How do you find or make time every morning to cook and eat a great breakfast?

Faustina S.
Keep it simple. That's the only way. It really doesn't take much time once you familiarise yourself with the routine and learn to schedule time. If you build it up in your head it'll feel like an overwhelming gargantuan task. It really doesn't have to be that way. I usually have some combination of toast/eggs/beans or cereal/granola. Beans on toast takes less than 5 minutes to make. I've learned that ideally I would like 20-30 minutes to eat breakfast & wash up in the morning, so I set my alarm accordingly. You have to make time, but it's worth it. I used to skip breakfast but now it motivates me to get out of bed. Just make it yours, eat your favourite food, and keep it super super simple.

Debbie S.
After I do my other daily tasks, I plug in an audiobook and set to work. Depending on what I eat for the day, I can get it down to a simple system of eggs, toast, and fruit. Along with hot tea, and a glass of water. I feel fulled, and prepared to begin my other tasks. Also, it’s a sweet time to spend with Momma. After C starts work. It’s become one of my favorite times of the day. 🥰

William Q.
I make simple dishes that do not take much time or energy, such as scrambled eggs, grits or oatmeal, yogurt, toast, and coffee.

Sam T.
I sit on the weekend and google and youtube 7 breakfast dishes , and add them in my notes. Then I write all the 7 breakfast according to the days I want to have them.
You can also have a white board in kitchen to list them. I personally write in my journal

Tehya Y.
I try to get everything ready for my morning routine the night before. I pick my outfit, make my lunch, pack my bag, make sure my coat, keys and shoes are by the door, and i pick what i’m going to eat for breakfast. Doing this not only saves time but it makes it much easier to do because you don’t have to think about what to wear or eat because you planned it all the night before.

Marie T.
I just adjust my time well from the time I wake up so I will have time to prepare my breakfast relaxingly. And I plan my breakfast and prepare it for the week prior the day making it.

Hern Ni C.
Instead of watching Netflix 4 hours before going to bed at midnight, I’ve started to fall asleep earlier, which gave me enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy eating it in peace. The habit of preparing a bottle of water before going to bed already puts my mindset on “self care”. Which eliminated also falling asleep next to playing tv. I sleep better and have more energy in the morning. Plus the glass of water after waking up “opens” my stomach for breakfast.

Su F.
i usually eat oatmeal with fresh fruit every morning. For that i need around 20-30min just for preparing and having breakfast, which isn't easy to have every single day! I like to give myself an hour for my morning routine, so i usually set my alarm an hour and half before i need to be at work. I treasure my morning time very much! It's self-love time ♡ Of course not every mornings i manage… and when i sleep in or had trouble sleeping during the night, i just have some quick toast on my way out or grab an apple and a cereal bar to go. Planing my mornings ahead is definitely the best way for me to start a slow and peaceful morning though ♡

Claire F.
Most mornings I make a good breakfast but not a great breakfast I would like to add more vegetables to my breakfast and not eat bread with it. Make them healthier breakfast

Gabriella X.
I wake up earlier than usual to do it and enjoy it, but I prep as much as I can the days or the night before, so all I have to do is heat it up!

Heather P.
The answer is simple. I wake up around 6 every morning and start my day. So, by waking up early I do my before-breakfast tasks on time and then I cook my breakfast. Also, you should eat something which is healthy and easy to cook so it won't take much of your time.

Terrance R.
I keep breakfast simple.
Half cup instant oatmeal with 2bls apple sauce + half tsp Ceylon cinnamon ; 2 eggs over hard, half an avocado, 2 tbls salsa (fr. favorite restaurant), 2 impossible sausage patties. I wash it down with cup of French press coffee sweetened with vanilla protein powder.

Mona Lisa O.
Sometimes I don't cook. Sometimes a green and fruit smoothie with protein milk is easiest. I have also made whole wheat muffins in a previous day or cooked a number of egg bites in a cupcake pan and refrigerate or freeze and thaw in the fridge the night before for a quick reheat. Making a lot ahead when I have time saved me on those busy mornings.

Tracy O.
No. I start really early in the morning and eat during break. I will not start waking up early to cook because then I will feel heavy in the morning, but I do have a cup of tea.

