Is it okay to define a great breakfast as a breakfast that is a real treat (but maybe not very healthy) on the weekends?

Cyn W.
I think so, as long as it's done in moderation and not too often. Go ahead and treat yourself but stay the course of your goal!👍
Milos X.
Well, depends on what you are looking to use the definition for. If it is to improve your life over time, then I am going with nooooo…. If I is a great breakfast to celebrate your birthday, the definitely yes! Your call.
Moana B.
A good breakfast is ideally one you enjoy and is healthy. I often find this by having smoothies or overnight oats for breakfast. If you’re feeling more inclined towards sweet smoothies are a great option. You can find easy and delicious recipes online plus they are really healthy since they contain yogurt fruits and other good stuff. They are relatively low cost if you collect your ingredients such as frozen fruits or yogurt at the grocery store. They are easy to make too. Overnight oats are great if you don’t want something too sweet. The oats are really healthy and you can add nut butter and fruit to make it taste good. The great thing about both of these options is that they tend to be vegan, allergy, and intolerance friendly with easy substitutes like almond milk and dairy free yogurt. You don’t need to have these options and there are lots of great breakfast options out there. Don’t be afraid to google recipes for your favorite breakfast foods with healthy additions and changes. They are usually really helpful and low cost plus great for you and the environment. Don’t forget that you always deserve a reward for hard work and that you can do anything you put your mind to with patience with yourself and a little discipline.
C Cilia O.
I think that allowing yourself a big breakfast on the weekends is actually a nice thing to do for yourself. make sure it still has enough nutrients and isn't completely unhealthy. also it's a good opportunity to share it with a friend or family member.
Taylor J.
Depends on you, what you’re plan is, and how and how often you do it. One time on the weekends as a treat is good, as it rewards you, of course only treat it like a reward and not a regular thing,
Katherine P.
Not necessarily . Maybe having a healthy breakfast is the best option. But it's okay to mess around in weekends and break that role . ONLY if you consider sticking to it the rest of the week
Titouan Z.
I think so, if you’re eating and you’re getting your metabolism up and running and drinking lots of water then I’d say yes
Frida E.
If you’re having it only on the weekend I guess it’s ok the problem begins when you are eating that king of breakfast everyday
Eggs N.
Anything that you eat at the start of the day is burned through the activities you do through-out the day. It doesn’t really matter what you eat in the morning because it gets used as the first bit of energy. Even if it’s not healthy it’s keeping your brain working.
Gwendolyn E.
yes! maybe not if it's stack of candy but crepes or pancakes don't do anything bad. the ideal though is adding some fruit to everything
Graf X.
yepp. The weekend is a time where you can rest and treat yourself, so I'm sure that a breakfast that isn't very healthy but is at least tasty is okay. Unless it's just a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, in that case that's not breakfast at all.
Agapito Q.
Once in a while… Yes. I would try and replace some parts with healthy options though. Like, for instance swapping out one of the pastries for fresh fruit and then gradually increase the healthy options.
Molly Y.
I ate chocolate cereal for breakfast which isn’t very healthy. But, I ate an orange afterwards. What I’m saying is, it’s ok to eat a treat to kickstart your day, but make sure to eat fruits and vegetables before, during, or after.
Giuliana F.
Having a treat for breakfast now and then is good because it gives you time to take a break. Being hard on yourself and not talking breaks or having treats can lead to feeling even more worse or over worked. It’s good for a treat now and then to make you feel more happy with yourself and not like your forcing a routine on yourself.
Bekah N.
I think it’s okay to.. especially if it’s got good components to it and I’m not over eating. If I overeat a breakfast that has no healthy components most definitely does not count though
Skylene P.
I would say no. A great breakfast is something that will make sure that you are not hungry until closer to lunch time. A treat that isn’t very healthy might provide you with enough energy, but from my experience, you won’t have enough energy. Have an amazing day!!
Jamie Z.
I think it depends on how you view it. Emotionally, it may be make someone happy to have a treat-like breakfast but it’s not very great physically.
Terri P.
We all need to treat ourselves. You’re working hard to maintain your routine. Every once in a while you have to give yourself a bone. Maybe document how you feel after a healthy breakfast vs a treat breakfast
Tim C.
Hello, thank you for your question:)
Yesterday I wondered the same thing. I questioned myself as to whether my Saturday breakfast was too unhealthy to be great. I then decided that pleasure and a feeling of fullness on my busy Saturday, (as I’d barely had time for any breakfast through the week), was a great breakfast indeed.
Yesterday’s Saturday breakfast contained half a grapefruit with a spoonful of Demerara sugar on top followed by a bowl of granola with dark chocolate curls topped with Greek yoghurt and raspberries.
This was not a diet breakfast – this was the mixture of the nourishing and indulgent that I really wanted and I enjoyed every unhurried mouth full;).
Maja W.
Yes, it's dependent on what a person sees as a Great Breakfast. For example a healthy breakfast could be a great breakfast for health whereas a not so healthy breakfast but one where it's food a person enjoys could be a great breakfast in terms of mood or reward.
Celine I.
Yes a breakfast is any food you eat to break your fast, doesn't matter what. Also please don't label food as treats they're just food 😉
Hector E.
I would say so. As long as you aren’t eating unhealthily all weekend I think it counts. A great breakfast for me is one that doesn’t have too much sugar but gives you energy – toast and fruit or poached eggs or occasionally cinnamon toast with sugar, something enjoyable but not that you feel unhealthy having it.
Scholarstica O.
not sure I understand the nature of the question but even if you don’t have a health meal on weekends be sure to add some amounts of fruits in there to balance it out
Roger P.
Of course! If it makes you happy then it is perfectly fine! As long as it isn’t every day of the week I would say it is fine!
Alex C.
Because I am on a budget a great treat for breakfast would be a bowl of Frosted Flakes. They’re delicious but not very healthy. I eat them every now and then, and try to keep it as a once in a while treat.
O U.
Of course! You deserve it, getting through that long week :)) Keep pushing through and do what makes you happy! It’s perfectly okay to eat some junk sometimes
Tanya F.
A great breakfast is one which
of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably is above the normal or average and which of quality, or eminence is considerably above the normal or average. So if the health diminishes is it not great.
Ilayda H.
Normally I would have some cereal if I wanted something quick but I also love toasted bagel with cream cheese and avocado smushed basically guacamole it’s really nice 👌🏻
Angela T.
2 days is a little over quarter of the week so the question is
"Is it ok to be unhealthy for quarter of the week"?
That's completely up to you but perhaps after 5 days of feeling nice, light and healthy you'll feel a significant difference after eating something rather unhealthy.
5 days isn't really enough to build up habit of eating healthy so you also might find that the 2 treat days turns into a midweek treat too and slowly creeps into everyday.
Perhaps you need to rethink your regular breakfasts to make them exiting enough that you don't feel the need to have cheat days? Every breakfast should feel enjoyable and not a punishment until you get to the weekend.
I'd not like the idea of being in a never ending cycle where the 5 days are just a way to make up for the weekend.
Hope this was of some little help.
Alexandre T.
