Any other quick salty breakfast?

Stanley F.
Although it's a classic: eggs!!! They give you protein and are actually delicious, and you can cook them in many different ways ^^)

Norma O.
2-3 wheat crackers with cream cheese and a boiled egg! You can boil the egg the night before and keep it in the fridge,to save time

Dwight J.
An egg with salt is my go-to. On a non-stick pan it's so fast. But you could also hard-boil the night before. Or just a slice of bacon warmed int he microwave that AM. Salty! There are also pretty healthy Jimmy Dean microwave sandwiches. Or a frozen burrito. If you don't restrict yourself to breakfast food the possibilities are endless. My number 1 is a Stouffer's spinach souffle, but that's 10 minutes in the microwave so an egg is faster. Or just a hunk of cheese and raw broccoli.