What are 10 ingredients you would put in a smoothie to make sure you’re getting something nutritious in your system daily?

Tilde C.
Greek yogurt
Almond Butter
Vanilla whey
Almond milk
Lily J.
Hmmm not too sure as I have heard mixed reviews on smoothies and how much nutrition you actually get once the vegetables/ fruit have been blended.
That said, I would use berries (superfood), banana (feel good factor!), avocado (good for skin repair I believe?) maybe some ginger or turmeric? I’m now more intrigued and curious myself to know what others would use…can that be answered?
Andre E.
Spinach, chia seeds, LSA, berries, unsweetened yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, banana, peanut butter, cinnamon
Hajo C.
Ice for coolness
Peanut butter for creaminess
Water for hydration
Coconut for yumminess
Baby spinach leaves for vitamins
Dates for fibre and sweetness
Roland P.
Kale, mango, pineapple, apple, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, plant based protein (vanilla), coconut milk and flax and chia seeds.
Elizabeth E.
Protein powder, HMB, creatine, maple syrup, milk (full cream), anti-oxident’s, extra vitamine’s for example: vitamin C etc. Honey, L-Carnatine & dextrose.
Mathis F.
Nuts are a good source of oils, they keep you fuller for longer. Almonds go with everything, cashews are creamier

Pears are nice

Oats help to make the smoothie more filling. Stick ‘em in a jar overnight in the fridge with some water to soften them up. Add a tiny pinch of salt for flavour (trust me)

Kiwis help with absoption of carbs, consider adding one along with oats, it creates a nice sour-ish counterpoint.

Vanilla essence seems to make things taste sweeter and adds to the body of the smoothie. Cut back on some sugar and add vanilla.

Bananas. But peel them, break them into chunks and freeze them beforehand. This makes for a smoother and creamier alternative to ice.

Sesame seeds. These go well with honey and they add a depth of flavour if they’ve been slightly browned beforehand.

Lettuce is okay, if you’re into that.

I’m thinking of investigating Turmeric.

Berries are nice with some plain yoghurt, just don’t overdo it, else the smoothie may end up too acidic.

Apple and cinnamon go well together. Blend these with oats for a comforting winter smoothie (no need for ice, the oats add thickness) consider adding a clove or two as well.

Ily S E.
The easiest is a protein shake: Protein powder, supplument’s like HMB, there are other suplament’s too you can add. You can go to the local & ask, that’s the best option.
Araceli P.
I don't recommend smoothies at all. I would recommend eating the fruit in its natural form, it will take you longer and would make you feel fuller.
But answering your question, if you do it: mostly greens, like spinach, broccoli, etc..
Suzanne F.
Five vegetables or fruits of your choosing, some nuts in the mix, and maybe even something protein based that won't at least ruin your smoothie's flavour.
Minnie P.
Mixed berries, avocado, whey/protein powder, granny smith apples, spinach, walnuts, chia seeds, oats, ice, filtered water.
Luis P.
Almonds/Almond butter
Nonfat greek yogurt
Baby kale/spinach
Hemp hearts
Coconut milk
Powdered peanut butter
Chia seeds
I would not use these all at once (gross) but these are my go to mix ups/ins.
Ondina Y.
If I try to add something in my smoothie that’s nutritious, I use some combination of the following: mango chunks, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, sliced peaches, spinach, orange juice, my favorite nut butter, almond milk, and dates 🙂
Luc Ola Z.
I don't think I want 10 ingredients in one smoothie.
I love combinations of carrot, beet, and spinach. Separately, I like apple, carrot celery, ginger. Separately, I like frozen bananas with fresh orange juice and berries. I haven't tried adding protein powder to any of these, but I can imagine it in the fruit ones. Same for yogurt.
Samuel U.
I would definitely have spinach and 1/2 of a banana for smoothness. 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds and 1 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh) for fiber, flavor, and thickness. A scoop of protein powder, super greens, and spirilla for extra oomph. Yogurt or almond milk with a 1/2 of a peach or some pineapple. That’s nine ingredients and depending on the size of the blender or cup, that may be more than enough but feel free to add some kale or celery.
Riley E.
To be honest with you, I mainly stick with three to four ingredients in my smoothie with a base of plant protein. Kale, banana, strawberry’s, and blackberries. That’s usually it for me.
Manfred X.
I don’t normally use 10 ingredients but: one cup of fruit, two scoops of Now unflavored whey protein powder, liquid vitamin D3, liquid vitamin B-12, ice cubes, 1 cup of almond/coconut milk or juice; thrown into my Nutri Ninja for 30 seconds and, voile!
Rafael E.
Hello to whom this may concern I would put fruit like bananas apples oranges grapes strawberries blueberries raspberries carrots yogurt and cranberry
Nellie U.
Kale, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, spirulina, berries, bee pollen, try zucchini (increase volume and low carb. No taste change), cocoa powder (less calories and sugar than chocolate, vegan protein
Kaitlin F.
Banana, almond milk, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, a little cashew butter, flax seeds, chia seeds, more almond milk, and a pinch of Cayeene pepper.
Rachel E.
Spinach or other greens, local honey, my favorite frozen fruits, yogurt, banana for texture/sweetness, raw cacao powder or cinnamon or other spices for flavor depending on how I feel, maybe a little bit of a vegetable if i have one in the refrigerator, like a bell pepper or carrot.
Matteo C.
More important than the ingredients themselves is the sustainability of the habit. I probably would never keep up a habit of making a 10-ingredient smoothie every day. 3 ingredients would be best. That said, a smoothie isn’t a smoothie without a banana. After that, berries, yogurt, almond milk, silk tofu, flaxseed, flax oil, almonds, honey, and kale.
Felicia O.
I assume you don’t mean ten ingredients in the same smoothie, right?
Nuts, peanut butter, berries, chia seeds, flaxseed, plain yogurt, unsweetened nut milk, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger
Kristen A.
Whole milk greek yogurt, berries, spinach, a little honey, and half a banana is great. If you’re feeling like more protein maybe a raw egg or peanut butter and some protein powder.
Aaron O.
Spinach, kale, almond or other non-diary milk (I’m lactose intolerant), mango, apple, chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, blueberries, and some other fruit on-hand or nut butter
Joseph Z.
unsweetened almond milk
Vegan protein powder
Splash of vanilla
frozen banana
frozen mango chunks
1/2 tsp. organic turmeric powder
Dash of black pepper for the turmeric
1 tsp. organic coconut oil
Honey to taste
Dash of cinnamon