Is it ok to eat soba noodle in the morning?

Samantha Y.
A healthy filling breakfast is better than no breakfast at all if soba noodle fill you up and give you the energy you need to start your day I say yes

Josu S.
Soba noodles are a great option for breakfast. Soba noodles are filled with vitamins, minerals, and protein. Soba noodles are also known to improve your cardiovascular health. It is also low on fat so you can add healthy fat foods like avocados for a healthy soba noodle meal filled with healthy carbs, fat, and protein.

Karlheinz A.
Idk actually but I feel that noodles is not a morning food like it will be that match heavy for the stomach as the first thing will get in the day

Sue T.
Soba noodles have multiple health benefits and considered very healthy but I wouldn't recommend eating heavy carbs in the morning as they tend to decrease energy reserves in your body instead you need something light like cereals or a fruit bowl. Soba noodles are best for lunch as having all nutritions and minerals required for a healthy meal , enjoy!

Victoria Z.
I don't think it's enough, am not sure about the type of noodles and it's nutrition facts, but am sure that it doesn't contain all the elements our body needs for breakfast

Zachary Z.
I preferred that food for lunch o dinner , but different cultures even eat rice for breakfast, depends of your preferences

Rose T.
I would not recommend it as noodles have mostly carbs and don’t have almost any nutrients. I would recommend a self-made smoothie or a natural yoghurt and berries instead. That will keep your hunger away for a longer time and you want feel as bloated after. You can do it! 💪

Jamim T.
Honestly i haven't eaten soda noodle haha
But i d like to try it
I just googled it to see the picture and i think i would prefer to have it as lunch lol

Joelci Q.
Soba noodles would be fine as part of breakfast as long as they are paired with a protein, such as eggs. Or they could be paired with high protein vegetables such as edamame.

Ma Wenn E.
Soba noodles in the morning is fine since it is rich with protein. Maybe, 2-3x a week is okay for you. According to my friend, it is made from buckwheat compared to other noodles, made from wheat.

Filippa U.
If those are buckwheat noodes, that is still a healthy option. Just be careful what you eat them with (choose lots of vegetables, avoid greasy or very salty sauces… Etc)

Ad Rio Q.
I think it’s okay to eat soba noodles in the morning. They are filling and can be paired with vegetables for a nutritious meal.

Cassandre Q.
I don't see why not. Breakfast can be whatever good. If you can have breakfast food for dinner, why not lunch for breakfast?

Terezinha S.
I don’t know because a don’t know what a sobs noodle is. I know about noodles and that’s fine for breakfast. Pasta. Spaghetti, tomato soup and noodles, etc. but I can’t say much about soba cause I don’t have much knowledge about it.

Fulg Ncio F.
I guess so. It depends on what type. Honestly you can eat anything for breakfast, as long as your making the right choices for you and your body.

Nathan Z.
“If you’re watching your waistline, switching to buckwheat noodles from regular white pasta can cut your caloric intake in about half. This is just one of the reasons that soba noodles are considered by experts to be one of the healthiest pastas.” There are several very healthy breakfast items made with buckwheat, also a great source of protein so I don’t see why soba noodles wouldn’t be healthy for breakfast! 😁 hope this helps!

Claire E.
It depends on your body and customs. I personally wouldn’t though because noodles are heavy and soba noodles are whole wheat, which i don’t think you should have in the morning. This being said, i’m not a nutritionist so i wouldn’t know.

Rom O Y.
It's better to consume carbs earlier in the day than late at night. This way, you have time to burn the carbs throughout your day.

Cl Ment E.
I think eating noodles (even soba) will cause you to feel bloated throughout the day not to mention that it will make you feel full for less time than a protein packed breakfast.

Gisela X.
Yes. Made from buckwheat grains they are rich source of fiber and carbohydrates. Also a good source of Manganese, Thiamin and Protein.

Serafina Q.
Personally, I wouldn’t, but I don’t really know the nutritional facts of soba. At the end of the day, if you want soba noodles for breakfast, do it! But, if you are trying to reach a fitness goal, check it’s nutritional value and determine whether it will help or hinder you.

Charlotte Z.
I guess no , but I’m not completely sure. All I know is that breakfast should contain protein for energy and some healthy carbs like oats and soba noodles don’t seem right , they could be a light lunch or dinner in my opinion

Frederikke W.
Definitely . The Japanese have been doing so for centuries. In fact some Japanese will eat noodles at every meal. Do an internet search for soba noodles breakfast recipes.

Louison O.
I have never heard of soba noodles so I searched it up. It has buckwheat… so I guess it’s good! I have buckwheat pancakes for brekky sometimes

Mary U.
Not really, unless you have a protein to go with it that will slowly release energy the soba noodles by themselves will just make you hungry quicker.

Jaci C.
There is a lot of energy in Soba Noodle, To start your day with. If you exercise a lot it's oke if not. O would skip it. To much sugar and salt en energy

Sandro O.
Yes, soba noodles are made with buckwheat flour which is rich in protein and will keep you full all morning. Just make sure to add lost of veggies to the meal for micronutrients and that the sauce is homemade and not full with sugars or you will crash. Have a great day! 🙂

Nandielly Q.
I suppose it depends. If you choose to eat anything during the morning, it's better than going until noon and running out of energy. However, there are better things to consume than just the carbs of soba noodle (unless you're exercising in the morning, in which case a simple sugar will help with the initial release of energy). If you must, spruce your soba noodle with a protein and veggie.

Thea P.
They seem pretty good for you, they have similar nutritional value to whole wheat products. However a meal consisting of only Soba noodles is low in protein and fats. If you want a balanced meal you will need to add these things your self.

Ilan E.
Sure! As long as whatever you are eating is filling and healthy enough to fuel your mind and body for the day, go for it!