It absolutely is fine. Restricting the foods you eat because you want to be "healthy" , is a highway to an eating disorder. It's completely fine to eat "a real treat" for breakfast on the weekends. I'd go so far as to say it's fine to eat "a real treat" for breakfast, lunch and dinner no matter what day it is. No shame in it, since that shame will only cause unnecessary stress and demonize foods.
Miranda Q.
I mean really it all depends on the person because not everyone likes the same stuff. Like there is people that dont like fruit or eggs and all that stuff. I feel like ever person has the right to do whatever with there body because its their body not yours. People shouldn't have to change things about themselves because people don't like the way they look or what they do. But at the end of the day we are all humans and honestly we can whatever we want with our bodies because who is gonna stop us.
Cherly U.
It may be ok as a treat, but part of the goal is to develop consistent healthy habits. I think it would be best to start your day with a healthy breakfast and maybe have a treat later on in the day—as to not interrupt your body’s routine.
Dina N.
I think it is. As long as you are consistently eating a breakfast that will sustain you throughout the day, it doesn’t always have to be the healthiest option. The key to creating good habits is giving yourself some freedom. Strict self-discipline works for a while but creates disappointment or guilt when you falter.
Max N.
yes. sometimes we sholud just listen to our bodies and eat what we desire but we also should try to eat healthy, but i’m weekends it’s ok to eat what we feel like
Silje U.
I really love pancakes with chocolate spread and Nutella! It’s a sweet treat with a bit of fruit so I don’t feel as guilty as having two
Manfred Q.
Even if it’s not very healthy as long as you are having breakfast which is the first meal of the day , it’s okay I guess
Gil E.
Yes my breakfast bag on work n quick days are more healthy because it has 2 be quick but on weekends i have time to cook a full breakfast unless I’m tied n cook sum quick lil shi
Clenira Y.
I usually use that excuse on the weekends with most things I eat. I try to maintain a healthy diet throughout the week with exercise and such. But, when the weekend comes I don’t. I don’t think it’s a healthy breakfast/choice but I think it’s ok to do occasionally in moderation.
Gabriel U.
YES! Definitely at least just at the beginning then slowly start to go for healthier breakfasts your body will gradually change from craving unhealthy to healthy food trust me it works!
Alfred J.
I would say yes, but I wouldn't do a unhealthy breakfast EVERY weekend. Maybe every 2 weeks? But if I have been doing good on my portions and eating healthier, than maybe yes that weekend.
Abigail U.
It is not because if you have a unhealthy breakfast your going to be drained of the hole day but if your eat a healthy breakfast you will be more energized throughout the day.
Bertha T.
Yes, as everyone deserves a treat every once in a while a denying yourself this treat for no particular reason may make you have a poor relationship with these foods in the future.
Hania A.
I think a great breakfast is something you are proud of after eating that you had got up and served yourself. Sure you should keep in mind to be healthy but in beginning when you start to work on yourself the main motive should be to just getting up and even having a last nights saved burger with a proud feeling that I' got up and having a breakfast is i think acceptable but when got that habit in daily routine one should be making healthy choices.
Leah E.
Well If you just have the unhealthy breakfast once in a while and all the other days you are right with your schedule I guess there's no problem. Nothing is bad if done just once in a while, neither watching tv or eating fries. The problem comes when this begins to be the normality, the routine. It also depends on culture, in Italy breakfast is often done with cornetti and sweets so it also depends on where you have lived your life.
Athurcia Q.
My understanding is that breakfast is breakfast no matter what you're eating, it's a person's choice to eat a healthy one or not
Nayara J.
Yes. I think a brunch with friends or your spouse with some mimosas are fun to do every once in a while. Nothing is a challenge if we get to make our own choices around what is best for us.
Amalie C.
A great breakfast should be healthy if u want to follow your path through a better life. Exception can convive with your path, so if in the weekend you want something treating and tasty, can be ok but always like an exception. It’s important to define borders in order to be honest with ourself.
Salma N.
Great breakfasts mean breakfasts with about let’s say 1-3 grams of protein also the calories and the carbs in it should be a small amount
Eloane C.
Yes. Breakfast depends on what I’m doing for the rest of the morning. If it’s going to be action packed then the level of fuel needs to match that, whereas if it’s relaxing I don’t need to eat as much. But food is more than fuel and it’s emotional. If I’m spending time with my partner and want to have a longer breakfast, I will have a more elaborate spread, and that’s ok! The bigger picture is consistency.
Lo C E.
Yes! It is like giving yourself a treat because you did so well during the week! (Just don't eat to many of those treats)
Brooke N.
Not so much. I eat sweet things and then eat a real breakfast. I would eat it more, but I need to develop healthy habits so I get better in my studies and my social life.
Angel P.
Yes. Breakfast doesn't always have to be healthy. Sometimes you have to treat yourself a little and eat what makes you happy but don't go overboard with it.
Soren Z.
If you know that it’s a treat for you and are able to control when to have the ‘great breakfast’ then I think you can. When it no longer becomes a treat and is integrated into your normal breakfast then maybe it can no longer be called that. It also I guess depends on how unhealthy it is, as the spike in blood glucose level can really make you dull and heavy for the rest of the day. So if you keep that in mind and have it as a self reward then that’s good!
On the other hand if it’s a healthy treat and you know it brightens up your day maybe you could incorporate it into your normal breakfast? however it is I guess always good to have something you like as a treat rather than normalising it so that you can boosten up your day if you’ve had a bad start or also further improve your happy staff with a treat from all the hard work during the week.
But I think the overall message is that you should have your ‘great breakfast’ as a treat for yourself rather than normalising it.
Monisha Z.
I would think so, a great breakfast can be from anything sweet to everything savory. It may not always be the healthiest option, but if you balance how much you eat of each item provided then you should be fine. Having a sweet pancake, french toast, or even crepes are fine as long as you balance it out with the rest of your meal. I love having big, great breakfasts on the weekends, where I can eat it with my family and where I also have the extra time to make anything I want. So yes, I would think that would be a fine way to define "great breakfasts" for the weekend! Just remember to maintain balance in you life and you'll be okay!
Daniel F.
Yes. The important part of breakfast is not only health but variation as a whole. If your diet is not varied it’s hard to have a healthy and complete-feeling life. Plus, it adds some motivation to get up and eat.
Rawan G.
Sometimes i need to enjoy food more than eating healthy as healthy food can get boring sometimes so its good to have my favorite unhealthy meal once or twice a week while maintaining eating healthy rest of the week
Aenne O.
Yes, We aim for a balanced lifestyle and that consists of both the good and the bad. I think it’s alright to have not so healthy food every now and then as a treat for this reason.
Joel E.
Maybe sometimes. If I'm feeling like I can eat I make waffles or something else to the likes of waffles. I do this because sometimes I lose appetite in the mornings and get sick while eating, so when I do feel like eating I eat
Thomas J.
I think what fabulous means by great breakfast is a nutritious meal that is fulfilling. Typically what I do when I make breakfast is I always included eggs, eggs are really important for brain function and can help with cell repair. When I include eggs to my breakfast I make a sandwich with ham and cheese I also have a cup or two of coffee, some fruit or a bowl of healthy cereal would be a excellent addition if you follow what I do.
