What do you have for breakfast? Is it the same every day?

Melissa C.
Pretty much the same everyday – I enjoy Granola with Soya milk and a banana. Having the same thing saves time – no thought needed to plan, I just have to make sure I'm stocked up on the products! I look forward to breakfast every morning.
Herman S.
No, it's not the same everyday, well I actually drink hot chocolate (with milk) every day but just that, I usually have sandwiches or cookies with cheese for breakfast 🙂 Bread and cheese are a must for me 😅❤️
Gana G.
I try as much as i can to have a different breakfast each day to be kind of excited to eat breakfast and specially prepare it . So i searched on pinterest for creative ideas for breakfast and healthy ones too and saved them .
Reki G.
My breakfast is difference everyday. I often eat nuts such as almond, cashew, peanut,…. Else, dried seaweed, a box of milk, cheese,.. sometime I cheat with noodle steam meat or roll rice cake or anything I want to eat. Goodluck!
Fanny Q.
I always eat eggs. Lately it’s been boiled eggs, tomatoes and toast. But I really like making omelettes because I can put more veggies in!
Mikaela N.
No I do t have the same thing everyday. It depends on how much time I have in the morning, what things I’ll be doing that morning, eg if I’m going for an early run it’ll be a smoothie or something small. And it also depends on what I have and what I feel like. Because there’s no joy in forcing yourself to always eat the same thing when you no longer wish to eat it.
Travis U.
I usually don't eat breakfast. But in an effort to do healthy habits I'm giving it a try. Gordon ramsay eggs are my go to because it's 3 minutes to plate right now. My plan is to meal prep breakfast burritos and bacon after my next shopping trip. And get some steel cut oats.
Spyros G.
Well eggs and fruit is the perfect breakfast to start your day… It doesn't have to be the same though,you can change it a little ef you want.. For example except for Apple the next day have some orange or you can have a fruit salad in my opinion… The point is to make changes in your breakfast if you want… I did
Louna Y.
I think m not the chosen one to help u in ur breakfast but yeah it's the same breakfast and m working to make some changes inchallah
Brad Y.
I usually have an organic meal replacement. It's quick, easy, gives me all my nutrients, and doesn't leave me feeling bogged down.
Arise R.
I usually est different type of breakfast but last few months due some reason i won't be able to do that.. But still sometime i eat different most probably are same breakfast.
Hartmuth M.
Mostly the same, jam on toast, but sometimes leftovers from last nights dinner is just really yummy to have in the morning
Romina N.
I have for breakfast different things every day. Sometimes I eat arepa with eggs and cheese, arepa with cheese and bananas, oatmeal, fruits or pancakes
Rosinete Q.
It is not the same everyday. I will always eat 2 toasts and one egg. Sometimes I add another protein in, and sometimes I eat "Gallo pinto", which is a typical breakfast dish in my country. I eat my fruits 30min or one hour later, and usually it is a banana.
Armand T.
No its not the same everyday. I like variety but i try to keep it simple so it take up mich of my time. I prefer crunchy cereal with oat and chocolate, some toast (with any ingredients you like) with some fresh juice, eggs woth soinach and tomatoes on bread and tortilla wraps with cream cheese and various vegetables. Enjoy!
Nico C.
I'm eating porridge moste of the times with Berrys and some sunflower seeds or some Pumpkin seeds. Sometimes i eat it with Apple and cinnamon. It depends on how i feel in the morning xD
Marcele G.
I alternate between milk and cereal or milk and bread. It is usually the same. If it is a special day I'll bake some pancakes.
Antonin O.
Usually I do, but at the moment stuck inside I am having different things. Usually sugar or carbohydrate based liked hot cross buns or cereal
Isis Z.
Usually I have banana pancakes made with 1 banana, 2 eggs, and a bit of oats. I'm trying to give up sugar so I like to put tahini on top for the added boost from sesame seeds.