Currently I eat a cheese omelette with avocado, and I love it, but what other quick, tasty and healthy breakfast recipes would you suggest?

Charlotte N.
Oatmeal with berries! Plate with tomato cucumber olives and feta, add smoked salmon if desired. Green smoothie with spinach, banana, mango, avocado.

Mia R.
Porridge two ways either 1/4 cup of whole/steel cut porridge oats bubbling away with water. When almost cooked add a mashed banana and 2 whisked egg whites( foamy) bring the porridge to temperature whisking all the time. I've been adding blueberries afterwards with some almond milk. The other way is just as the porridge is cooking add a square of dark chocolate, mixed spice and 80g grated courgette

Cl Mentine Z.
Maybe oatmeal with fruit? It is tasty and healthy. If you don't like oatmeal weetabix is just as good. (But if you have weetabix try to avoid putting sugar on) 🙂

Terry J.
Mix chikpea powder with water turmeric, hot paprica, black peper and salt and you fry it instead of the unhealthy cheese omelette. And it will go great with avocado.

Kelly U.
Other kinds of omelette, like egg with tomato or tomato paste, egg with spinach….
Oatmeal, it's cooked very fast and also easy , you can add some fresh fruit like apple with nutmeg and cinnamon.
You can also soak the oat in milk over night and add some peanut butter and banana to taste, in the morning it's ready to eat
also you can sprinkle chia seeds on your breakfast (oatmeal, smoothie,…) for more nutrition

Steve U.
Baby plum tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, clove of garlic, mix and roast in oven for 15 minutes, stirring halfway through to prevent tomatoes blackening. Eat with slices of fried halloumi.

Friedericke F.
While many people hate it, it is great option.Overnight oats with some chia seeds are so on the go,easy and u don’t have to do anything in the morning but eat.If you want though,in the morning customise it with fruit, Brazilian nuts or any type is great.If this isn’t enough go onto YouTube and find the best combinations.To top it of have some lemon infused water and put it overnight.🍋.Trust me it is so yummy.Hope this helped!Bye for now.

Socorro Q.
I like to make smoothies a really nice one I really on has half a banana cherries(frozen), pea protien, chia seeds, maca powder, moringa powder, and almond milk. Good for mental clarity and focus. Hope this helps!

Toni W.
I love eating scramble eggs with corn (a typical recipe from Colombia) with 1/4 avocado and sometimes an arepa (heated in the oven so it isn’t that fat.
When I don’t have much time I grab a banana and peanut butter or a peace of cheese and some oatmeal.
Oatmeal, is a great option for breakfast. It does give me enough, and it can have SO many different combinations; just the other day I was about to cook it and my sister suggested we did it with banana and blueberries, and just a little bit of cinnamon. It was glorious.

Melvin O.
Thinly sliced free range turkey breast covered with scrambled egg mixed with spinach. Finally, a small slice of smoked salmon on the top with a dill or orange and mustard dressing.

Laurine C.
Another option could be a smashed avocado toast. Sometimes I like to add an extra topping such as scrambled eggs or feta cheese. Also, add some drops of lime juice and a pinch of salt to the avocado it makes it taste better.

Quila E.
Try a fruit salad, cut up Strawberries and oranges even apples, raspberries any fruit you can think of put in there alongside with spinach, celery or lettuce and use one of the fruits for a dressing

Gerd X.
I think it’s helpful to have an option that doesn’t require cooking. I really enjoy apples dipped in natural peanut butter!

Oliver C.
Breakfast burritos are good. You just make scrambled eggs and stir in whatever you want inside of your burrito. I keep the cheese and sauce in separate and add them in later. But this is just what I do, there are plenty of ways to make a breakfast burrito. Whatever works for you. Have a good day!

Max F.
Try leftovers from the night before. It may seem weird to eat a piece of chicken for breakfast but the protein is really good for you and it is filling.