Ivelle Z.
Hi, OK so for me having a free day at the end of the week is fine so having a” not very healthy “ breakfast once a week is totally fine but the other days of the week you should be careful for what you're feeding yourself . Thanks ❤
Loivaci Z.
I think a great breakfast just means that your satisfied hunger wise by that breakfast. I am trying to be healthier and one way I’m doing that is by not buying unhealthy food but I’ve realized lately there’s lots of ways to make delicious treat foods as you’d like to call them while still behind healthy! But to answer your question I think as long as you are happy and satisfied with your breakfast it doesn’t matter:) even on the weekdays! Just make sure you’re fully nourished by other things that day!
Fabi Nne N.
Yes of course! As long as you are happy with it and enjoys it. However, make it a special treat to really enjoy. So, don’t do it every day 😏
Rose Q.
Yes, because part of self care is understanding what works for you and what's important to you. Sometimes it works better to treat yourself nice then to be a mean person every day.
Priscilla Z.
Of course! Nothing „unhealthy“ has no nutritional value, and emotional hunger is completely valid. I think eating enough food is way more important that eating „the right“ food.
Holly I.
I think that it’s okay to have a breakfast that’s a real treat every once in a while, but don’t make it a habit to have a ‘treat’ every weekend as this is not healthy. However, if you are just starting out then maybe having an unhealthy breakfast as something to enjoy will be a good starting point and eventually you can make it more health for yourself!
Oneida P.
i think that a great breakfast is something that makes you feel full and nurtured. and even tho its good to be healthy, once in a while a treat is perfect maybe two times a week or more or less
Mj X.
yes! as long as you feel that you are happy and full after that breakfast, you can consider that as a “great breakfast” ☺️
Lo S Z.
Absolutely. There aren’t necessarily “good” and “bad” foods. To me, finding the right balance is key and if I’m craving a sweet breakfast muffin I will absolutely eat one – no matter the day of the week
Chloe T.
I think it depends on how much you have to do in your day.. if you need sufficient energy then no but if ur not doing to much ray whatever u want to get ur body going!
Robin C.
A good breakfast not only fulfills your nutritional needs but it makes you ready for the day mentally. If something is not so healthy and you are treating yourself to it on the weekends because it is a sure fire way to boost morale and get you ready for the busy day ahead, it is absolutely a good breakfast! Just make sure to have something with it or soon after that can fulfill your nutritional needs to help your body be as prepared as your mind.
M Lody S.
Well it depends on what the breakfast has, for example if a Saturday i ate for breakfast just pancakes with chocolate it would be kind of a great breakfast but also not. But if i ate pancakes with a fruit it would be a great breakfast. So what I’m trying to say is that i could it something unhealthy but to make it a great breakfast i would add something healthy to it like fruits, vegetables or something that is healthy and boosts your energy.
Yzza F.
Yes ! Even if it's not healthy you are worthy of goog food/food you love so go for it. In my opinion a breakfast that you like will motivi you for the day but one which you don't will make your day start less better
Ari S.
yes. it is important to remain flexible when you're establishing habits. treating yourself when necessary is also self care. what matters is what you do the majority of the time to stay healthy.
Chris X.
Breakfast is best when it is healthy, but due to the way our metabolisms work, eating anything unhealthy is best done in the morning time. Your body will have more than enough time to process any extra carbs or fats as opposed to possibly eating unhealthily at a later time when your metabolism would rather be winding down.
Ronecia N.
I think it is ok to have a sweet treat on the weekends. It is nice to treat myself to a meal that feels like a treat such as toppings on pancakes, fruit filled crepes and waffles. Pairing it along with fruit, and proteins helps balance it out .
Kevin C.
I agree, because the breakfast is a boost to start my day. So, I need a proper, healthy and nutritious Breakfast to start up my day.
Annemieke N.
In my opinion a great breakfast is a breakfast that makes you feel great. If that is sometimes a breakfast that is not very healthy I don’t think it’s a problem. Once you make a habit out of having a breakfast while being aware of it your body will start to request healthier foods and appreciate them more (at least that’s what my body did). Remember find foods that make sure your energy levels remain stable longer for instance bananas and nuts. You can always add these to your day as a snack if you feel your breakfast is unhealthy otherwise
Mirha P.
I think that breakfast should always be healthy no matter what. Maybe you can include some treat in your lunch, but leave breakfast super healthy since it is the first meal of the day and the first booster of energy.
Johannes U.
Yes, of course it is! Why is this even a question. A great weekday breakfast is a nutritious and tasty one that will sustain me until lunch, but only take me a couple minutes to prepare. On the weekend, I don't usually have the same time constraints and can do something more elaborate and indulgent.
Kelsie C.
A great breakfast is one that gets you up in the morning and get your day started. It’s okay to not eat healthy 100% of the time and to enjoy meals that are good for your soul but maybe not for your body. don’t let wording of a “great“ breakfast stop you from enjoying a breakfast that you really want. If it means a lot to you to have that healthy meal to feel like you aren’t, for lack of better words, cheating on the school maybe try having a healthy lunch or a healthy snack or other meal during the day.
Akanksha F.
Yes, well the definition of treat here varies from person to person but a breakfast that satisfies your body and soul is definitely a great breakfast.
L Cia C.
No, you should stick with the plan even on rhe weekends. Maybe you could give yourself a little treat but only if that doesn't ruin goal you are trying to reach.
Yk N.
I think the app wants us to think of a healthy breakfast when it talks about a great breakfast however, sometimes we may eat a big breakfast with unhealthy stuff in it too- and as long as its balanced I believe we can caunt that as a great breakfast as well 🙂
Nicklas W.
Well it can be a nice treat if it is fruit! But it is ok to have a little break on the weekend. So yes I would say it is ok to have a little sweet breakfast.
Noe T.
I see a great breakfast as a breakfast that will get you you’re goals for me that is too lose weight so a healthy breakfast is my goal
Cl Mentine Y.
A great breakfast should be something that is healthy, but because not everyone can get a perfectly healthy breakfast, anything close to healthy is perfect as well!
Ananya C.
Yes, it is. But be careful l of consuming not too much sugar and oily food. It will make you feel dizzy and can even cause nausea.
William A.
I think that it is fine to define a good breakfast however you like, the important thing is that you choose what to eat with intentionality. Don't eat automatically, eat deliberately and with thought. Every food every calorie should be worth it. Does this food provide me with the vitamins and minerals to serve your body? Is this food tasty enough to justify the calories, if no to both then don't eat it.
Charlotte N.
A great breakfast is defined by you! For me any breakfast is great as I don’t usually have an appetite in the morning sometimes all I have is a banana and a coffee but it’s great for me, and I’m improving. Think about what you usually do and what your goals are when defining ‘a great breakfast’. And remember it is okay to treat yourself. Lots of love your coffee adult friend xx
Victoria Z.
