:

Bananas, oranges, peaches, apples and others like this.

Or Peanuts too!

Isaac F.
Well, you can make yourself a yogurt bowl with fruit, oats and some dark chocolate. Or, avocado toast, or just cereal. Something simple can always be nice. As long as it's not too sugary.

Rachel P.
Yogurt bowls are a great option. I used vanilla Greek yogurt with no added sugars and add toppings such as granola and fruit (my personal favorite is bananas.) You can also opt for something like rice cakes with natural peanut butter and fruit on top or a bowl of high fiber cereal with no added sugars. If you've got a little extra time you can try instant oats in the microwave or even overnight oats if you have some time the night before. Hope this helps!

Nb N.
A banana and avocado – I mash them together and they’ve replaced my bowl
Of cereal with milk. And a cup of coffee – always

Amalie B.
try a fruit salad, all the different fruits put together, try and get them as fresh as possible (not a requirement), fruit has natural sugars that are good for the human body and fruit is tasty soooo great option

Tisyia Y.
I love to drink hot chocolate in the morning, specifically hot Milo. I like to eat cereal from M&S , it is extremely tasty.