What’s the quickest breakfast meal?

Ria N.
For breakfast I have a thing I follow. I need to have at least 3 nutritious components in my breakfast meal. Everyday you can have the same or different meal. Usually I like to have toast, eggs, and a fruit. A liquid by you for breakfast is also important to make sure what you eat gets digested. If you’re in a rush, I HIGHLY recommend you don’t take a nut bar to go. Take just 5 minutes to toast some bread or make something. Homemade breakfast is the best breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal because it boosts you for the day. If you really want a quick breakfast than take some bread and put it in a toaster or even the microwave. Spread some maple syrup or butter on it and there you have a yummy and healthy breakfast.

Nicklas W.
the quickest breakfast meal can be fruit, or oatmeal. It's better to avoid the packaged food because is highly fabricated and less nutritional, so if we are in a hurry is better to eat something natural and healthy.

Timeo O.
I have 0.5 cup dry oat meal + 1 T brown sugar + 2 T Chai Seeds + 2 T flax meal + 0.25 cup tart dried cherries + splash of vanilla + pinch of cinnamon + pinch of salt. It takes me all of 5 minutes to make, even less if I have ingredients in a bowl ready the night before and just need to add water in the morning. Something like a Banana or Apple + peanut putter is even faster.

Yuracek U.
I usually just cut a piece of bread and toast it, depending on freshness. With bread you have a ton of things to put on depending on what you want each morning, and if you buy or make darker bread/with seeds and stuff it's quite healthy as well!

Lo S E.
I'd say a breakfast bar and water. If you're in a rush in the morning, all you have to do is grab the bar and water bottle and you're all set!

Lyric O.
The quickest healthiest breakfast meal is probably granola and some kind of fruit like apples or blueberries. Sometimes I put peanut butter on my apples for some extra protein or but my granola in milk and eat it like cereal! If you slice some fruit, like strawberries, the night before, your ready to go in the morning. Mixed nuts and honey works well too. These are all things I can put in containers and eat before class, it’s perfect!

Vernon Y.
a HEALTHY quick breakfast meal could be something like oats that are prepared the night before! Also (plant) yoghurt with nuts and fruits. Or even a smoothie with lots of carbs, fruit, healthy fats and proteins

Alexander W.
For me, I think the quickest breakfast meal is a wrap. I can load it with everything I need in a breakfast and it's still relatively small and compact. Good for eating quickly!

Winter P.
Bread? Just need to buy one. If we're talking about making breakfast by ourselves I think sandwich would make a quick breakfast. Oh and of course with a cup of coffee!

L O E.
Its a struggle for me to eat breakfast in the morning. I often wait a few hours but i always start with lemon water and a cup of tea. My dream breakfast i white bread with extra salted butter! But my stomach doesent like the gluten so it rarely happens. Sometimes a banana on the go will do.