What are some healthy breakfast options that are packed with protein?

Norma E.
I love chocolate avocado pudding or vegan yoghurt for breakfast. I top both with almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, unsweetened coconut rasps, berries, and a little bit of maple syrup or raw honey. If I want more protein, I add a scoop of “Your Super” Skinny Protein or Muscle Power. I am more about fat, than protein, but I think if you eat Greek Yoghurt or Quark instead of vegan yoghurt (I can’t eat dairy), you will increase the protein amount.
Ella U.
I am a vegetarian .So soak a few pulses over night and make a curry or a simple salad and eat them with bread.
You can even try the classic Indian dosa, A protein rich dosa(pancake) recipe link is here https://youtu.be/vmnns9LDyHU
Or else you can try out a smoothie with natural peanut butter.
You can even do something with soya beans or chunks.The internet has a lot of healthy protein rich recipes.You can go and check out. Having a glass of milk is great!
Beth A.
I like to have hard boiled eggs and some grapefruit or a piece of whole wheat toast with low sugar peanut butter and apple slices. Or sautéed assorted veggies with either eggs or egg yolks and a bit of cheese. Salsa on top.
Liesel H.
Greek yoghurt is always my go-to protein breakfast, especially if I don’t have that much time to make myself a full on meal. I know that many may not like Greek yoghurt because it could be quite sour, but if you mix it with some berries it’s delicious and you’ll get some slow sugars to run you through the day. I usually get Greek yoghurt from a brand called Chobani because they already have fruits in there for you and it’s my absolute favourite. I hope this helps. Keep moving!
Filippa Z.
Eggs are a good source of protein for breakfast, I have that pretty consistently. I also keep a tub of mixed nuts and dried cranberries on the counter, so if I’m in a rush, I can grab a scoop full and be on my way.
Sheryl C.
Breakfast is the first meal, not any particular foods. Oatmeal with hemp seeds, almonds, and chia and a healthy scoop of yogurt is a high protein breakfast, but so is left over roast chicken and green salad.
Alan J.
Eggs are high in protein and can be paired with salmon for extra protein as well as omega 3, or beans for extra protein & a b vitamin boost! Beans alone are a great vegan option, with anything cheesy as a great veggie breakie.
Kristin O.
Peanut butter, dairy, eggs, meat, nuts. You can try a bowl of yoghurt with nuts and muesli for example, or some whole-wheat bread with eggs
Abbie W.
1 cup Greek Yogurt 30g protein, plain or vanilla. Greek Yogurt cups-have less amt, lower protein and higher sugar/carbs. I eat mine with a handful of fresh berries-about 5 g or half a small flat.
2. I often make a shake with yo+berries+full packed cup of spinach, some baby carrots And a scoop of a nutrient enriched protein powder. Also adding an apple for Malic Acid which along with Mg in powder, with powdered electrolytes too.
(If out of protein shake powder I take a powered multivit (for me needs to be methylated folate) all mineral (other nutients if avail), mixing it with the electrolytes made with slightly cooled hot filtered h2o! High protein, min carbs diet causes electrolyte problems.
3. Favorite now is 2 eggs scrambled in panwith daub olive oil and thin pat to sliver of butter, or scram or whole in micro egg cook soft to firmer, poached, omlet. I add 2 strips of bacon to meal, 5 g. berries+/-cup of spinach steamed w/eggs or in micro- the latter+ high grade olive oil and Umi plum vinegar/apple cider if no Umi.
3. Oatmeal w/ Nuts + berries, creamer, fresh berries, and or .5 banana some days…addl nuts and fresh berries eaten cold and fresh or mixed in while hot while/after cooking as indicated. I dont cook nuts or fruit. and bit of cheese for cal. Can also have 2 strips of bacon. Some combo, not all above at once!
4). Alternate according to ingred/time and energy 2° available, time…shake can be pre made
Ga Tan O.
Everything with eggs is great, you’ll feel fuller for longer. French toast, pancakes, and classic breakfast are my favourites.
Mille W.
I like eggs, they are fast and can be made in so many ways. Peanut butter, or having an assortment of nuts around is great too.
Alison Q.
Fruit with whole grain toast and peanut butter
Protein shake
Ham and egg cups
Plain yogurt with fresh fruit
Protein bars
Sliced turkey with whole grain toast.
Erik F.
OPTION 1: 1 egg + 1 rice bowl (1 whole nut bowl) + 2 bananas.
OPTION 2: 1 steak + some vegetables + (1 low sugar fruit glass)
Gereon F.
Ham & cheese omelettes, scrambled eggs, hot cheese and tomatoes sandwichs or cereal with raisins, nuts, peanuts and almond milk..
Always accompanied with a fruit or fresh fruit juice!
Julie P.
Eggs… eggs are the quickest easiest solution. Mix them with any veggies and your breakfast is guaranteed to give you healthy fuel. If you’re lacking healthy fats, cut up an avocado to accompany a tomato and 2-3 eggs. Filling and healthy
Inara W.
One egg and 1/2 cup of egg whites made into an omelette. A shot of espresso and 6oz of steamed skim milk made into a latte .
Drago O.
A smoothie made with fruit and vegetables and added protein powder.

Omelet with added vegetables

Peanut butter on an apple

Low-fat cottage cheese with berries and almonds

Oatmeal with berries

Jan Peter O.
I usually have an omelette made with 3 eggs with a sprinkling of grated cheese. I also enjoy greek yoghurt with blueberries.
Georgia C.
Low-fat, sugar free yogurt. Add fruit and/or low-fat cereal or a few nuts for a delicious breakfast. Also, eat it in a bowl instead of straight out of the carton; you'll feel more like you're having a meal.
Ilias Z.
Eggs are the best, combined with some complex carbs. Plain oatmeal is great (if I could get past the texture). Also, a banana with peanut butter or an apple with turkey or smoked salmon. You always want to combine high protein with a complex carb.