What is your favorite vegan and low or no sugar breakfast?

Gertrude F.
Smoothie bowl with granola! If you’re worried about added sugar, you can make your own granola so you have control over what’s put in it.
Gina W.
My favourite breakfast is porridge with almond milk, a handful of raw nuts, chia seeds, ground linseeds, cinnamon and banana. No sugar needed, the banana is sweet enough – and the mix of carbs and protein keeps me going for hours!
Gabi P.
My favorite thing to eat at morning is egg with coffee. I don't know if fruts count as sugar breakfast, but I appreciate a lot some fruits in the morning
Vanessa N.
Oatmeal – with chia seeds, cinnamon, a bit of soy/oat milk and the rest water, a mix of fruit frozen/fresh, no added sugar peanut butter, dried coconut flakes on top with hemp seeds and some dark chocolate chunks.
Erin X.
Overnight oats. It’s a go to for all food diets and completely customizable to your own morning cravings. I like using vegan coffee creamer instead of milk subs for an easy and low sugar flavor boost. With some tropical fruits like pineapple and mango on top
Alexander P.
Almost everyday I drink a protein shake for breakfast. My brand of choice is Orgain, which is vegan and low sugar. Plus, it's tasty
Erica N.
We have been eating oatmeal with sliced bananas and just a drip of maple syrup or honey. You could add dried fruit or nuts too.
Madonna F.
My favorite is Raw vegies, ricotta, eggs and green sauce and
Lola Berry's Paleo and Raspberry Loaf. My sugar free snack biscuit is Nutrichoice biscuit. I would recommend this biscuit , if you want to eat a sugar free biscuit
Stephanie S.
Muesli with water or coconut milk, smoothie, wrap with humus and salad, or just fruits if I am not very hungry.
When very hungry, boiled quinoa, buckwheat or pearl barley.
I avoid a lot of protein in the morning as it makes me feel heavy physically and mentally, however lot of protein for lunch.
Don T J.
I am not a vegan sk not sure. I assume that when I have mixed salad leaves, avocado, cucumber and olives with apple cider vinegar, it is a vegan option? Either way it's a nice breakfast at times 😛
Normano Q.
I enjoy fruit with a nut butter (usually almond because I don’t like peanut butter). Smoothies are also really good and you can easily load it up with plant basted protein powder, coconut yogurt, and coconut water for extra yummy flavor and protein. If done the right way they can be relatively low sugar and the sugars you are getting are natural from fruits! If I want something more savory, a russet or sweet potato hash with yummy veggies is also delicious in the morning!
Avijit P.
I just know that vegan is a vegitarian who do not consume dairy products. I am a non-vegitarian myself and I have eggs or bananas with a cup of milk in the morning. I think that the beat breakfast for vegan should be fruits such as apples and bananas because they will provide you with energy throughout the day. Another option for vegans may be mixed nuts which may include but are not restricted to almonds, cashews, raisins and pumpkin seeds.
Iain E.
A dragonfruit acai bowl with coconut yoghurt, toasted muesli, strawberries and banana, or avo on wholemeal toast with salt, cracked pepper and hemp seeds.