What if you aren’t hungry until lunch should you still eat breakfast if one of your goals is to cut calories and lose weight.

Kenneth F.
If you’re doing something like intermittent fasting, it’s OK to not eat until lunch. What you can do instead of eating breakfast for like a mindful challenge is to drink another glass of water and contemplate. Just make sure if you’re cutting calories, to do so in a healthy manner
Jardel A.
For me personally, because I work out in the morning, I need to eat something but if you are not hungry, don’t eat until lunch, but from what I know, breakfast is so healthy for you and for your focus!
Vera G.
Maybe choose a meal plan which will be according to your goal like less carbs
If you don't feel hungry till lunch well then just try eating your breakfast one and I assure you'll feel better energetic and focused
So try it once with a specific meal plan
Peyton N.
I am following the 16:8 to lose weight and that means not eating anything out with the hours of 11am and 6pm. This means I dont really easy breakfast
Louis T.
Try eating breakfast for several days, I assure you that soon your organism will adapt and you will start feeling hungry in the morning
Clara N.
Loosing weight is not about stop eating, it's about being healthy. If you re not hungry, you should still eat breakfast, at least a coffee and a banana. If you don't you'll be really hungry at lunch time and eat even more calories. You'll try to saciate your hunger not with a healthy meal, but with something extra caloric (that's how our brain works)
Theodora X.
No I don’t have breakfast if I am not hungry. I am doing intermittent fasting (I skip breakfast if I am not hungry or if I had late dinner which means I wouldn’t be hungry anyway) and it works very well for me. I have lost 8 kg since I started it (1 year ago) and even I don’t feel any stress or frustration.
Alexis N.
Yes. It has been found that skipping meals is worse than having a unhealthy meal. Try having something small like a low sugar yogurt.
Mary Z.
You should still eat breakfast—instead, cut down on the size of your lunch and dinner meals, as the nutrition you receive then isn’t nearly as critical as breakfast.
Robin P.
If you REALLY aren't hungry. Then you should take bcare of having a proper lunch: lean proteins, abundant veggies, only one complex carb. If your body doesn't ask for early breakfast, it is better to skip it, than having an obligated meal, probably rushing and not taking enough care of quality calories intake.
Demilde Q.
Yes, you should always eat breakfast because it fuels your body until lunch. You only have to eat something small if you are not hungry like a peice of fruit.
Oliver P.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will give you the energy you need until lunch time. If you aren't hungry for breakfast at least have some tea and a fruit. Better than no breakfast at all.
Magarete C.
Your metabolism regulates with what and when you eat, so if you’re eating filling foods before lunch then your body will learn to use this energy and will start feeling hungrier earlier. However, if you work a late job and wake up later in the day then it’s probably fine to eat later. As for weight loss, eating fortified calories such as fruit and granola will help you stay full and lose weight (due to not being as hungry as often) as opposed to empty calories such as pastries and chips.
Filippa W.
Eventhough one of my goals is to consume less calories and lose excess weight,I will try not to skip the breakfast healthy meal because it's the energy boost of of the day.
Eloane C.
If you are not hungry till lunch and trying to loose weight just take something small in the morning like a small spoon of peanut butter or honey
Livio W.
Absolutely eat breakfast, even if it isn't a big one, then nutrients lost overnight can be a huge influence on your day..
Mya Q.
If you are not hungry you should not eat until you feel hungry. Breakfast means breaking your fast. In many cultures fasting is suggested. You should look into intermittent fasting as well.
Tommy S.
I am not 100% on this but I’m pretty sure that eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will give you the energy you need to exercise and lose weight. Plus eating breakfast is the best way to feel full and not eat so much for lunch and dinner. You can always look up good healthy foods to eat for losing weight and cutting calories. I hope this helped, good luck! 🙂
Raul Z.
Yes, you can still cut calories and lose weight if you have 3 meals a day. Cuting calories involves being in a deficit, skipping a meal to stay in that deficit will not work.
Daryl U.
Never skip breakfast as it the most important meal of the day! I'm working on not skipping it and I feel a whole lot better now that I eat breakfast everyday. Cut calories by eating 3 meals in small portions, perhaps? Hope this helps!
Howard C.
Of course you should take breakfast fast! Waking up and enjoying a good breakfast is important to start your day properly. The advantage is that you can eat a healthy breakfast with good fibres that fills you with plenty of energy. This will kickstart your digestive system what makes that your body uses the available power. Don't forget to drink enough too!
