If there’s not much healthy food in your fridge and it’ll be a while till you have to go buy some, what should you do until then?

Emeline E.
When we run out of healthy foods, we simply eat what we have in moderation. Do a few extra errands, take an extra walk, drink a lot of water… a lot of water, and don't feel guilty, there's not much you can do now. But you can make sure that when you're shopping to buy more healthy food and meal prep to help that from happening again. Also try and only buy junk food that you have to cook yourself. Make it a family affair and everyone can cook and enjoy it together. Also cooking is kind of a work out lol. Maybe. At least you are active.
Laurie Q.
I would check out my pantry! I always have some high fiber cereals, cans of tuna, soups and beans. Always ha e a backup!
Mariam L.
Well, if I'm too hungry I'll try to eat but not in pleasure.
So, if i have to do sth I'll do, but then I'll have to exercise more.
Amanda Z.
I would focus on incorporating some healthy food each time you eat the not so healthy food. When you eat a not-so-healthy dinner, have an apple first for example. With an unhealthy snack, also munch on some baby carrots. These are cheap pieces of produce you can buy to sprinkle in to your daily meals until it's time to do a big grocery trip again. It's all about the baby steps! 👍
Rayssa U.
You can use a lot of the items in your every day cupboard and fridge to make substantial and healthy meals. Sometimes, the food item itself is not unhealthy, but the cooking method or portion size is what causes it to be. Have a quick browse online for recipes based around an ingredient you have like cheese or chicken, with keywords like healthy, simple, quick, easy. Pick one which works for your lifestyle, your current food stock and what you are hoping to achieve health-wise. Either prep in advance or cook when you are hungry. Then make sure that you eat a decent portion for your nutritional needs.
Megan O.
Do the best I can with the pantry and what I have left that is counter fresh. If it is a really picked over I will ask a family member to grab a few things.
M Line E.
Question is a bit Tricky. The reason for the lack of healthy food in the fridge is not well defined. If it’a out of financial reasons then you eat what you can. Lack of time to buy the groceries can be solved by asking someone to do you a favor and get it for you, otherwise make time for it. You can squeeze those 40 minutes to buy stuff. In the case where you can afford it and you have nobody who can get it for you or you can’t make it under no circumstances. Optimal solution is – eat what you got, watch the calorie intake and exercise so you burn everything that’s extra.
Svea O.
Make some staples from the pantry such as rice or pasta, possibly cook up some red sauce or a curry. A quick trip to the grocery store on the way home from work for one or two produce items to incorporate is far less work than a full blown grocery shopping experience.
Leslie S.
If it's really that bad, you should try not to overeat, drink as much water as possible, not to eat late and if there's such a possibility try asking your family members or friends to provide you with healthy meals) Good Luck
Karl J Rgen R.
I think you'll have to settle for that until you buy more healthy food. However, make sure the alternative (unhealthy) food you have doesn't become your usual food. 🙂 Also, make sure to drink more water as you need to flush out the "nutrients" you get from the food.
Leah J.
I mix together what I have, focusing on healthier choices. For example, last night, I microwaved some frozen vegetables than through them in a pan for a little stir fry, adding egg and a homemade peanut sauce. If you really can’t find anything on the healthier side, just be really diligent about portion control.
Stephan U.
I will rummage through my cupboards to see what dried or canned ingredients I have at hand.
I will then see what I can cook with them until I go shopping
Robyn Z.
See if you can try to make something healthy with cupboard items. If you have lentils you could make a curry – if you have beans you could make chilli. Curry is a really good way to make a healthy meal out of almost anything. Same with soups, could you make a soup of all your leftover stuff in the fridge?
Ryan Z.
Eat the healthy stuff that is available, and try to get the healthier options as soon as you can. But balance is key so pick a doet you can stick to. Make gradual changes.
Tancee N.
Plan out a few days of a menu utilizing the items you have and trying to ensure the balance of protein and fruit. Sometimes having a lunch for breakfast can be fun
Amy N.
Make a point to go buy healthy food now. Get rid of the unhealthy food as it’s tempting to eat. Also hydrate, maybe your just thirsty.
Kenzi J.
There are always healthy options in the pantry. I make sure that there are veggies on hand for better options. So I would eat that if there are no healthy optins In my fridge.
Daleen I.
Go and buy a fruit to eat. Sit down and put together a 7 day plan of what to eat for breakfast and place an order online to stock up. Set a reminder to stock up every week. Personally I don't mind eating the same thing for breakfast for a long time so I can use a single plan for several weeks before having to amend something.
Tomas N.
Eat the unhealthy food first, then only buy healthy food the next time you buy groceries. Food waste is a shame, and also quite expensive.
Flenn E.
I'd check to see what I have in my fridge and pantry. I would note any high protein and slow sugar food items. I Would use those items until I could get to the store.
Berta Z.
Look at the nutritional information, and try to do the best you to have a balanced meal with the ingredients you have on hand.
Delani N.
In this case there’s not much to do except to eat what you have. But there are many simple recipes that you can make with just a few things. Maybe give a google for simple recipes to do with almost nothing.
Tiffany N.
Hmmm I would try my best to cook something healthy even with not much stuff. Like eggs with some broccolis or a salad, come on everyone has some eggs and couple veggies. Or if I really don’t have anything healthy at home I would go eat outside, there’s some really good vegan restaurants in my city.