How many calories should my great breakfast be? I’m averaging around 300 or 350 right now.

Marion Z.
I would like mye breakfast to include the right balance between kalori, energy and protein.

And I want my eating habits to be right portion through out the whole day.

I want the breakfast to be a part of the overall eating habits for my whole day.

Heldemaro Y.
The number of calories depends on many things, my breakfast is lower than yours because my needs and my habits are different.
Dwayne U.
There is no calorie number that is perfect. You'll know you got enough when you feel energized for the day. If 300 calories is not doing it then consider that. What is more important is getting a nice mix of carbs, fats, and protein as they will fill you up and keep you going. A little bit of natural sugar is also good in the morning as it will be the quickest source of energy. Fruit is excellent for this.
Marion O.
I average 9000, if you want to gain muscle mass, your three main meals should be just under to 10 thousand calories, with a 3-4 thousand calorie snack between each meal
Nevenka T.
I personally drink a bulletproof coffee mixed with chocolate protien powder for about 200 calories total. I add collagen and an antioxidant booster as well.
Sally Z.
I usually try to stay under 300. Egg whites and turkey sausage and a cup of black coffee are my go-tos. I also love cottage cheese with blueberries and a swirl of honey
Lio N.
I'd say to do closer to 400-500 or more. Breakfast should be (in my opinion) your biggest meal. I wouldnt worry too much about calorie intake unless its foods that are unhealthy. Its easier to break down and use natural foods that your body recognizes and can break down. Other calories from processed foods your body cant recognize and typically it stores it as fast for later break down if needed. Your body uses most of your calorie intake to keep warm and to move everything automatically (your heart beating, digestion, etc.). Breakfast is the start of your day, and with the most calorie intake, it allows you to burn off those calories throughout your day. It also allows you a power boost to let your body have enough energy to last the day. Switching how much you're consuming with dinner calorie wise with breakfast would be (again in my own opinion) a better choice and that's what I'd reccomend you go on if you're not doing a 2k calorie diet. Eating more at night causes your body to store most of the energy as fat due to you sleeping and not really doing much. Not having a big enough breakfast will cause you to feel tired and fatigue. Hope I helped answer your question thoroughly 🙂
Claude S.
If you are a woman, you should consume 300-400 calories in morning. If you are a man, you should consume 400-500 calories in the morning. Healthy breakfasts are recommended such as Poached eggs with smashed avocado & tomatoes, Pink barley porridge with vanilla yogurt, Green shakshuka and porridge! Stay happy!!
Paulina Z.
Don't count quantity, count quality. If you eat a 300 calorie muffin it is not a great breakfast, but if you eat 300 calories a fruit and mixed nuts, or egg and whole grains then that is a great breakfast.
Louisa Z.
Usually the breakfast have one quarter of your daily calories, so I think you can increase your total breakfast's calories around 375-425.
Kirsten E.
I think it doesn't really matter as long as what you re eating is healthy and could sustain energy in your organism for next few hours. It's not a question of quantity – it should be a matter of quality. Of course within reasonable limits of those calories – let's say 200-600
Alison E.
Depends on how many calories you need in general. While trying to lose weight I only eat about 1200 kcal a day and my breakfast has around 300 kcal. When your intake is higher than that, you can eat more.
Galileu A.
That depends on your needs and daily caloric intake. 300-350 sounds about right if you’re shooting for about 2000 calories per day. Make sure to incorporate a healthy mix of protein, fat, and carbs.
Lydia Y.
The number of calories needed for a great breakfast depends on your goals pertaining to weight managemet. If you are trying to gain weight and only eat 3 meals per day, 350 calories may not be enough. If your trying to gain weight but have more than 3 meals a day/ have large snacks throughout the day, then 350 calories is adequate. If you are trying to maintain or lose weight, 350 calories may be perfect for you.

I'm no expert and cannot diagnose calories needs based on given information. The best way to determine if 350 calories is enough is defendant on how satiated you feel and based on how your weight changes.

Frederik P.
That's what I'm aiming for. 3 eggs, 2 slices of gouda cheese, and a quarter cup of diced bell peppers puts you right in the ballpark if you make an omlette from it. Then, I like to spoon a bit of picante sauce across it for some flavor (10 calories per 2 tbsp!).
Jaci S.
I think type matters more than calorie. From what I understand, 300 calories of refined sugar will fuel you immediately and then crash you later. Meanwhile, 300 calories of oatmeal and peanut butter will keep you going at an even and steady pace.
Thibaut Y.
I think if you want to make breakfast the biggest meal of the day you should at least eat 400 – 500 calories for breakfast. If you snack a lot during the day 350 is probably okay, too.
Caroline F.
I never count the calories of my breakfast , but I like to eat more on breakfast … so I feel hungry before lunch and I don’t mind eating lighter lunch if I’m still not hungry
Ilza F.
I have read that an average woman needs to eat 2000 calories per day which can be broken down into about 500 calories per meal. In case you are looking to reduce weight then 1500 calories per meal should be good.