Jonas C.
Breakfast is generally not my favorite meal as I am often not hungry in the morning. That said, when I work in the morning, I enjoy having breakfast
This morning I enjoyed a flagel with fruit

Tanja J.
Chia pudding and some fruit is always a good option and is made over night. Also, scratch made oatmeal is another favorite of mine

Rick Z.
Hi, I sometimes have fried eggs with a couple of cherry tomatoes or cucumber. Sometimes I eat sunflower seeds whole grain bread with gouda or avocado and again a couple of cherry tomatoes or cucumber.

Petra Q.
I currently eat a egg and ham sandwich with an apple pretty boring I'd probably suggest trying to prep oat meal with a small amount of fruit and nuts!

Ronald U.
I eat bowl of muesli without added sugar with fruits and milk. If I hurry I make smoothie of fruits, berries, muesli and oat milk or coconut milk and drink on the way.

Arc Lio S.
I do love rice cakes with peanut butter and blueberries, or Greek yogurt with granola, almond butter and raspberry. Both recipes are so taste!

Elias W.
Apples and nut butter. Or boiled eggs with sliced cheese and fruit, you can prep this days in advanced so don't need to cook breakfast every morning. Freezer oatmeal is a great make ahead that you can customize with different add ins to keep it from getting too boring.

Sara L.
The basic ingredients I use for a "healthy breakfast" are usually eggs, some form of meat, and any vegetables I have at hand. I usually mix and match them in various possible recipes to keep varying the menu. Some variants are;
– Egg muffins; whisk two eggs, with spices of choice (I use salt, red chilli powder, oregano seeds and leaves, thyme etc.) and a few drops of oil, and put the batter in a muffin tray (use butter paper, or oil the tray), put in two small pieces of any meat (I use chicken) and top with a small of amount of cheese and vegetable slices on each muffin. Bake for 20-30 minutes until eggs are completely cooked but not long enough that they become dry. I usually have pre-cut vegetables and chicken stored in my fridge, so this actually is quite a handy breakfast; I just whisk the eggs and put everything in and while it bakes I get ready for work, and it's something I can easily savor while driving to work, so quite time-economical.
– Small slices of chicken steak with cheese omelette; this one is pretty self explanatory. For the steaks I usually take a whole chicken breast, cut it into four pieces, make thin slices out of them, and marinate them in salt, red chilli powder, oregano, and one egg, and save this in the fridge for about two to three days. This way I just have to take out one or two slices and fry them with the omelette so doesn't require much time in the morning.

One days that I REALLY don't have any time, or energy, I basically just take an apple and two bananas.🙈🤷

Silas A.
Well I normally have museli with some delicious fruits and Greek yoghurt on top: this is really quick and tasty but is lacking protein! I suggest that if you want protein in your morning breakfast, then there’s this delicious ‘protein breakfast sandwich’ I’ve tried once before! It basically consists of a toasted breakfast muffin, filled with a fried egg and melted cheese! You can also add anything else you want like black beans or Avacardo! Melt the cheese in the muffin before hand, then fry the egg and put it in your sandwich! It may sound strange but it’s actually amazing with other ingredients too!

Primo N.
I love to make overnight oats with chia seeds, nuts, and berries! So quick to throw together the night before and ready to have the next morning!

Monique T.
Plain yogurt, Greek or something with high protein, and fresh berries. I crush the berries to help flavor the yogurt. So you get the taste of yogurt with fruit but it's much healthier.

Cecilie P.
I like whole grain toast with avocado and a dusting of paprika. Whole grains keep me full and add fiber; I don’t have to tell you how amazing and delicious avocados are; and paprika gives a perfect bit of spice to start my day!

Cassandre Y.
Chia pudding with fruit, oats with yogurt, fruit and nuts (Maybe overnight oats) bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter and banana, smoothie that you partly prepare the night before, spinach and cheese in a wrap

Julia O.
I like to make a batch of granola and eat it with a little Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. A small portion of dinner reheated can be a good lower sugar option.

Ute A.
Avocado toast is another great and quick breakfast recipe to make. There are tons of these recipes on the internet that you can find.

