For the night owls out there who aren’t usually hungry in the morning, what do you like to eat for breakfast?

Louka Z.
Something light, but filling – eggs and a slice of toast, or tea and a granola bar. Just enough to satisfy any hunger you might feel later, without overtaxing your stomach too early.
Daniela N.
I don't like to eat a big breakfast since i'm not that hungry. usually just eat some cereal or toast. i only eat a big breakfast when i leave home and not sure when i will be able to eat lunch
Ilona F.
I like eggs, sandwiches with tomatoes or pepper, camembert cheese, bacon, porridge with frozen strawberries, green pepper with bread.
Bassarme Q.
Start with water which makes you feel more like eating, then light juicy fruit like oranges or plums and when I feel more up to it I will have some kind of carb usually a pastry.
Ahlam N.
I like to have a nice bread with cheese some vegetables mint cucumber and olives. Labneh is a good option too with thyme
Emanuela Z.
Sometimes I like rating a croassaint and a cappuccino (a sedere breakfast) ,sometimes I like rating some fruit with ham or eggs or a sandwich and a coffee
Baptiste U.
Every morning i eat oatmeal, fruit and green tea. This is amazing for health. You can even add dark chocolate if you want.
Samuel Z.
Honestly sometimes I eat things that aren’t the most healthy, like instant noodles with a fried egg and spam on top. Or a piece of ham! Or I just put a fried egg on a piece of toast. It’s simple and easy to do.
Bhoodevi E.
Hey!! I am a 13 years old girl and in lockdown I ve gained so much of weight which is making me lazy and i wanna do some exercise and eat healthy, what foods can I eat?? and I am vegan so any vegan diets for me kinda kid?
Amelia T.
I love eat rusks with two different types of jam and a cappuccino with a fruit or yogurt with muesli or my favorite cookies with coffee or tea!
Lawrence P.
my go to is avacado, cheese, butter on toast. i like simple foods like ramen, or a fish sandwich with just mayo and cheese for a late late breakfast when i’ve had a long morning and i basically need a lunch
Anna S.
Well if you want to eat something healthy, then I would suggest eating strabarries and walnuts. It tastes really good and will keep you full for a long time