What would be a great breakfast item?

Ely P.
I always try to have a protein and a carb of some sort with breakfast! Eggs are always great. I do egg whites and Cheerios.
Ella R.
i think a great breakfast item would be a rice cake with a fruit and peanut butter. They are really delicious and filling allowing your body enough energy to start your day
Otelo T.
I would say something filling, like oats with bit of sugar, treat yourself, with a fruit any type, maybe a glass of water on the side and bacon for a bit of protein.
Thibault T.
A great breakfast item for me would be actually eating breakfast so whether it be approaching shake or a bowl of cereal that's progress for me.
Hanny F.
I think simple breakfasts are the best! Personally, when I first wake up I know that I don’t have either the time or the energy to actually put together and cook a breakfast. So things like apple slices, bananas, string cheese, beef jerky, etc all make for great quick breakfasts that pack a punch of energy. Try mixing and matching the listed items above!
Reis A.
I like making overnight oats using frozen fruit that defrosts overnight – that way you don't end up with moldy blueberries at the back of your fridge!
Ganidu E.
I could recommend oats. If you prepare it in a several different ways you won’t feel like you’re eating the same thing everyday