Noah F.
Oatmeal with different fruits and nuts is a nice and easy choice. And one of my favourite ones is mix of greens with tomatoes, pomegranate, camembert and walnuts.

Arianna T.
I typically have an omelette with cooked spinach and two slices of whole wheat bread. I cook the spinach in advance and freeze the cooked spinach in small portions. When I want to add it to my omlette, all I have to do is heat it up in the microwave for a minute.

Teka S.
I like greek yogurt! I’ll get a large tub of it and put my own additions in.

First thing is don’t get non-fat! The fat content will help keep you feeling full longer which is a good way to use those calories (two for one usage so to speak).

I’ll get a decent granola to put on top. By decent, I mean look on the package for the ratio of protein to carbs. You want more protein! The best I’ve found is ‘Bear Naked’ brand; their original cinnamon. For a quarter cup it’s 5 grams protein to 15 grams carbs!

In terms of sweetener for the yogurt, I’ll stir in some Organic Agave syrup. It’s not artificial and it’s low glycemic. It doesn’t take a lot to take the edge off the taste of the yogurt. You can get it at a great price at Costco if you have a membership there.

Fanny B.
I boil eggs in bulk and then crack two, pour some olive oil and salt and pepper over them, and eat that. Has the advantage you can make it ahead of time and it’s quick the morning of.

Aline S.
I love eggs, potatoes with a small amount of sausage scrambled together add cheese and you’ve got a quick breakfast. You can make the scramble a night before and eat it alone, with tortillas and even omit an ingredient depending on your preference.

Sophie E.
I like protein shakes with fruit and chia seeds, avocado toast with egg, salsa eggs with some cheese and veggies, quinoa feta and green onion bowls with eggs. Basically anything that has lots of protein and is low on sugar.

Joe O.
Toasted sourdough bread is great. Low glycemic value. You can top it off with several low carb healthy options, such as your eggs with avocado. Avocado and feta cheese, cottage cheese and honey, cream cheese with fruits and nuts, your favorite nut butter…. The toast options are endless! Look up “Toast recipes”.

Volkmar U.
Coconut milk, frozen apples, frozen blueberries, a banana, and super greens(kale spinach…) blended into a quick easy smoothie to go!

Gina U.
If you're trying to avoid breads and other starches you could switch up your dish by scrambling with veggies or do a cold version of eggs by hardboiling them, and enjoy with cheese slices and avocado slices.

Elsa Y.
I like low-fat yogurt 1 cup w some chia seeds, granola, and berries with a smoothie to get all my fats, proteins, and fruits in! Another favorite is 2 fried eggs with fried smoked turkey sausage!!! Always a good one!

Daisy X.
When I'm running late I try to eat an apple with some coconut water, the coconut water will hydrate you and the apple boosts your energy. This works for me

Oc Ane S.
Granola and oats can be good for a really quick breakfast, eggs are good because they're high in protein and you can have anything you want with them like a piece of fruit, Morningstar breakfast sausage patties are pretty good and they tend to be healthier than regular sausage.

Kimberly W.
I love smoked salmon and avocado on toast or granola and nuts over fruit and yogurt. They're both filling, delicious (can eat every morning) and dont require you to heat a pan.

Maxime Q.
A protein smoothie! I like vanilla, organic protein powder + half a frozen banana + coconut milk + sunflower butter. Delicious stuff.

Liberto I.
I like to eat oats for breakfast. They're quick to make, and I find I feel full for longer compared to eating toast or cereal. Plus they last forever in the cupboard, so I can stock up and not worry about running out. Cheap, too!

I mix mine with Milo for some flavour, but I'm thinking about switching to peanut and giving that a try, to add some protein.

Malte X.
Fried egg on wholemeal toast with either roast tomato or avocado or both on the side. Another option would be scrambled egg with a little smoked salmon.

Allan A.
I eat boiled eggs with some fancy salt and olive oil on them. Quick and easy to make the eggs ahead of time, and super fast to just pull them out in the AM and mix up and eat.