A great breakfast has to be a healthy one if you have sweet sugary food for breakfast it’s called an unhealthy breakfast
Eden A.
I think that we can’t always eat perfect healthy breakfast and if you do it almost everyday I think it of course counts as a great breakfast on the weekends
Florent E.
I think so! Is it a treat because it makes you happy? Or because it happens rarely? I think moderation is important, if you recognize that this kind of breakfast isn’t super healthy. But I’d it makes you happy, i think it’s a great breakfast
Titouan Y.
Yes, on the weekends we can take a break of all of that routine. On the weekends we can eat something that is not healthy, but we need to back with our healthy routine on the week.🙃
Imon Z.
Not rally. Great breakfast is something that will supply your body with enough good and healthy energy. Treat is a desert. If you want to have unhealthy breakfast why not to have desert instead?
Amirrtha F.
Well, it totally depends on the circumstances, if we tend or want to treat ourselves for breakfast, then it may be fine because we can start with the regular breakfast routine accompanied by some delicacies. But, it's always better to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast as it helps to keep us energetic and calm.
Arpita Z.
I don't think it is good if it's not really healthy but sometimes it can be okay as long as it didn't affect your health.
Thea O.
You can have something sweet in moderation even if it's the weekend or during the week. You have to have balance in your diet and that's the way. So yes you can have something sweet at breakfast in the weekend. 🙂
Marte R.
I think it’s important to treat yourself with unhealthy food sometimes. When you eat for 80% of the time healthy and various it’s okay to eat for 20% unhealthy and delicious !
Annmiller N.
Depending what the “real treat “ is.. pancakes with All kinds of sweet syrup and whipped cream ect..
Vs. a pancake spurge with added bran, fruit topping,,maple syrup ect..:)
If the rest of the time is on track…would say one ‘splurge ‘a week to treat yourself is not bad, all In all..
Agustina A.
yes, if this is a way of rewarding yourself then it’s a great breakfast, as long as you go back to your regular habit afterwards. we need to allow ourselves the freedom to do what makes us happy so we don’t feel like we’re depriving ourselves while keeping our habit. as long as it doesn’t reverse the progress you’ve made, then it is a good breakfast.
Neil U.
Yes of course! Life is about balance… as humans we can’t expect to fit this mould of being perfectly “healthy” 100% of the time. Healthy isn’t just about being physically healthy but mentally. Sometimes being mentally healthy means treating yourself with a little bit of yum! 🙂
Jarel Z.
A great breakfast for me involves me getting all the core nutrients my body needs to maintain proper function and energy throughout the day. Too much olive oil isnt good. Natural fats, sugars are better.
Patricia E.
Yes it's okay. My breakfast isn't necessary that "great" because for me the importance is actually eating something. My body will get used to food at regular times and the cravings for something more healthy will occur automatically. Putting down restrictions on what to eat will not help me, so I don't.
Melissa P.
No, it isn't okay
Because on the weekends maybe I don't do exercise and ganó peso al comer no saludable, so I should define a great breakfast healthy and así I can to keep my figure
Naya O.
It is okay to define a grate breakfast as a breakfast that is a real treat but it is not healthy at all so I rate you do not do it
Nguy N P.
I believe so. Delicious food is meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes, we may feel guilty if we had something unhealthy. But we don't have to beat ourselves about it. Our diet plan isn't ruined and we can always start again. Also, I believe there are options that are both healthy and delicious.
Nils A.
I think so, yeah. The purpose is more to build the habit and give you something to carry you to lunch. Having an ‘unhealthy’ breakfast is better than none at all, and it’s fine so long as it’s not every day.
Merjen U.
I think against of you because breakfast is very important thing which gives more energy and which contains more vitamins If you ask me or following my opinion I think we should eat breakfast everyday but if you want to increase amount of your food you should increase your dinner it will be more healthy
Lucy W.
Yes. Actually, i think there is something that's called a 8:2 method? You eat healty for %80 of your time and eat what you want for %20 of your time. Do this in weekends.

But of course, please ask someone or search it up before you do it…

Vivienne X.
I personally think that its ok to have a bit of a treat from time to time (and it is a small portion of a balanced diet.) But it is YOUR body, so you decide what goes inside it, just think about the portion sizes and how often you have a treat (maybe you could lower the portion size or have it less often.)
Shawn Z.
I would think that is up to you! How do you feel after a treat breakfast? Do you feel happy about it? Do you feel upset? I don’t myself see anything wrong with it. This is your program and if you want to include a treat of a breakfast on the weekends then it is your celebration of a great week! I say go for it!
Arina O.
If you worked hard through the week and kept your healthy habits in place I think it's okay to treat yourself once in a while. Just as long as it's not going beyond your healthy habits.
Carolina I.
i think that the answer to this is no, because if you are working on a goal(in this case eating a healthy breakfast everyday), i think that you should work on that goal every day and not having ‘cheat days’ just because its the weekend
Tim T.
No,its very important to have a healthy breakfast which consists of high protein, low carbs and no sugar .As intaking sweet in the morning can make you feel low after a surge of energy.
Moran Y.
I myself making the habit of letting go a bit of the healty breakfast on sundays we need to have something sweet from time to time its good for knowing its not a bad thing to enjoy every thing aslong as its in the right measure.
Isaac E.
I think that the results are the main point here. If as the result of eating breakfast you feel better and moreover healthier, than it's a pretty good one
Sean Y.
Yes like a crossaint or something, better to eat something rather than nothing food is fuel, need some sort of food is better than none but healthier makes u feel fuller etc
Sof A O.
In my opinion it is okay to treat yourself with something not really healthy every once in a while and it is completely okay; don’t beat yourself up, because then you could develop a bad relationship with food which leads to food disorders.
You got to understand that eating healthy is not a penalty and you can find many healthy foods that you actually enjoy eating. Eating unhealthy food is also okay you treat yourself for your efforts and maybe it helps you maintain balance or encourage you to keep eating healthy.
Benjamin O.
I believe breakfast being the first and also most important meal of the day should always be intended to keep health at the top of the radar.. so for this matter, a great breakfast whether on weekends or weekdays should always be a healthy one.
Megan E.
Of course! You shouldn’t feel guilty about treating yourself every once in a while. If your goal is to eat healthier too, then maybe you could change a few elements of the breakfast- e.g. adding a piece of fruit or veg to the mix. But if it makes you feel good and energised for the day ahead, then it’s a great breakfast no matter what’s in it.
Neha X.
I think so, it will be great to have more food than just the usual cereals. Even if it is not so healthy at least we are eating that’s what matters for now. I personally eat cereals, bananas and more energetic fruits. Some dry fruits will help as well with yogurt. Sometimes it might be bread and eggs but it depends what breakfast I would like to eat today.
Kiera O.
I think so! Eating what you love will always make you happier than eating healthy 24/7. Taking that one morning on the weekend to have something you enjoy could change how your week goes.
Angie Z.
I think so, it’s better to be eating in the morning than to not, so if having something a bit sweeter is what you want every now and then you shouldn’t punish yourself for it
Ned Z.
