What is the best time for eating breakfast?

Priscila S.
Usually when I wake up. But it depends on the weekday I eat before I get in class. And on the weekend usually around 10 or 11.

Domingas C.
It really depends on what time you wake up, but I think that the best time is half an hour after you wake up. So just drink a cup of water, brush your teeth(to your preference),change, then have your breakfast. Best of luck!

Ryan T.
The best time for eating breakfast is early morning, because in the morning you should get energy to have a productive day. It also helps to have great mood all day and inspire you to create something new

Erundina E.
When you wake up. Afterwards you become more hungry, even if you dont feel so, your body gets more hungry and evantually youll feel like you have to eat something sugary or carbonated to give it immediate energy and youll feel more heavy and down

Ena N.
It depends when do you wake up, but I suggest 9 am. Before that drink some fresh fruit juice, drink coffee or eat something really light

Marilou P.
I think after a short morning routine to get you awake, after your morning drink of water as well. So you're not over eating and you're conscious of how much you're eating.

Riddhi O.
What I do is,I use to have my breakfast by 8:30 – 9:00 am. Eating breakfast between 8:00 – 9:30 am in the morning helps it digest and absorb nicely.

Kim N.
For myself, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is drink a glass of water that I’ve placed by my bedside the night before. It helps with replenishing my organs for the day. I usually use the time after that to get out of bed and head to the kitchen. I wake up normally at 7:00 in the morning, which’s means I eat my breakfast at 7:30 or 8:00 because of the food prepping and giving my self time to let the water settle and wake me up.

Jean P.
Fruta alta en fibra para que estés lleno por más tiempo como el mango. Proteínas como huevo con tomate y alguna bebida que más te agrade

Samuel Q.
Just after i shower and get dressed because after doing yoga i need to just continue in that state of relaxation before i start thinking about anything including what to eat

M Lissa C.
I think 9 am is the best time for breakfast as there will be a long duration break so we will not be having much energy left so we will get more energy

Maggie Z.
The best time to eat breakfast is within 30 minutes of arising (so if you awaken at 6 am, eat by 6:30 am) and be sure to include a good and sufficient amount of protein as a part of your meal.

Kaylee E.
I’m usually pretty hungry right when I wake up. But if you’re not like that I would just recommend eating something small and getting to work. Later in the morning you will maybe be a little hungry and you can eat more than. It is important to have something in your body but try not to over-eat first thing in the morning.

Margarethe F.
I think, the best time to eat breakfast is 15-30 minutes after you wake up. This time is enough to drink water and take shower and after that your body and your mind will already wake up.

Mary Z.
For me, late morning is breakfast time. I am not hungry most mornings and will have my decaf coffee and go through my morning routine. If I don’t have any appointments scheduled I will exercise before eating as well. My schedule runs a little off the average person’s as far as time.

Erwan S.
Personalmente, considero que debe adaptarse a tu rutina y estilo de vida. Sin embargo, ten en cuenta que es la primera comida del día y tú cuerpo requiere de esos alimentos para que te desmepeñes bien en el día, yo te diría que desayunes antes de las 9 am (en la granja de 7 a 9 am). No fuerces a tu cuerpo a repsonder a algo que no está preparado a repsonder y atiende tus necesidades básicas primero.

Angelina C.
7:30 am. Once husband is off to work I enjoy making my breakfast and eating alone. The kids eat later once they get up. It's not that we don't ever eat breakfast together,I just prefer on the day my husband works,to make my meal and eat it alone. It's relaxing and motivates me to have a good start.

Nicole T.
to my mind, its like 8:30 am or 9:00 pm. but i have school, so i have my breakfast only in 7:20 am. that is not good for me