When I eat breakfast I tend to eat more during the day than when I have my regular “breakfast”. I am not used to eating normal breakfast, I usually only have a large coffee with skimmed milk. Why do I eat more if I have breakfast?

Rasmus B.
I’m not sure how much you normally eat but I searched online for a time-line for eating. Eat breakfast within 30-1hr of waking. A snack 2.5hrs later. Lunch is 5hrs after breakfast. Another snack 2.5 hrs later. Dinner is 5 hrs after lunch. It’s really important to eat good that gives you energy.
Andrea Y.
I like to take a little of eastern medicine with this Ayurveda says something small and our largest meal should be from 10-2 because this is when our digestive systems fire is burning hottest you should eat your largest meal then. Also are you eating quick sugar with coffee and milk try having an apple or banana. These food will provide fuel for you instead of making you run on empty with caffeine
Marlene J.
With breakfast you boost your metabolism. When having a breakfast at the start of the day, your body will gently remind you that it needs the fuel you have started giving it in the morning.
Ralf Peter X.
When you eat in the morning, you speed up the metabolism of your body. Therefore, your body will require more fuel through out the day (not necessary big meals). It’s like your body is a Porsche. It will take more to fill it up, but you will get great performance. The converse is also true. If you don’t eat a healthy breakfast, your body will slow down and your performance will lag. You will not only feel the effects but you will see them with weight gain.
Naomi W.
When you eat breakfast you open your appetite, when you drink coffee only what you're basically doing is almost intermittent fasting which is good, if you need it. Eating more doesn't necessarily mean something bad, eating more fruits and veggies during the day doesn't hurt for example
Aureliana C.
A couple of reasons: 1) I sometimes find once I break out of the fasting state it’s like breaking a seal. If I’ve been overeating a lot it can be easier to fast longer than to control my eating. Make sure you have a plan for what you are doing after you eat so boredom or depression don’t get the best of you. 2) If you are having carbs at breakfast then as your blood sugar comes back down from a temporary high, it can make you feel really hungry. Try a breakfast of only protein and fat, like an egg and cheese omelet.
Josie A.
Hey there, it seems that it might be that your metabolism is starting up with more energy to burn from ample food. Coffee and a bit of cream doesn’t have much protein, carbs, or fats in it, and is also a natural diuretic (meaning it makes water pass through you quicker) so it probably isn’t kick starting you’re system as much as a regular breakfast. If that’s the case, I would suggest allowing your body to eat more frequent, smaller portions. You won’t be overeating, and will be giving your body the nutrients it needs throughout the day! Best of luck to you!
Josephine P.
Id say start small since you’re only used to a coffee, maybe add a fruit or a small sweet bread. Also once you get used to getting up and having that then maybe you can make some cereal or oatmeal or smoothies which are quick and filling. I hope that helps 🙂
Allan T.
Because when you have an actual breakfast you feel like you need more if you are already making some so you eat more than usual
Jason E.
To me it is more break – fast after 8 hours sleeping or some days I do eat after 16 hours fasting. Normally, I consume dense food and mor calories in breakfast simply as it gives me more energy during the day and focus.
Manuel T.
Maybe it's taking time for your body to adjust. Maybe you're eating more because it sends a different cue to your body about how hungry you are. Maybe in time you will go back to your regular amount of consumption even if you eat a bigger breakfast.
Lucas B.
My understanding is that eating in the morning jump starts your digestive system and gets the ball rolling so that you process food efficiently while active throughout the day.. rather than your digestive track sitting in idle until later on and then actiing sluggishly when you would typically be eating your biggest meals.
Nely Z.
Hey there s nothing wrong with heavy breakfast just a quantified will do.
start your morning with a glass of lukewarm water and if possible add 3-4 anjeer when you wake up only after 1/2 hr eat your breakfast with your coffee. You will see the difference.
Ricky T.
Idk – your body needs nutrients/healthy diet. Eating a light protein breakfast is my goal. I’d encourage you to be more conscious of what you’re eating rather than the “more” eating during the day.
Traudel C.
Probably you don't eat a good breakfast. You either eat too little or not the right things. Try eating more foods with proteins such as eggs and natural sugars such as fruits.
Ewald J.
Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going, which makes you feel more hungry later because you start burning energy earlier in the day
Jennie O.
Perhaps your dehydrated when you wake up. Try drinking a whole glass of water before you eat, like first thing when you wake up drink that water! Then make sure you drink at least a lil water with your meal too. Hope that helps!
Regina F.
Breakfast stands for breaking the fast. So, when you eat breakfast in the morning you’re basically waking up your metabolism, since you been fasting when you slept.
Emily E.
You’ve probably kick started your metabolism, so your body recognises you are awake & is ready for the processing of the fuel it needs.
Emma Q.
Hunger is a normal feeling. The reason (I think) is that your body starts to digest better when you eat in the morning and when your body digests better you'll feel hungry during the day. And actually you should eat small portions of food many times a day vs just eating a huge breakfast and lunch and then maybe something in the night. You should eat every three hours something to keep the hunger away. Try keeping small healthy snacks with you (fruits, smoothie, nuts or what ever you can keep with you), so between the "big meals" you can keep your body satisfied all times and you won't feel hungry 😊 have an amazing day! ☺
Nathan E.
When you eat breakfast your body kick starts your metabolic system, causing your body to begin digesting, thus starting a cycle of your body needing food for energy.
Kenzo Q.
I am not MD but as I understand eating breakfast in the morning fire up your metabolism. SI had similar problems and it I had to revise my eating habits only to find out that I was not eating enough and compensate in the evening with not so healthy snacks. Also find out if this is not a "three in the morning" problem (from Zhuangzi).
Math O P.
Perhaps it makes you think about food more. . Why don't you try planning all your meals in advance and see how that goes.
Graciano W.
probably because you are puting somethimg in ur sttomach in the morning to digest starting it up, maybe it is that once the energy from that breakfast is used up u want more, honestly i have no idea just guessing