It depends on what level of change you want to see yourself moving towards. If it is me, I would want a healthy breakfast every morning, but my routine changes on the weekends to prioritize myself and relaxation which can bring about leisurely eating habits. As I go about change, i would like to see a more prominent routine on my weekends that would involve better eating as well
Audra T.
I say yes! Because I love a fun breakfast with my family even if I’m cooking. It feels good. If you’re trying to loose weight then focus on being healthy the rest of the day.
Viviana I.
Maybe one day a week is good to have a treat, if that makes you happy. However, sticking to a healthy breakfast on the weekends, will make it less harder to fall in a bad habit and overtime will benefit your health
Fern O Q.
Maybe , you shouldn’t go hard on yourself but at the same time a healthy breakfast is much better since it’s the beginning of the day maybe then you can eat whatever you wish to
Amber X.
I suppose it depends on how you interpret “great” breakfast. I interpret it to mean healthy, but if you interpret a great breakfast as a meal that you put effort into and enjoy eating, then you could check it off as a great breakfast. It all depends on the kind of habits you want to reinforce. A well prepared tasty (yet unhealthy) meal seems more a splurge than a habit I’d like to create, but it’s all about intent. You may see it differently. Hope this helps!
Maya O.
I feel that it is not the best decision one can make. If throughout the week you are consistently having good healthy breakfasts, it’s sets a routine for your body. Your body feels healthy and fulfilled. But, when a not so healthy element of food is added out of no where, there can be a sudden disturbance. The body will not get the same amount of nutrients as it would’ve on weekdays! So best to stick with eating a healthy breakfast through your the week, including weekends!!
Grace U.
I would think only if you had really healthy breakfasts every day of the week except for that day then and only then cut it may be called a great breakfast
Maria F.
I would say YES even if "great" is not "healthy"! (As long as it's once every now and then….lets say once a week)
We are humans and we crave for unhealthy food and that is perfectly ok… We have to maintain a balance between mind and body!
But lets focus on eating a very tasty as well as a healthy breakfast (yes it exists) every morning. Would you still be craving for an unhealthy breakfast? Chances are….no!
Try it…. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and it should be enjoyable… There are so many Tasty Healthy choices out there for you… just pick anyone you like!
Karla Y.
Yes! As long as you’re getting something in you in the mornings, you’re still getting energy for the day. At least you’re eating SOMETHING (which I struggle with already)
Turgo F.
Yes I would say that it is ok sometimes.. but not everyday as you see yourselve <3 when do it 2 times a week I guess it is ok ..hope this helps 😉
Chloe N.
No you should have some protein in your meal every day for any meal but if you want to be skinny and not starve so don’t skip a meal
Roger S.
It depends on the breakfast. The whole breakfast doesn’t have to be healthy but eating 3 cinnamon rolls for breakfast would not be a good breakfast.
Giulia Y.
Why just on weekends? What actually defines healthy? I think that the answer to that is balance. Your breakfast needs to be balanced. You want to eat that croissant? Go for it. But maybe eat some classic greek yogurt, low it fats on the side. Wanna have that doughnut? Alright, maybe have some home made orange juice, with no sugar and some scrambled eggs on the side. I am not saying this should be your every day breakfast, nor am I saying that doughnuts are healthy, but you can, need to include your favourite foods in your everyday meals. Don’t wait for the weekend, have that thing you are craving WHEN you are craving it, just remember, balance.
Percy F.
I think that that’s absolutely acceptable, make sure to balance it out later but a treat as breakfast on weekends sounds great
Oksana F.
I believe so! As long as it doesn't leave you feeling terrible afterwards, then it's good in my books. If after eating it you feel great and satisfied, like that "really hit the spot," then I believe that's an act of self-care.
Melvin C.
It is okay to eat unhealthy sometimes and to give yourself something special. However, I would not define it as a great breakfast unless some healthy things like fruits and nuts are added
Gernot U.
Yes. Your schedule is different on the weekend and so is what your brain and body might need. In addition, an occasional hearty brunch with family or friends is a good thing.
Peggy X.
As long as you keep it for the weekends it sounds great. The key is to be consistent plus there are many ways to treat yourself healthily. The challenge consists in finding what it is that works fir you
Grace G.
Yes it is. It's important to take joy in some moments, but not let it intrude upon the everyday. If you stick to healthy breakfasts all week and don't allow yourself a pancake or muffin or bagel on the weekend if you want it, you will resent all your effort and willpower you used for the healthy breakfast. Then, you may quit your habit and eat more unhealthy breakfasts than if you just allowed yourself a treat on weekends.
Sara E.
Hi 🙂
Yes afcuse , Healthy is when there is balance , the body sometimes need someting that isent really Healthy so go get you a Nice treat 😋 Remember Healthy is balance
Janett S.
I eat the same breakfast on the weekends and weekdays, although before I used to eat unhealthy or no breakfast at all on the weekends and “okay” breakfast on the weekdays before school.
Caitlin Z.
I think that its always nice to treat yourself with something that may not always be healthy. As long as it is not your everyday breakfast meal, then you should enjoy.
Josefine B.
Yes it is okay. Saturday and Sunday are my cheat days and I treat myself with a full not healthy breakfast to congratulate my good behaviour during weekdays
Andrea P.
I would say so, an occasional cheat meal is something even athlete’s and bodybuilders so you’re probably good. As long as it isn’t something you eat regularly
Charly S.
Да, иногда надо баловать себя, чтобы не сорваться. Лучше разрешить себе одно пироженное. Чем сорваться из-за постоянных ограничений и съесть десять
Ruth N.
if that is what motivates you to complete your tasks, then yes! But for me, a great breakfast is when I actually eat breakfast. Whether that’s eggs, bacon, & toast or cereal. Sometimes it’s waffles, and sometimes it’s a protein bar with cashews. As long as I am eating, I am having a great breakfast!
Luna Q.
what i'm about to say will give you the answer. NOT everyday can consist of healthy, aesthetic breakfasts for the rest of our lives. one of life's beautiful qualities is variety. not everyday will you have the chance, time, energy etc. to make/eat a healthy breakfast. and that's more than ok! breakfast is breakfast and less nutritious food is still food. enjoy having your breakfast "treat". 🙂
C Ntio N.
I think I should focus more on making sure I have breakfast, even if it’s not always the healthiest. Balance and variety is really important, so if I want to have a treat on a weekday I will. I should also always include fruit in the morning.
Thomas C.
What is the treat breakfast exactly? Pancakes with Maple Syrup?

I guess it depends on your goals. Are your goals to get fit and healthy, and therefore eat a healthy breakfast each day?

Or do you just want to eat something filling first thing?

Emil T.
I think it might be depending on your perspective. If you usually don’t eat breakfast at all, I would consider any breakfast even if it’s not that healthy a great breakfast. If you are used to eating healthy breakfast then maybe not. But if you can manage to eat healthy during the week and treat yourself more during the weekend I would consider this a great accomplishment! But that’s just my thoughts :d
Sarah E.
of course! just keep in mind how it makes you feel so you can course correct other days of the week. for instance, i love making big fluffy pancakes on the weekend but i know if i do that during the week, i’ll need to nap…not great for getting work done!