Always consult your doctor n dietician before going on any such diets as they can plan your diet based on your specific needs.

Valdemar Z.
I prefer to focus on eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast (fat&protein) instead of a calorie based breakfast. But based on my average, I would say 350 calories.
Ethan F.
It’s going to depend on what your individual needs are, but it’s supposed to be 300-400! I personally don’t count calories in breakfast, I look for the protein count more since I feel better with higher protein intake.
Elzbieta X.
Caloric intake should be pretty personal. You need to establish your goals (weight loss, weight gain, etc) and then decide how to best divide up your daily calories and what kinds of foods you should be eating.

Also, breakfast typically should be your “higher” calorie meal anyway. Start your day off right with a healthy nutritionally balanced breakfast.

Remember getting a proper
Balance of vitamins, nutrients, minerals m, etc is far more important than “how many” calories your consuming.

Calories worth of fruit is not the same health wise as say 300 Calories of potato chips.

Eat vitamin rich nutrient dense breakfasts every morning. (Oatmeal with fruits or perhaps a
Spinach omelet and piece of fruit?)

The “what” is a lot more important than the “how many” 🙂

Good luck and happy eating!

Victor B.
That really depends on how many calories you are going for daily. I would say on average though that is a good amount. If you were trying to do 1200 calories then you would have to stay close to 300 so that you have the calories available for a few healthy snacks during the day.
Margaux N.
I think that's good. Eat heavy high fiber but less calorie dense food items like fruits, non fat milk so that you are good, get nutrition and consume low calories as well
Magnus E.
For me it’s not about calories, it’s anout macros. I try to stay in ketosis so no carbs. I feel satisfied for longer hunger free, I have more energy and mental focus.
L Ane Y.
Honestly I’d say you’re doing great! It’s the most important meal of the day so starting out strong should help. Not cutting corners or getting rid of breakfast altogether will get you to curve unhealthy craving later in the day! So you’re 300-350 range sounds nice. Keep up the good work 🙂
Patrick U.
I'm eating protein and fresh fruit. It generally adds up to about 300 to 400 calories. I would rather have more calories in the morning and less at night.
Erwan E.
I also tend to have a heavy breakfast after a one hour walk. The exercise makes me feel hungry and a heavy breakfast gives you enough energy for the day
Luca Y.
I have no idea. I suspect it depends on your overall diet strategy. Min is 276kkal. ( I have a protein shake). I suspect content and protein may be more important then energy
Erik U.
Obviously it depends on your weight, body fat, and how much your aiming to weigh. I’m 6 foot 2 and eat around 500 calories for breakfast. I also need to GAIN weight though lol.
Grace Z.
There really isn't a set answer for this. It's good to know how many calories you need in a day to reach your goal, whether that's to lose, maintain, or gain weight. On top of that, do you tend to just eat three meals a day? Or are you snacking between meals? How long does the breakfast last; is it giving you the energy you need to start the day?

Ultimately, it's a good idea to speak with a nutritionist to figure out the specifics. If you can, I recommend figuring out your resting metabolic rate, etc. That will help you work out your caloric needs and you can build a regime around it.

Ethan F.
This probably doesn't apply to others, but since I'm physically active and on the OMAD IF diet, I'm shooting for 1800-2000 calories. It's my only meal of the day.
Javier P.
Right now is not important the calories that you are eating, but the right food 🥰
If is 300 calories of sweet, is too much, on the contrary if is 300 c. of proteins and vitamins is really good.
Cec Lia P.
Mine is just under 300. I suspect protein and other nutrient content is more important than calories unless its particularly high.
Marie F.
Yes I think it's a good idea to build up a hungry stomach so long as you can use the energy it gives to it's maximum in order to lose weight
Manuela A.
I don't really like counting and I'm not the best with numbers so i just stick with reasonable portions like a small bowl of oatmeal
Elouan P.
I don’t think anyone should fall into the trap of the calories consumed in the morning. We all have different digestive systems, what’s important is to find what works best for you. I’d advise to get some testing done by your doctor to get a better view of how your digestion schedule.

For example, I used to force myself to consume ~500 calories in the morning even though I was never hungry. I found that with a protein shake, a banana or other fruit, and some caffeine I’m ready to start my day with weight lifting or exercise.

Nicole T.
During the summer, my favorite great breakfast is a bowl of whole milk plain yogurt with a fresh peach or 2 cut up and stirred into it and I often add a small handful of good granola on top. The calories in that come out to be roughly 300 to 350. Adding a hard boiled egg adds another 70 calories.