Sadhana W.
I don't 😉 I practice intermittent fasting and don't eat until about 12. I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a touch of honey, Coconut oil, and raw cream in the morning.

Yetunde N.
I don't necessarily "cook" breakfast. I make homemade granola on Sunday afternoon for the week- some oats and equal parts oil and honey and put in the oven at 140C. Then I add some trial mix ( mix of nuts and raisins and seeds). Then for the rest of the week I simply add some blueberries and yogurt to the granola and that's my breakfast! You can also try some overnight oats? And heat them up in the morning with some additional milk? It's up to you, you can adjust to fit your calendar and work schedule

Rosa W.
By preparing a simple light breakfast I can eat on the go or I prep my breakfast before I prepare for work or schedule enough time to wake up to have a nice meal.

Alex P.
Usually I just make something easy like eggs. If you don't have time in the morning, make little snacks bags of something healthy (nuts, cheese, whatever you have). I admit sometimes I do grab something from the gas station if I'm really low on time, but I always try to grab something as healthy as possible.

Ron N.
I set my alarm early, and its always hard to get out of bed, but then I think of how nice it’ll taste and all the benefits I get up. Its a nice start to my day.

Martha N.
For this new journey i start, i've been used to wake up early in order to have enough of time to doing my breakfast in better way

Alana E.
I make simple choices and I don’t overthink it. Some days I’m practicing Intermitted fasting so my breakfast is a cup of bulletproof coffee. Simplifying the process will help in every area.

Siti F.
The breakfast aren't actually that great and sometimes I eat at lunch , so… Yeah. I'd make do with some oats and dark chocolate but other than that I'd find myself eating food from restaurants.

Dan P.
Try to prepare your breakfast the day before if your in a hurry but if you have time to make something use that time and cherish it to have a calming breakfasts

Iliana C.
It took a while but i figured out the exact amount of time it would take me to complete a 10min exercise, cook and eat breakfast, and get ready for work. After that I set an alarm around 15-30mins before that, as I usually like to sleep in and prone to pressing the snooze alarm 🙂 this app is great at keeping you accountable and soon it just becomes habit waking up a bit earlier. It also helps if you cook something tasty !

Carl O.
I am up fairly early anyway, and my breakfast is good even though it's simple and quick. Muesli is high in complex carbohydrates and I get one with nuts in for protein. A cup of coffee, some water and a banana and I'm good all morning.

Wesley Z.
I wake up at 7 everyday which gives me the time to do a lot of things. Also you don’t need to cook yourself a big fancy breakfast. Just an egg, some fruit or even just a cereal bar. Hope this helped!

Belladonna U.
I’m lucky enough to have the time but if I didn’t, I’d grab a piece of fruit or two. It’s a lot better than drive-thru food or something else unhealthy.

Edi Q.
There are two methods that I have find useful depending on your personal preference. You can either precook everything for the next day and just heat things up for breakfast, or make something easy and non time consuming. Like this morning I didn’t want something heavy or time consuming, so I had a green smoothie with scramble eggs. You can also have fruit and yogurt. It all depends on what you feel like eating and what you prefer. If you like a fuller plate you may want to precook some things.

Lavender G.
Well I finshed i happy to make breakfast because I can design it and my family application it and im only 12 years old so that good right 😊🌸

Diana N.
Find tasty recipe, and wake up with the idea of a delicious breakfast waiting for you. It makes me feel motivated to get up and start making it

Sander Z.
I find time by waking up early and getting ready a while before anything i have to do that day (appointments, errands, etc) so i have a good hour or more to enjoy my breakfast. Sometimes this doesnt work out, so i would grab a quick meal to eat on the go (an apple, protein bar, smoothie, handful of nuts, etc). I suggest having a balanced sleeping schedule to make this easier on you. 7+ hours a night would be amazing, so i make sure to go to bed at around the same time every day. Good luck !

Farie F.
1. Wake up early
2. Think about when you up wake up late and have to grab a quick breakfast, which most of the time is unhealthy. You'll feel sluggish throughout the day. So wake up early and cook yourself a healthy meal

Edin Ia Y.
I started making my coffee the night before, and simply frying eggs while some toasts were getting ready. Then I tried making lemon juice too, but I didn't like to have it everyday. So now I can put some carrot inside a bread with mixed eggs and spices that I like, or have cereal with fruits if I am late for work and don't have much time for cooking

Miloe I.
Preparing the breakfast the day before is helpful and just eating bread with a spread is healthy and fast. Ofcourse brown whole grain bread.

