What non animal proteins do you suggest for breakfast?

Kerstin Z.
Tofu, tempeh, and vegan protein powders! Field Roast sausages are pretty great too. They're made of vital wheat gluten.
Yolanda P.
Any grains (breads, butter, oats) nuts of sorts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, etc.) and try to incorporate each into one another as a dish. This will help provide the necessary protein alongside helpful carbs and proper glucose sugars to process everything smoothly. Those in a shake would be beneficial for those running low on time. Added in with some greens and fruit make for a delightful and uplifting morning.
Ricardo R.
Some spinach mixed in with something else, or some other greens are nice. There are some other really high protein plants like moringa too. Oatmeal might be a nice option.
Dean P.
Seeds like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds; nuts like walnuts or cashew nuts. Spinach is a good source of plant based protein as are quorn products and protein shakes.
Linda Z.
If you’re looking for sweet breakfast you can just add vegan protein powder to your oatmeal. Also I like to combine my oatmeal with different types of nuts which have a lot of protein inside.
If you’re savory breakfast lover you have a plenty of choice. You can add different types of beans to your sandwich along with dark greens. Also the simple answer would be adding some soy products such as tofu, tempeh, edamame.
Bon appetite!
Kirsten F.
Plain, non fat Yogurt or cottage cheese because they ate versatile with three ability to be used in savory or sweet dishes.
Bernhardine U.
You can integrate nuts like almonds into a granola and eat it like a cereal with non dairy milk, like almomd milk. You can also scramble chickpeas like eggs. Mash up cooked chickpeas and add green onions, garlic, and spices like tumeric and scramble it in olive oil. Add some vegetable stock to keep it from getting too dry. You can also season eggplant or tempeh as a bacon like substitute.
Daphn Z.
Hummus on toast with veggies is a good one, I like to put nuts and seeds in my oatmeal, there’s tofu scramble or one of the other cool egg substitute products they make now and sell at specialty grocery stores. A fortified vegan yogurt can have protein if you find the right one, you can add vegan protein powder to a smoothie, put peanut butter or other nut butters on toast or in your smoothie or oatmeal as well! There’s lots of options out there, you just need to get a little creative sometimes. Or consult some quality vegan youtubers like cheap lazy vegan or cailtin shoemaker! They helped me out a ton with great vegan options
Jonas W.
None. I don’t believe a vegan diet is safe. My go-to breakfast proteins are cultured milk (yogurt, kefir, etc.), whey protein, collagen protein, and nuts.
Tracey W.
Personally I'm a big fan of peanut butter (but only the pure, unsalted one) also eggs in the morning 😋 So many ways to cook them for delicious results, scrabble, omelet, sunny side up or even boiled.
Greg X.
On the days I dont feel like cooking because personally I'm not vegan or vegetarian I tend to go for peanutbutter of a handful of mixed nuts.
Carl W.
I go for soy yogurt: alpro actually has plant-based yogurts that are pretty ok, I especially enjoy the coconut one even if it has a lot of sugar. Also, try nuts: almonds aren't technically nuts but fruits, but they are very high in protein, as are walnuts. i would put those either in my yogurt or in my oatmeal (made with water and a little bit of plant-based milk)
Loan Z.
I am not sure about non-animal protein. My go to breakfast is plain, old fashioned oatmeal made with water and a handful of frozen berries .. It takes 5 minutes on the stove, has no added sugar, and leaves me feeling full.
Kelya I.
When I’m in a hurry I’ll grab some fresh fruit and baggie of sunflower seeds for the road- you can use any protein-rich seed or oat and add it to oatmeal too
Lauren F.
Nuts, a hand full of nuts can have like 6 grams of protein. Spinach, beans, chickpeas even chia seeds has protein in it. Tofu as well. But I'm not the biggest fan of it
Ella E.
I’m assuming Greek yogurt is out? I would try steel-cut oatmeal, nut butters or I love an organic Plant-based protein powder like Vega One to make smoothies, pancakes, muffins
Shirlei Q.
One of my go-to breakfasts is oatmeal with nuts and berries. I use cows milk, but almond/rice/soy milk could work just as well. I also like making green smoothies with some protein powder.
Diana S.
Usually for breakfast I make a shake that’s includes a fruit, nuts, almond milk, chia seeds and organic peanut butter. Ohh yeah, and you me scoop of vegan protein powder as I do work out as well.
Frauke O.
Lentils, teff , natto beans, adzuki beans, even tofu (but this has no beneficial bacteria and you risk your health eating GMO tofu)
Lison Z.
Peanut butter, so either whole wheat toast with peanut butter, apples and peanut butter is a GREAT option because it includes fiber and protein then natural carbs and sugar from the apple to help you kick start your energy for the day.
Natalja E.
Tbh, I'm not vegan, so I eat animal proteins for breakfast. But as for non-animal, I think some avocado+lime paste on a slice of full grain bread would be the best.
Valerie P.
Tofu is a great source of protein and makes delicious tofu scramble with any of your favorite ingredients! Quinoa also has a lot of protein and will help you maintain stable energy levels throughout the day :). If you add in peas, those are also a great source of protein and will be great with quinoa, tofu, or all mixed together!
Lambert N.
Plain yogurt – you can eat it on the side or mix it with cereals , green moong sprout salad , peanut butter milk smoothie
Allan X.
It started for me during Ramadan. I had to eat a super quick and filling and healthy breakfast at five in the morning. Also it had to be halah; that's how'd I found Huel about the years ago. I am not sponsored by them. But they are a great breakfast drink and supply everything you need to start the day!
Frida W.
Peanut butter! Breakfast should always include foods high in protein as to keep you energized for the day, so with these two very harmless ingredients, a great day is assured to go! 😊
Alex S.
Oatmeal, pea protein (shake or in coffee), quinoa and raspberries are quite delicious with honey! Soy based veggie sausage, yogurt
Donna P.
I really enjoy eating walnuts on my yogurt. Nuts are a great non-animal protein. I’ve also really been getting into Hemp milk. It’s packed with lots of fatty acids and lots of protein. Hemp milk/hemp protein powder is a great base for a smoothie.
Jesse W.
Tofu scramble, quinoa porridge, almond butter on whole grain toast, smoothie bowl topped with fresh and frozen fruits and nuts/seeds
Marinalda E.
An excellent breakfast is scrambled Tofu with tomato, onion and fresh coriander. Alternatively make your own granola with nuts, seeds, fruit and almond or soy milk.
Ros Ria I.
I add nuts and soy milk to my cereal. Vegan scramble with gf toast. Gf oatmeal or muffins with chia & flax seeds. Nut butter with organic whole grain toast.