Yeah. What do they eat?? I’m lazy af and don’t want to cook ever and need ideas.

Emile T.
Boiled eggs and sautéed spinach. Can cook in advance so just have to heat it up in the mornings. Or yogurt in a little tub that I can just take to work with a spoon.
Ella U.
Try eggs scrambled with oatmeals, put that in the pan, then as soon as it gets firm you put a slice of cheese and smoked turley, add salt and pepper and you're good to go
Nathaniel P.
As I am on Keto, I always do intermittent fasting and sometime long fasting. Eggs are my favourite. The easyband fast one, just eat raw egg yolk…🤪🤪
Phoebe O.
Smoothie is the best idea when you don't wanna cook. Pre-pack like once a month, one smoothie pack per smoothie, use greens, fruits, nuts. Store in a freezer. You can even do veggie smoothies, like a cold soup (250gr tomatoes, 2 garlic piece, 1/4 of a red onion and a celery stalk and a bell pepper and add sun dried tomatoes in a oil – best gazpacho ever). So when you're hungry, you'll just throw the contents of a bag in a blender, add water or nut-mylk and – voila – good, nutritious, healthy food.
Maxence S.
The reality is you're going to have to prepare food. On days when I'm in a rush I have a coconut milk smoothie with blueberries and vanilla essence, or boiled eggs on low carb bread.
Maxine S.
Meal prep is the key! Then you only need to summon motivation once a week. I even get groceries delivered because I'm so lazy, but getting all of my salads and breakfasts And dinners ready on Sunday has been a game changer.
Suzy P.
Cook one day in the week and stock on quality foods. When ordering take out look for healthy options. Make smoothies. Don't be afraid to try something new!
Willie Z.
I prefer to plan ahead and prepare meals/protein, freeze them and heat them later
Roast beef and marinated chicken are mainly what I prepare and freeze. Usually I divide them into foil containers, pop them into the oven, and while they are heating or cooked depending on their status, I make rice/pasta and vegetables.
I add to the raw Roast beef melted butter rosemary peper and oregano, wrap them in foil and put them in the oven for about 1.5hrs max heat. After it its thoroughly cooked, I take the sauce, leave it to cool and put it in the fridge as well. I use the sauce when making rice. Delicious.
I cut an onion, and a few tomatoes then add cut potatoes or zucchini. Leave them on low heat till they’re cooked.
Protein is already prepared and just need heating, rice and vegetables can be cooked twice a week along with the rice ❤️
Claude T.
I like Turkish eggs, poached, put the eggs in yogurt, with paprika, cumin and garlic, toast some walnuts and butter, put that on top, eat them.
Sara F.
Simple food like beans eggs milk porridge oats fruits veggies . Simple food which are easy to cook can go long way to help develop your fitness
Josilaine P.
Eggs don't take long, or if I don't wanna cook, a sandwich still helps or making some cereal, just as long as you eat something instead of nothing
Olanda Q.
Lol I feel ya. I eat a lot of instant oatmeal for breakfast or cheerios. Lunch and dinner are a bit harder, but I use the SideChef app for quick, easy ideas.
Sue G.
I'm lazy too when it comes to brekky so I bought eggs which I throw on the BBQ and if I'm too lazy to do that, I have trail mix in the pantry and a couple of low fat chobani yoghurt and two high protein low carb drinks in the fridge. Sometimes I need to be up at 5.30 for a 7am start and don't have time to cook so the yogurt and drink get me through to lunch
Ngela Q.
Get into the habit of meal preps. Sure, there's that one day you feel like cooking. So in the single day of the week, maybe on Sunday afternoon, you can cook your weekday lunches and pack them in air-locked containers and then refrigerate them. Pasta makes for great meal prep ideas, and you can change the relish for a specific day. Depending on your favorite foods.
Rosa Maria G.
Try and find recipes for food you can prepare before. For mornings you can prepare overnught oats. For lunch you can prepare simple salads that dont need much.
Naomi E.
example for today's breakfast: 80 g of meat (boiled chicken) 50 g of young cheese, 100 g of vegetables, 50 g of black bread and 300 ml of yogurt.
Silas Z.
Scrambled eggs, bread with jam and a cup of coffee is a healthy breakfast and it takes 15 minutes to make! I usually only eat these three items or change the eggs for yogurt with granolla – also healthy. The key is to prep the night before!
Zeneida N.
Well I hear that you’re lazy, and somehow we never have time in today’s world I pick a day usually Sunday or Monday and just do a load of cooking bake a chicken you can make soup out of it during the week or chicken salad you can stretch it out but sometimes I make a meatloaf break it up you some in a quick job at sauce with some pasta break it up you some in the shepherds pie I just try to cook some veggies some protein wash on my salad greens like I said Sunday or Monday and then have things at the ready during the week
Math O T.
Boiled eggs toast orange juice and a cup of tea it's quick to make and I don't use salt or sugar in my tea…after that I have a cup of coffe half and half with 2 sugars to help.soon I plan on cutting out the coffee and sticking to just tea
Mildred P.
If cooking isn’t your thing, stretching out meals is one of the better ways to eat in a healthier way with less work. Also investing in a good chopper or blender. Chop up your favorite veggies and place them in the fridge. Be sure to have flavorful sautée options such as onions, Garlic (which you can by jarred by the way) and peppers. Have rice, pasta, or sweet potatoes prepared ahead of time so all you will have to do is mix in your favorite sautéed veggies. You can also purchase pre-cut veggies, frozen items, and easy make boxed rices (parboiled rice) ect.. too make it that much more easy on you. You can prep meat but I suggest you cook it and keep only three days worth at a time or freeze it. You will grow to love delicious foods you make! Play with spices, flavours, and new veggies to keep it interesting! You got this! Best of wishes to you!