I love enjoying a delicious nutritious breakfast but I go to school and I can’t find the time to make breakfasts like these on a school day. I tend to end up eating an easy on the go breakfast like a muesli bar. How can I change this?

Russell P.
Same here. But I found making same breakfast everyday is better than those processed bars.So I used to have 2 slice of bread 🍞 sandwich and make sandwiches with other ingredients. Example day 1 two slices of bread and two boiled eggs+one mandarin, day one toasted 2slices of bread, lettuce, tomato and cheese.Again day 3, bullseye, bread,cucumber, onion….likewise it goes.
Akpan T.
That's easy. Just wake up earlier and prepare your meal. I'm a student and I work part-time. Waking up early (5 am)has given me that extra time to get things done before my busy day starts.
So join the 5 am club and see what happens.
Tasya P.
Probably you can try to wake up way early to prepare you breakfast, or you can prepare it beforehand the night before so you can prepare faster in the morning, you can also do a meal plan per week and prepare the ingredients on the weekend. If you live with your family maybe you can try to ask them to prepare your breakfast with things you already prepared from the weekend.