Any healthy breakfast ideas?

Zehranur Q.
You should go kitchen and decide what's healty and unhealty in your kitchen and then you can choose what you want to eat which must be in healty group. So Bon apatit love yaa 💞

Billie Z.
I've been eating apples this week. They are good and easy to grab. I tried to eat it with organic peanut butter but was to lazy to stir it and deal with the oil on top.

Clara P.
Some eggs and coffee never fails to give me that morning energy boost! I like to cook myself 2 whole eggs omlette with onion, tomatoes, coriander, salt, pepper and some chilli flakes (can add some cheese as well for a tastier version though I am not an avid fan of cheese in my eggs 😉 ) and with a steaming cup of black coffee.

Kera X.
I like my protein bowls. 1 egg any way you like. 1/2 an apple any kind you like. 6 slices turkey lunch meat. 1/3 cup cottage cheese.

I fry my egg, salt pepper Italian seasoning. 1/2 honey crisp apple but I slice it thin. 6 slices honey smoked turkey. 1/3 cup low fat cottage cheese sprinkle salt pepper.

Mya T.
On the first day, I had a parfait, made of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, granola, and a little bit of honey. On the second day, I had sunny-side up eggs with toast and raspberries. Then on the last day I had an everything bagel with avocado! You’ve totally got this! Good luck 🙂

Emily U.
try baked oats! although may seem unhealthy it’s a great source of energy and protein. mix a scoop of protein powder, 1/3 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk and whatever extra you want together. place in heat proof bowl and microwave for 3mins or high or in the oven for 20mins

Svea P.
I usually have a banana and work with whatever I have in the fridge that day. Yesterday I needed to finish my yogurt and I had 2 crumpets left that would go bad. So I had them 🙂 and a mandarin in my yogurt. Today I might have the banana, finish my workout then have something with my baked potato. Not everything has to be a “breakfast food”. It’s your life and you can eat whatever you like.

Erin O.
Banana with peanut butter is a great way to start. But I honestly prefer eating healthier things with more proteins like Greek spread on bread and Italian ham