Not directly related to breakfast. But recently I noticed I’m falling back in my old pattern. This boils down to not getting out of bed (I wake up at 6:30 mostly before the alarm, no issue). But stepping out of bed when you wake up, and not going back in but staying out is what I’m struggling with. How do I push past that?

Gloribel N.
That happens to me too at times, when I don’t want to go back to bed I go ahead and start making breakfast follow into any morning routine. Doing stuff or just staying out of the bedroom all together helps me. The one I find most helpful is going ahead and eat breakfast and I get the energy to start the day.

Emily J.
When I go to bed, I make sure to have a full water bottle next to the bed. That way, when I wake up, I can drink the whole thing. This makes me feel more awake! After that I make the bed (2 things to check off the morning routine) and that way I’ve ended my sleeping time and started my morning routine.

Abster N.
Oh my gosh!! I completely relate to this question!! I have this struggle every single day. It’s like some weird part in our brain telling us stuff that’s not true? Like, If I wake up groggy, I trick myself into thinking I’ll be groggy all day, coffee won’t help, a shower won’t help, just stay in bed a little longer. At that point everything feels awful. And that is the point where you have to literally PUSH forward, shove the thought aside and be like “nope, I know that my body’s circadian rhythm responds to light, and temperature, and movement. If I get up and stand for 15 seconds, I can accept that awful feeling, and let it slowly fade. That’s just what I’m trying for now. I wish you luck friend! Congrats on waking up at 6:30 am btw, that’s a great habit!

Andreas Z.
Hi , tnx for sharing your question 🌹look , it’s completely alright not to follow everything based on your schedule , sometimes. we are all human and there are times that we don’t really feel well or energized . But you should really care about your dreams & goals under any circumstances. they keep you tuned & motivated to follow your plans. Commitment to your goals , is the golden key. Imagine yourself in future , where your achieve all you think to have in your life , how does it feel ? does it worth the hardships ? If yes , you found a good reason not to give up 😇 As a friendly advice, don’t let the bullshit thoughts prevent your from making progress while you are doing really great with your plans😎 Remember it !!! our mind always wants to keep us safe and sound & every new actions in life such as making new habits or even trying new things would be like an alert , so it would releases those thoughts to make you feel that you are not enough or unable to achieve your goals. But persistency will work in this battle and finally it would conquer your mind and its nonsense thoughts or so . 😉 Just take a deep breath , prioritize your work , go for them with more energy and power , and never give up 😌 Success is almost there for you ☘️☘️

Vidhi F.
May be you could do something that you love right after getting out of bed. For me this is breakfast. It is a good motivator for me to know I will be cooking and eating something delicious. This can be anything small or big for you. The key is to love that thing more than staying in bed. 🙂

Laura C.
Hello fabulous user 🙂
So I also tend to go back to bed, or staying there longer than I probably should. And I even get back to sleep and lose time to go to college.

But I found out that, when you have a purpose to go out of bed you do it easily. So before going to bed, at night, try to revisit your agenda and remember yourself why you are waking up at that time on the next day and what is the first thing you are going to do in the morning?

When I do it, I wake up knowing my goals and that gives me energy to properly wake out of bed.

Hope this will help you someway 🙂