What are your favourite breakfast recipes?

Laura I.
My favorite breakfast recipe is microwave scrambled eggs. They're so easy and quick to make and they taste delicious. Plus, they're salubrious too
Chloe E.
My favorite recipes for breakfast are basic cereal with cow milk, avocado toast or porridge. I prefer porridge that consists of oatmeal and cacao. I add water and cook it.
Hunter W.
I like to make bread spreads and have them on toast. Sometimes it's also good to have some homemade granola with oats, nuts and coconut pieces and dried cranberries. I like weetabix with banana and peanutbutter soaked in milk. There are some other recipes I like but they are not as healthy so I'm not sure they are worth mentioning. Maybe apart from the vegan omelette.
T Nia F.
I like to have eggs in breakfast. Sometimes I add some fruit , otts , granula , smoothie, fruit juice etc in my breakfast a healthy breakfast should be done .