Give me some tasty spicy and healthy breakfast recipes.

Lina T.
Avocado toast 😋
• get two pieces(or one) of wheat bread (or whatever bread you prefer) and put it in the toaster
•cut an avocado-the more fresh the better-
•while the toast is in the toaster, get some tea and warm it up
•once the bread Is done, put it on a plate and spread avocado on it (as much or as little as you prefer)
•get the tea after it is finished being warmed up and enjoy your meal!

Anton E.
I've been boiling eggs so that I have flexibility when I eat and making minimal noise in the kitchen (I have early morning hours and have roommates). They're great. I also like scrambled eggs with curry powder and I add a bit of chili pepper to the mix. Good luck!

Laura Z.
I like scrambled eggs so I occasionally spicy them up with chilli flakes or curry powder. Or an omelette which is just one big scrambled egg 🤗

Kaleb O.
Breakfast Kale Sauté

Chop half an onion
Chop a red bell pepper
Chop garlic
Throw both on an oiled pan and fry until onion is clear
Add bag of chopped Kale (Roughly 1.5) bunches
Add garlic and roast that
Once the Kale gets mixed in add twin squirts of lemon juice and some vinegar
either add some squirt of your favorite hot sauce OR sprinkle red pepper flake flakes and cayenne
Finish off with salt to taste
Serve with a bowl of rice or other grain or just eat on its own

Silje W.
I like to cook oats with soy milk, a banana and cinnamon. When it’s ready to eat I add some coconut and cocoa powder. I like to make a bigger portion so I can store the rest in the fridge for the next 2 days 🙂

Oscar C.
Avocado toast with red crushed pepper flakes and a bit of parmasean. It's really tasty. Breakfast burritos are really good too.

Basile P.
Overnight oats maybe? With Cinnamon? Or scrambled eggs/ omelette with various veg and herbs/spices. Some form of Hash with your own choice of ingredients or left overs .Banana and Cinnamon toast? Good Luck whatever you decide!

S Vio Z.
Passion fruit
Oat bran

Slice the banana e the papaya and serve it in a bowl, add the passion fruit and the oat. And it’s ready to eat 😀