How much should one eat for breakfast?

Emil U.
I find that a smaller and healthier breakfast gives me the boost I need. A handful of my favorite trail mix, pineapple with cottage cheese, and quick eggs with ham. Protein and healthy fats!
Luciara Q.
I think it’s up to you. As I have only 45 minutes after I woke up and before I get out for work. And I have to cook and eat the breakfast, do exercise, so don’t have the time to cook a lot.

I make it more sample so that it is easy to do and less resistance to do also. I think that can help me to build up the habit of eating a breakfast.

Ellie P.
Listen to your body – some days you won't be very hungry, other days you will need to fuel up before exercise/a busy day 🙂 anything is fine (from a banana to yoghurt to both to both and some cereal!)
Corentin P.
It's not the quantity of food but its quality and the time you spend. If you take your time, you allow your stomach to feel when it's enough.
Albert Q.
Depends on the rest of your day. I like to eat a late breakfast and eat a lot. Then I'm not hungry till dinnertime and I only have to bother with two meals. If you're going to have lunch soon, a smaller breakfast that will leave you hungry at lunchtime will be enough.
Albert F.
It’s really a lot easier than you’d think, although maybe it isn’t! What I mean is, you need to listen to your body! Are you hungry, truly hungry or merely eating because you think you should? If you are hungry, listen to when your body tells you you’re full. Don’t convince yourself to keep eating because of habit, current or past negative parenting or because you feel obligated. When you feel satisfied, stop eating. Forcing yourself to eat any more causes weight gain and other health problems down the road. Be good to yourself and be healthy.
Th Odore E.
It Depends on a few factors. What are your goals. Men can usually eat about 500 to 1000 calories more over the day. It's hard to say exactly how big portions. More importantly is that to get healthy and good nutritious breakfast. If you are trying to loose weight or like to keep up with how you much you eat over the day. I really recommend my fitness pal. There you log everything you eat and the app will tell you how much you should eat. you have to weight your food, But you get a used to it. You could make it a routine here in fabulous app to help you and make it more fun. Hope this helps. All the best and good luck to you.
Ethan F.
One should eat a hefty breakfast. Breakfast gives the body that surge of energy that’s needed for your morning half of work. It also improves the digestive system and gives the body much needed nutrients.
Guiomar Q.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I guess three eggs would provide us with a lot of energy but unfortunately I can't eat that much.
L O T.
That would really depend on your weight, age, activity level land many other aspects of you personally.

For example; a five foot tall, hundred pound woman who works in an office and gets only a few minutes of exercise on the week days may need much less breakfast than a six foot tall high school athlete.

My rule has always been, eat enough to feel like you aren't hungry, but not so much that you feel heavy.

Iolene G.
As much as you think you will need. If you know you will be having a late lunch I suggest eating more in the morning to tide hunger cravings. Drinking water throughout the day will help as well.
Jeremiah F.
It really depends! I would aim for between 300-500 calories. I use to eat 2 eggs, with gluten free toast and butter and coffee with cream. Now that I am trying to stay in ketosis for health reasons and to ward off autoimmune disease, I do a version of bulletproof coffee with goat butter, laird coconut, Mct oil. And I add collagen protein when needed. This will keep you full till well past lunch.
Erica W.
Since breakfast is the most important meal to start the day, you should eat enough to get your body energized until lunch. Take care not to overeat or eat really heavy things, because the body needs energy to digest all the food.
Addison S.
Enough to feel satisfied (not hungry, not full) and provide at least the minimum necessary calories to do the required activities until the next meal.
Paul Q.
Breakfast is just that- breaking your fast. Although how much you eat is up to you, the focus should be on what you’re eating. A mix of Whole grain breads, eggs, fruits, nuts and protein based foods will give you a really good start and stop the snack cravings. I personally enjoy eating a lot in the morning rather than a heavy lunch and dinner but I admit this is hard as you need time and I am not a morning riser! However by building a good routine it is possible to create something delicious and fulfilling in as little as 10 minutes! Give it a go 🙂
Marion Q.
It really depends on how many calories you need based on your BMI. However, for most people you should aim between 500-600 calories per meal.
Shane E.
You can have an omelette with some cheese and bread and a cup of tea. Sometimes when I’m m in a hurry and I don’t have time to prepare something I grab a banana and I mix some greece yogurt with oatmeal and some nuts. You can also have some rice crackers with an avocado and some tomatoes and cheese. This thing are enough for me. I guess it depends on each of how much food we need and how active you are. Try to eat till you fill fine. Not full. Also. Drink a cup of water right before you eat so you will fill a part of your stomach and you’re not going to need that much food. As long as you eat something healthy that doesn’t give you a sugar crush you’ll be ok.
Leon P.
I have been eating one fried egg or hard boiled egg with an apple or grapefruit with coffee and feel good until my afternoon lunch!
Victor Q.
Eat food that will give you enough fuel like nuts, granola berries and yogurt. If you feel full, you should stop but helps if you eat slowly so as it takes time for the stomach to alert your brain to say you’re full.
Judith Z.
You can eat as much as you want because breakfast is the most important meal in the day. I prefer you eat in the morning and not too late in the evening.
Justine Q.
I eat until I am satisfied. Some mornings this is a lot, some mornings just a little.
I eat mindfully and without distractions (such as reading, or my phone or the TV) as that’s the only way I’ve found that I can really know when my body is satisfied.
Not easy in the beginning but so worth the effort. Food is more of a joy now.
Beverley Z.
I think the best way to start the day is with a full meal. The breakfast should be complete enough to feel full and energized for the hours to come without feeling too heavy. It’s a balance everyone has to find.
Daryl J.
I think how much is not as important as what you eat. I try to fill up on protein in the mornings. Scrambled eggs with a small handful of spinach, Protein shake (either from a packet or homemade) or a fried egg with a half protein bar for something sweet. I try to stay away from carb loading and sugar first thing in the morning.
Kathy O.
Not much, eating early when you’re not hungry has worked for me because then I am full for longer. I don’t believe breakfast should be larger than a bowl or cereal or something. But don’t just have a cup of coffee.
Julia T.
you shouldn’t eat too much or not more than you can eat because it’s a jumpstarter for the morning to get you ready. you should eat about 1-2cups of cereal or an apple or banana just a single thing.
Alfred O.
Breakfast should be a hearty meal full of healthy, nutrient rich foods. A solid breakfast helps give energy and focus for the day and helps ward off temptations of unhealthy snacks.
Valerie O.
because of my diet i should eat a little piece of cheese, a walnut and a piece of bread it's enough for me so every one should eat breakfast as he need…
Thomas C.
Depends on your overall caloric intake. If you eat a big dinner and lunch then a cup of coffee and yogurt might be plenty .
Ronald O.
As much as you need to fill you up and lead a happy, fulfilled day! Learn to listen to your body, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by weighing your cornflakes or following other people’s diets, your needs are yours!
Ilan C.
It is essential to eat breakfast but it's not necessary weather it should be too light or too heavy as that depends on what you'll be doing a couple of hours after having breakfast.
Felix X.
Whole grains, fruit and diary products are good in the morning, also nuts are the good choice. Avoid sugar because it depletes the energy. One cup, one plate or one medium bowl. Don't go above 400 calories.
Diego Q.
I think that it is good to have a breakfast that makes you feel energized, but not bloated. Leave some space for a fruit snack in the morning 🙂