Hana N.
I think that you could do that, maybe throughout the week you work hard and focus to be healthy, so then on the weekends it’s like you have two rest days, just focus on yourself, get yourself ready for the week to come and to rest, so I think you could give yourself a great breakfast that’s defined as a real treat only on the weekends.
Limara Z.
Sure because I just know you did awesome in the week Days so you deserve a treat but maybe don't do it every weekend you maybe eat a breakfast you really like to eat but still kind of healthy but don't worry too much and it's OK if you stil want a cheet day in the weekends 😉
Franz N.
I think breakfast is the meal that defines your whole day. So one should try and go for a healthy, balanced meal. But yes there are times when your body craves for something like a "real treat" so I feel it's ok to listen to your body and have it for like just one meal.
Bertoldo C.
I wouldn’t categorize it as a great breakfast. But we need to treat ourselves sometimes, and I’ve chosen to make weekends a littler less straining for me
Ianis A.
According to me , no . A healthy breakfast is the whole point of the exercise. For me I'm a person who would practice daily rather than taking short breaks but if you want one you can have them occasionally on weekends if you are sure you will not the habit of eating healthy on weekdays. Have a good luck 🤞
D Rcio Z.
Yes. The weekend is a time to rest and with all the hard work put in throughout the week, a treat is deserved. Also, a good breakfast is something that makes you happy to be able to start your day with a good mindset.
Trinity X.
Probably not. By saying a great breakfast it means that it is great for you, not great tasting. A great breakfast to me is eggs, fruit, and water, sometimes milk or orange juice. Nuts are good to. Even if yo are not hungry in the morning you should eat, and nuts are good for you! So it is a very good idea to always have (at least) a handful of assorted nuts handy. Trust me, it helps, and it’s worth it. Have a GREAT day!😊❤️👍
Nelson U.
Yes! It’s okay to occasionally spoil yourself! If those pancakes fill you with happiness and make you feel good, than that’s a pretty good breakfast!
Victoria X.
As long as you fuel your body! Food is meant to be enjoyed and if you are craving something, treating yourself is acceptable
R Meysa N.
Yes, not always but sometimes. For example, let’s say on weekdays you had healthy great breakfast, then you can treat yourself with a bit unhealthy great breakfast as long as it’s not too much. Imagine that you really wanted pancakes for breakfast, do not eat 5 normal sized pancakes but eat two smaller sized ones, you will probably get hungry fast after that kind of breakfast, but it’s the whole point, after that breakfast you are likely to not want any more sugar , which means you can have a healthy breakfast after it. 😊😊
Rosie J.
yes. a great breakfast looks different for everyone and can mean different things everyday. it should be something that you enjoy eating, gives you a great start to the day and ideally has enough nutrients to keep you going for a bit.
Oneide E.
In my eyes, anything that makes you FEEL great is a great breakfast, sure it’s nice to have a touch of something healthy, but it‘s also totally possible to spread some fruits or nuts or whatever across your day instead of at your breakfast, especially on the weekends
Patrick C.
I think that having a great meal occasionally is ok. In the long run you will start to feel stifled if you cannot have something that you really want. I think the opportunity to use portion control will help you not feel as bad after a not so healthy meal
Andrea N.
WHO lines recommends not more then 10gr of sugar per day. I try to get them all from my breakfast. Then you can you up to 500 gr of fruit per day. Having a “not so healthy” breakfast once a week if not that big deal, your body can deal with it just balance the other meals during the day and most of all, during the week. Grains and legumes and fruit every day, vegetables based diet. Add meat and fish once a week and not more then 300 gr of cheese. More or less, 4 eggs in a month. As far as you’re health, feel your body and go on! Enjoy your week end bonus breakfast!
Julie O.
With healthy eating there will always be one day that is called a cheat day. However, it might not be smart to have cheat days be it only in the weekends. I recommend eating nice breakfasts in weekends and putting more energy into it, but keeping it healthy. Treat days are of coarse allowed. Plan your treat days on for example birthdays and days you spend with family. However no more than once a week as a maximum and try not to consume extra large quantities of the particular foods you consider a treat.
Karris S.
A well-balanced breakfast includes foods from at least three out of the five food groups. Whole grain breads and cereals; low-fat dairy products, and fruit are typical breakfast choices.
Beatrice Z.
I think so. Denying yourself something you love will make you miss it more, so you’ll resent the changes you’re making and are therefore more likely to fall back into a less healthy routine. I believe in the old adage that a little of what you fancy does you good, because it’s a little boost for your mental health as something to look forward to. Little is the key word though, as long as we’re making healthy choices 90% of the time, we’ll still feel better than we did before.
Mark Y.
For the past years I wasn't able to have my breakfast because I wake up late. My breakfast is 12 pm while my lunch is on 3 pm. A very unhealthy eating habits. For the past 2 years of being locked down inside a house I haven't experienced a proper breakfast or should I say I don't eat any breakfast at all. And according to the study not having a breakfast have a great risk for our health. So whether what type of breakfast you are having as long as it doesn't have alcoholic beverages its still a breakfast.
Ljudmila U.
Of course! You should never mark any food as good or bad, everything is healthy in moderation:) remember to take care of yourself.
Anamis D.
Probably yes. To not eat what you might like to could cause some anxius and then the progress might get loose, so I think as long is not every day, it would be fine!
Brittany P.
On weekends its okay. But make sure the rest of the meals are healthy,and you workout.
Dont make a habbit of unhealthy breakfast.
Jessica Z.
To me, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s the weekend. As long as I eat something that energizes me and makes me happy in the morning, I don’t care if it’s healthy or not.
Joanna P.
Of course, allowing yourself a great breakfast on weekendu seem like a way of rewarding yourself for eating healthy during the week days
Ljiljana R.
Yes. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And it's important to be healthy, but like. Sunspots are, according to some, a blemish. But I'd rather spend time in the sun than have perfect skin. And maybe pancakes for breakfast isn't healthy (physically), but I'd rather have the memories of making pancakes with my sister than just another Saturday with a bowl of cereal. What are you living for, if not good moments with good breakfasts?
Tamara C.
I think it's okay to treat yourself from time to time. I don't think it should affect your habit of eating healthy breakfast tho, you should go back to healthier option the next day!
Karu N.
Depends if you’re following a diet! I’d answer yes if you just eat everyday without following a specific diet that doesn’t let you eat certain foods, since you have the freedom to eat whatever you want. So yea, a great breakfast is a treat on the weekends and specifically on the whole weeks
Dilermando Z.
Yes it’s okay. We all deserve to treat ourselves to something sweet. Always remember to eat something that you’re craving or been wanting to eat.
Hans Eberhard M.
I think that it is okay. During the week you’re going to work or to school and you need a delicious and healthy breakfast to keep you full. On the weekends it’s okay to take a break from all your healthy food. Have some fun with your breakfast!
Rebecca Q.
