What are some good vegan, low sugar breakfast options?

Cherie Y.
Oatmeal or overnight oats with unsweetened plant based milk, toast with avo or sweet potato, tofu scramble with veggies and hashbrowns!
Andreas F.
Well you can start your day by dringking warm lemon water.
At breakfast you can eat, a banana or an apple with a handful of almonds,
You can eat oats, scrambled eggs/ boiled egg, can start your day with fresh salad and fruits.
Georg N.
I don't know much about vegan foods as im working on eating healthier myself. I would say fruit, particularly oranges, make me feel the best after eating them 🙂
Emma C.
When I make my breakfast,I use to make some smothie with banana,other fruit (like Apple,berries,strawberries),soy milk ,seets and some nuts.But if you want something solid,you can do oat metal or pancakes and coffe.
Holly N.
Avocado, peanut butter, soyayoghurt with fruit! Lots of healthy options, if I'm in a rush I grab a banana and a cold pressed fruit bar x
Daisy S.
There are so many options! Porridge is always good I make mine with water then add some fruit and seeds.
Flax seed porridge is also great a very high in fibre.
Chia pudding is another winner soak chia seeds in milk and fruit over night in the fridge. Enjoy in the morning or one the go.
I'm not a fan of toast and bread in the morning personally but if you like it then peanut butter toast is great. A good nut butter that's 98-100% nuts always.
Or a do love a classic fruit salad with all kinds of fruit goodness. Maybe sugar but natural pure form sugars that work as carbs too
Lori N.
Whole grain English muffin toasted with almond butter. Also like meatless breakfast sausage patty on the side. Think morning star farms makes good ones.

Can try a smoothie with frozen banana, almond milk, almond butter, half tablespoon of coffee grounds puréed in blender

Jasmine P.
Toast and vegan peanut butter is a great place to start. Or whatever your favourite spread in. Make sure you use wholemeal toast for that fiber. I put bananas on top but that's up to you! Other options could be sugar free jam, marmite, or simply vegan butter. There are lots of alternatives out there! Good luck.
B Rbara N.
Granola with rice base almond milk, americano and some fruit or berry like strawberry, raspberry, banana or pear is my choice
Blue Z.
There is a Chinese rice gruel (yuck?) Named congee. I make mine with millet (higher protein than rice), mushroom, turnip, dried beans, and then things that need eating from my fridge and pantry (the asparagus is next) add 5 or 6 cups of water or stock for 1 cup (total) of brown rice + beans. Put it on low in a crock pot over night. I eat it with soy sauce and those nori sprinkles in the Japanese section of a fancy grocery. Sesame seeds or a fresh herb topping like chimichuri would be good. It makes a Lot, so share. I get tired of mine before I run out, but after I get halfway through