Torsten X.
Try to prepare your breakfasts on the weekend and refrigerate them so during the week you only need to heat it up. You can also have some fruit or a power bar.

Genevieve T.
I have a few different breakfast plans I use.

The easiest way to start is a veggie and fruit smoothie. I don't just make one a day. I make a batch of 5 at a time and keep them in the freezer.

The other breakfast I love is gf toast open faced sandwiches. 2 pieces of toast, a spoonful of hummus or avcado, a protein I usually choose sliced turkey or tofu then toped with greens fresh spinach, lettuce or mixed greens. Toped with pickles, Sauerkraut or vignettes.

Diane F.
I always have eggs at home and it’s is quick and easy to make scrambled eggs in the morning and have with some Spanish jamon, tomatoes and fresh spinach. Takes no time at all!

Harold F.
I have just simplified my breakfast routines. For the most part every single day I make a smoothie that consist of mangoes blueberries banana, peanut butter, protein powder, spinach or kale and almond milk. It’s tasty it’s fast and it kickstarts my day. And then on Sundays I give myself a slower morning and cook a nice breakfast like bacon eggs and toast store pancakes or whatever makes you happy.

Isabelle Y.
I just have yoghurt with muesli, or I fry an egg and have it with bread. I always have a quick/small breakfast as I never have time and aren't usually hungry in the morning

Rachel B.
The next time you make/cook breakfast, try cooking enough to cover a few extra days. Then you still get warm meals and it's easier to stay on track. Plus less cooking!

Shannon E.
I am not someone who likes to eat first thing in the morning so I get most of my routine done first, feed kiddos, commute and then I eat around 9:30 after I am settled at work and can enjoy my meal. I am fortunate to have a kitchen at work, but because I am taking my food with me simple is still best and planning ahead for the week is key.

May F.
Hmm well i started off really small, some nuts and fruits, but by the 3rd day ur gonna be hungry in the morning so u could make bigger meals.

Britney O.
I realized I am more likely to eat unhealthy in the morning than any other meal because I’m always in a rush. So, I decided to simplify and take out the guesswork by finding a protein bar I love, that is filling, and has good, healthy ingredients (no artificial ingredients or excess sugar). I simply take one out of the fridge each morning and go. Easy is the best way to achieve this goal at the moment.

Gwendolyn J.
One must prepare the essentials and ingredients a night before or it is better to wake up little earlier to make your breakfast

Scott W.
I wake up at 5 am to give myself lots of time. I know the time when breakfast fits into my routine. I enjoy seeing my family and I offer to help them with their breakfast.

Ricardo P.
I try to keep breakfast fast and simple (eggs, easy fruit), I cook it in one big batch for my son, wife, and myself (we eat the same or very similar stuff instead of multiple different meals), and I try to plan and buy food ahead of time so i don't have the added friction of deciding what to make or worst of all having to improvise.

Meladie F.
I haven't really cooked in the morning… For myself that is not attainable or sustainable. I've been able to prepare things in advance, like an egg bake! I have found good foods at the grocery store too (like organic whole food egg bites or something similar) that make for an easy but healthy breakfast that I can just warm up in the microwave. I need easy in the morning, so I make sure to have something I can warm up!

Charlie N.
Once I started doing this app I decided that the easiest way to do it was to fix the same thing everyday. So it is routine, predictable, and makes it easy to ensure that I have the supplies. I am eating oatmeal with fruit, hemp seeds and maple syrup everyday. Easy to fix. Lots of nutrients. And cozy in the winter. Hope this helps!

Kristina Z.
It really depends. Sometimes I make things ahead of time. Sometimes I keep it simple – yogurt and fruit. I've found that expanding what breakfast food is allowed to be also helps. Cereal is still a thing, but honestly sometimes breakfast is just leftovers. Lately I've been sitting down to eat while listening to my daily coaching, drinking coffee and taking my vitamins.