No! A great breakfast is one that is nutritious, balanced and fueling vs one that is not healthy. Not healthy is a cheat and a treat and should only be done in moderation whereas a good breakfast should be your norm. You can have a treat that is nutritious and healthy (ie: good fats, high protein, low simple carbs and no sugars) but it’s about mindset.
Marie Luise F.
yes because usually weekdays are work days! as for me, a student, i think it is important to have a great breakfast- healthy or not. i mean students must have a treat after a long and draining time learning!
Evie Y.
Of course! The weekend is your time to relax, so a delicious breakfast (even if it is not very healthy) is a great way to relax and unwind for some well deserved you time!♥️♥️
Eclipse N.
I’d definitely try to stay keeping it healthy. Because not only does that give you prolonged energy, but it will motivate you to get up earlier, and cooking is fun! It’s especially important if you have plans that day because starting the day off on a positive note will set the course for a great rest of the day! Maybe you can just have a treat breakfast if you only plan on staying home and not really doing anything important.
Irina E.
yes. i don’t really eat healthy in the morning even tho i’m trying, i’m having a bowl of cereal and that’s all. in the weekends, yes, it would be nice
Janneke N.
Yes sure! If you enjoy it, it is a great breakfast! Do not eat it too often and make sure you can fully enjoy your meal. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe you can add some fruits instead of sugar for a sweetener or something similar. I think for every dish is an ‘healthier’ option.
Make sure you get your nutrients throughout the day and do not forget to drink water!
Maybe you can eat with a tiny spoon or fork. You will more likely eat little bites, so you will be forced to take your time and to enjoy every bite!

(And remember; full is full!)

Enjoy your ‘less healthy’ but great breakfast!

Maya U.
yes definitely! after a week of following your routine a reward is definitely a good idea. maybe just try pairing it with a fruit so you don’t feel as guilty
Dolores F.
Does not need to be a large breakfast. “Breakfast” is the act of “breaking a fast” as in the nightly fast we experience while we sleep. A great breakfast is something to get the systems moving for the day and to give us enough energy for the morning, without making us regret it later!
Frederikke Z.
I define breakfast as a meal that is delicious and gets you ready to start the day. On the weekends I like to take the time to make something. Whether that breakfast is healthy or more of a treat, I start the day feeling accomplished by knowing that I created and ate a delicious breakfast.
Svea N.
I think that a healthy start in the day is very important but so is your mental health. If you feel like having an unhealthy breakfast once in a while then treat yourself. It shouldn’t be too high in calories though. You should also just always have in the back of your mind how you will feel after your breakfast. Just decide what’s best for you but it’s okay if it’s not always healthy.
Carl U.
it can be hard in the beginning but you should want to eat as healthy for a breakfast as possible and if you want something sweet eat it
later as a snack but don’t feel bad about eating it either 😉
Sarah Q.
Yes, no food is good or bad, food is neutral. You should honor your hunger and indulge in it. If you are craving a special “treat”, you should have a treat. Otherwise you’ll just eat other things not feeling truly satisfied and maybe eventually going back to the treat or bingeing on it when you have the treat next. Intuitive eating is all about honoring your hunger!
Lena T.
A great breakfast can be interpreted in any way. If you want to treat yourself then you can! This app doesn't define you but it helps you define who you are. Have a great breakfast and a great day!
Perfeito N.
It is okay to treat yourself. It is a reward for the hard work. If having a not so healthy breakfast is that reward then, enjoy. The key is defining what is worth being a reward and the frequency. Once a week sounds reasonable based on how you feel afterwards. For me, it is finding the correct moderation point of this reward that is key.
Vero A.
Of course! A good breakfast fills you, gives you energy and makes you feel good. If you eat something bit more sugary or unhealthy on the weekends it will not affect you negatively. And besides, any food is better than no food and if that's what you need to be motivated to eat a breakfast it is fine.
Heather R.
I guess that’s really up to you ultimately. I think going out for breakfast with friends on the weekend is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s not something you do every day. I don’t think the point of life is to be so consumed with your diet you forget to enjoy it
Luis C.
I think yes! It’s important to eat healthy food, yes, but treats are good too! Just make sure it’s something that will fulfill you! (A granola bar, oatmeal cookies, some delicious oatmeal with extra sugar or something :))
Frederick J.
I think that a small amount of Nutella or just plain buttered toast with some fruit on the side would be a great healthy and not healthy breakfast!
Danny F.
In my opinion, you shoudn't eat a very high calorie breakfast because it can make you feel bloated. If you want to treat yourself on the weekends, you should wait for the lunch. A great breakfast should be a boost of energy, not hard work for your stomach.
Kylie P.
I think it is as long as you feel good after eating. Also we all deserve a break after awhile or a treat for getting through the week.
Kaela W.
Perhaps every now and then. Probably not every weekend. Eating something yummy that's not exactly healthy feels good in the moment but not later. Eating healthy reduces acne, improves your mental health, reduces chances of getting diseases, and helps you be happier. Taking care of your body is really important. Eating something unhealthy is okay here and there, but not all the time. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a real treat, but how about only a few times a month? 😉 Plus, there are some pretty yummy options that you can find that are still healthy. 😋 Healthy doesn't mean boring or bland. You just have to do some research to find what those options are. You've got this! 😀
Taylor P.
I think anything that gets you up and motivated to eat in the morning should be considered a great breakfast 🙂 of course you should try to eat healthy but thats not always possible 100% of the time, so don't worry and just eat what you enjoy!!
Nixian P.
If its something unhealthy then maybe you should do it seldomly, and healthier treats could be taken instead but still id say its ok.
Ss X.
try to make eating healthy not a bad thing or eating unhealthy an unusual thing, if you’re trying to lose weight maybe have one cheatmeal on sunday, if you REALLY REALLY crave first drink a big glass of water, wait 15 minutes and then just eat what youd like to, but i think that if you did good the entire week a unhealthy breakfast is a great one
Kim Q.
A healthy breakfast is always preferred but treating yourself on occasion (a Saturday or Sunday each month) to a less healthy option could be fine – just don’t make it a weekly habit.
Colleen S.
I think if you have a great yummy treat breakfast. Make it as “great” bc everything in moderation to be sustainable and also you want to not feel guilt bc your living your life and who doesn’t want to eat delicious food and be happy about it!
Signe C.
Yeah I think an Occasional Treat for Breakfast even if it may not be that Healthy can be Really Beneficial to you both as a Break from your Regular Strict Routine not to mention it also serves as a Good Way to reward yourself for all the Hard Work you've put in during the Week…. So Yeah Treat Up No Problem!!!!😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄
Drew U.
Yeah sometimes its just about eating something, because i know plenty of people (myself included) who would skip breakfast cause they are in a rush. So eating something is most definetly than nothing or if you have been wanting a treat thats fine too.
Deepika A.
Any meal is to fuel the body with energy to heal and strengthen. But if you have a less healthy breakfast even two times in a row that might mean you are suppressing something. Explore the issue regardless of whether it's solvable or not. If you aren't able to find a good solution for yourself, you should treat it as an opportunity to strengthen your network of roots of foundation to become a full-fledged blossomed human.
Ashton P.