S Lvia Q.
So i think its better to focus on your calories if your main goal is to loose weight. Don’t add an extra meal where you dont have room for it. However, when you start to eat, it starts your metabolism for the day, which can be beneficial for weight loss so it could be worth giving it a try. You could just split your current lunch into two smaller meals and eat one as breakfast or start with more of a morning tea break rather than breakfast. If your looking to loose weight you should also be considering your energy and nutrition to ensure you’re supporting your exercise regime
Adrien W.
Yes we all should eat breakfast, healthy one obviously like oatmeal, salad, fresh and raw food. It has a lot of benefits and can maintain our healthy weight
Telmo O.
Please dont cut your breakfast off from your diet. It will slow down your metabolism and will not do any good for you. You can eat a fruit or a vegetable or something else that will give you energy for the day.
Lucas P.
Yes because eating something with healthy calories right away will give you more energy throughout the day and keep you from making bad food choices/ snacking too much later when you’re extra hungry
August U.
yes. Without eating breakfast you may be more hungry at lunch, so you will eat more. It’s not good for losing weight, what’s more, eating breakfast is good for your health
Emmy E.
Eat a light breakfast but don't ever skip breakfast plus a breakfast can be a fruit salad. Hence it's healthy and light.
Valdomiro A.
Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism and makes you less hungry during the day. By all means dont push your body to eat when you arent hungry but make sure it's really that you're not hungry and not that you just arent listening to your body. Try starting with a glass of water to wake your stomach up and then a small bit of fruit.
Thea W.
I find that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So even if I am not hungry, I will try and have a fruit or simple oatmeal. I can always skip lunch but breakfast is essential to keep my energy up all day.
Javier T.
Have something light for breakfast even though you are not hungry. Something like a handful of almonds. Or a glass of healthy juice (not a sugary one). This will give your stomach something to process and give you enough energy till lunch.
Victoria C.
Yes, you should still eat breakfast in the morning because you will gain the necessary fuel that you need to go through the day being successful. You will not feel hungry and sluggish by lunch time. It will also give you enough fuel to workout so that you can begin to lose weight
Zdenka T.
Breakfast is really important. It kick-starts your day. You can start really small, for instance, eating a few nuts or something small and healthy.
Isaac Z.
Yes, definitely! Eating breakfst will kick your metabolisim into higher gear burn calories throughout the morning. The trick is to eat a vreakfast that will leave you feeling full until lunch, without using up too many calories for the day. In my experience, something with a balance of fat, protein, and carbs is what i need to get me through to lunch. As long as you have enough food in your body throughout the day, you should be able to keep your calorie goal without skipping meals.
Doris T.
Yes. Your body knows what is best for you. Even if you aren’t hungry, a little bit of food to keep your energy up and your mind functioning is better than nothing.
Javier E.
Yes. Even just half a banana or a small piece of fruit (even dried fruit) with some nuts is better than nothing. This kicks-starts your body to gear up for the day!
Hans Willi Q.
Yes. There is something about needing calories in the morning so you dont have sugar crashes. . It doesnt have to be big. People tend eat more calories in the evening if they don't eat breakfast. There are also studies that show eating breakfast is part of losing weight permanently
Caterina S.
I believe fasting on a morning can be a great way to help lose fat/weight, however the meal you have at lunch time will need to be energising as you will not of gained any energy through your breakfast
Albert T.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- it’s a scientific fact that the first meal you eat dictates your energy and how you feel for the rest of the day. But just because your first meal needs to be a good one doesn’t mean you have to have it early in the day. “Break” – “fast” as in, the meal you break you fast with. Eat breakfast once you’re hungry for breakfast- and make it a good one 😉
Louis Y.
That’s one of my goals too, and i would personally recommend intermittent fasting if this is what you want to do; it forces the body to go through starving which helps you love weight! I don’t eat breakfast but i do still exercise and do a lot in the morning before lunch, this is healthy if done in moderation, so i recommend researching with interval of intermittent fasting may be right for you
Hajo Z.
100% Yes, having breakfast in the morning not only gives you energy for the day, so you can workout, but having something like eggs or porridge can keep you full so you can manage to cut the calories around lunch and dinner instead and reduce binges. it also starts up your metabolism for the day so by the time you get to lunch your body is ready to process and use that food for energy. Obviously this is different for all people but when you look at studies the majority of people find having breakfast helps with losing weight.