No. A great breakfast, regardless of the type, should be one that not only leaves you full, but energized and ready to take on the day. While it’s great to eat an unhealthy breakfast once in a while, it’s also important to make a breakfast that will give you energy with the healthy needs your body requires.
Anthony Z.
I think so. I think that anything that makes you feels good qualifies as a great breakfast. So have at it! (I have pancakes every Saturday.) ;D
Laura W.
I think it is, because I would love to honor myself at least at weekend because every other day I follow the rules about health food.
Joy F.
I would say yes as long as it does not become a habit! Often we treat ourselves, but then let it become the new bad habit. I know personally, if I even take one day off, I could throw my progress in the trash! But if someone else has the strength to break routine a bit, I'd say it's okay to endulge.
Fateme R.
I think if healthy diet is a priority to you, so you would prefer not to eat unhealthy breakfast. On the other hand, I think you can twice a month treat your self with whatever you want for doing great that month. Cause you know, „the heart wants what it wants 😉
Roberto U.
I think so, personally. You deserve to enjoy the delicacies that humanity has to offer. You shouldn't be too harsh on yourself with this type of thing, unless your main goal is to lose weight. Then I'd say you should stick to the rules you've set for yourself.
Ruben O.
Sure! Although a meal with rich nutrition is often recommended, having an unhealthy breakfast is still much better than not having anything. Breakfast is important since it provides you energy to start your day after your sleep. Not to mention you're just doing that occasionally, only on the weekends. So yes, go for your not-so-healthy breakfast. Food is food, food is good.😎
Ana N.
Sometimes yes. A great breakfast can be a treat for ourselfs with somethung unhealthy, but not as regular weekend routine
Her Dio Q.
Yes! I believe that enjoyment nourishes the soul. If you can, tread the balance between healthy and unhealthy more on the healthy side, but with the effort you're putting in, don't forget to enjoy life too. So, yes!
Karl Hans I.
As long as it is only every once in a while like 1 time a week then you can define it as a great breakfast. As it can be your reward for eating healthy through the whole week.
Bertram C.
Its always ok to have a treat sometimes and you shouldn't feel guilty about it. On the other hand having an unhealthy breakfast on Saturday and Sunday could be a bit much. Instead maybe choose one day a week where u allow urself a treat breakfast… that way u can also reward yourself for being healthy the rest of the week.
Also remember that healthy breakfasts can taste just as amazing and pancakes and waffles, you just need to find ways to make healthy breakfasts more interesting. Be creative with it! 🙂
Gaby F.
Sometimes I think it’s okay to maybe eat one day a week less healthy. This makes making progress more bearable in my opinion.
Hoan R.
Yes if you put the work in. No if you halfassed everything…. But if you really want areal treat. Work for it. Let that be what fuels you during The week… so when the weekend comes… it will be worth it. Don’t get carried away bc at the beginning of a journey you start taking wrong decisions. They can keep you from achieving your goals. At the end of the day it’s your choice. There are real healthier choices that you can have. But you’ll have to spend time and money for them… cooking that is. That way I don’t skip on any really good breakfast…
Isadora C.
Yes, I think a healthy breakfast is better, because everything in our body is based on our diet, if you don't eat healthy things it's no use trying to change your body
Valentine Z.
yes i believe so. for a long time I struggled to have anything at all for breakfast so even a small treat is better than nothing. At least I am getting food into my body. This treat no matter how big or small can mean just as much as a big healthy meal to someone who doesn’t want to eat anything at all.
Cathy J.
Yes of course, I do not find so many things to eat as healthy things and I repeat the same food in the morning and it is already a little tired
Freya N.
Of course! There is no problem in giving your body some fast food or any unhealthy stuff once in a while. Giving your body a wide range of foods (including treats sometimes) is not a problem, and staying healthy doesn't mean sticking to only one diet.
Geena R.
I think a great breakfast is anything you enjoy eating that satisfies you, fuels your body for the day ahead, and has SOME level of health or nutrition goal in it
Tabarak R.
A great breakfast is the breakfast that gives you energy by profitting your body so it must be healthy and you can treat yourself without harming it
Zge L.
Yes i think thats ok,i eat a fruit salade and a toast,then i start for a good day.Believe in yourself.i should say eat healty not a burger or someting,eat a fruit or a toast with a juice.🍌🍍🍎🥪🥗
Catherine T.
Health is not just based on physical health (the quality of the breakfast). You can still be healthy while indulging in a treat if you use it to reward food behaviors, meditate on positivity, and bringing joy into your day. It’s all based on balance and building yourself up.
Alan Z.
That's a good question, sorry for not specifying! I'm looking for something more healthy but all answers are valid, because, who doesn't like a treat sometimes ? 😋
Mindy A.
It’s ok too have a breakfast that might not be as healthy as a treat and I am sure this greatly depends on your health and exercise routine. I know that I can tell how my body reacts to the fuel I feed it. But if I want pancakes or French toast I will have it.
Jules Q.
Depends, because for me, I feel the best when I don't eat junk or unhealthy foods. As long as the food is not too unhealthy and it truly helps you feel better and will help you accomplish your goals, you can eat it once a week. However, I still think it is best to avoid when possible, but everybody's bodies and minds are different and I can't speak for everyone, only myself.
Julia A.
I think it is ok to define a great breakfast as a breakfast that is a real treat on weekends, but you might not feel as energised as you would if you ate a healthier breakfast, but it is also important to give yourself a break and treat yourself for how far you have come.
Aubrey O.
Yes, I think it is. This morning I made myself a breakfast burrito with eggs, bacon, and a little hot sauce for some extra ✨spice✨. But I also had some pancakes. I worked extra hard this week and I felt I deserved an extra treat. I would define that as a great breakfast.
Emilia O.
Yes, I feel that a great breakfast is more about feeling than nutrients. If a great breakfast is a healthy one, then it would be named nutritious. Instead, the word great is used! While healthy foods can be great, treating oneself to a flavorful, but perhaps unhealthy meal that makes a person’s mind happy is definitely great, too!
Nicklas F.
In short, no. Having a healthy breakfast even in weekends helps solidify a habit and makes having a treat every weekend less of a "treat" and more like an excuse to break habits. Treats should happen less often and more randomly to make the treat, a REAL treat.
Howard W.
I think a little treat every now and then is a good thing, especially if eating healthier foods feels like a chore. Rewards give the brain something to look forward to, and you might feel a little more motivated to eat those vegetables if you know there's a treat waiting for you in the future because of it.
Bahar X.
I think great can be defiend as something that can give you pleasure but as long as it doesn’t put your health at risk. On the other hand, I think habing a treat from time to time won’t hurt. 😉
Faustine N.
I mean if it’s on the weekends it’s like treating yourself on how much you accomplished though out the week. So yes I think it’s okay
Maciek G.
After a week of hard work, where you were really struggling to not give up, such treat might be a relief and motivation booster.
Anna C.
I feel that on weekdays a health breakfast is what’s needed to get you sorted for the rest of the day but if you feel like you deserve a treat on the weekends you should treat yourself it’s up to the individual too look after their own body and understand what it needs and when it needs something