Do you prepare your breakfast in the morning or the night before? What are some good make-ahead breakfast foods?

Martha F.
I make it in the morning, because I usually have quick and easy foods to make! Good make-ahead foods are slices, ready-to-toast toasted sandwiches, overnight oats, or a fruit salad.

Austen J.
I work from home, so I have time to make breakfast in the morning. There's not much prep needed for my breakfast anyways, since I usually have oatmeal or toast with peanut butter and banana.

Rob F.
I usually make some sort of cinnamon porrige with fresh fruits, nuts, seeds etc. in the morning. While i find the smell of freshly cut fruit quite energizing, i noticed that taste and texture of some leftovers from the day before where even nicer! So i can recommend preparing this the day before 🙂

Imane B.
Well personally i prepare drinks at night like orange juice and fruits but for tea and and oatmeal or others i do them in the morning . Its recommended to prepare ur breakfast in the morning because when u do ur stomach has a short amount of time to prepare for breakfast since you shouldnt eat when u just wake up . U shoukd wait like 10 or 15 mins wich is perfect for making breakfast

Jamie T.
I like to make my breakfast in the mornings personally. My favorite go to has been instant oatmeal (cinnamon, brown sugar, and flax seeds) with some frozen fruits like blueberries and strawberries. If I’m having a bit of a sweet tooth I’ll add a dash of coffee creamer (I use a vanilla almond milk one).

Mirre I.
In the morning. I always eat something healthy and easy, like oatmeal (you could ofcourse make overnight oats in the fridge, but I like mine warm) or yoghurt with nuts, fruit and peanutbutter.

Steve Q.
The only breakfast I have ever prepared the night before is overnight oats. I have a recipe for easy to make egg frittatas that you can make in bulk and they make a good grab-and go breakfast. Looking forward to trying the recipe out soon.

Lovelyn N.
I prepare breakfast in the morning but ofcourse I have go to foods that are a must for example fruit, wheetabix/cornflakes, bread, sometimes eggs, milk/tea, sugar free biscuits . And when I have loads of time I love me an English breakfast the whole package😋😋😋😋.

Myrat Z.
I usually have oatmeal with milk and some butter. It's a good soup of protein and lipids that are needed for the day ahead.

Storm Y.
I prepare my breakfast in the morning . but some good foods that u could prepare in the night is pancake batter, fruit, or yogurt parfaits.

Josef X.
I prepare my breakfast in the morning. I eat non-fat greek yogurt with fruit every morning. The protein helps me to stay full.

Aiden W.
I’m not a big breakfast eater, so to make it easier for me to eat it, I make sure to have easy breakfast options available, like fruit, yogurt and nuts. That’s it! No prep beforehand needed.

Nick A.
I prepare breakfast in the morning. I have a routine down that helps me be successful. If I am feeling hungry / ravenous in the morning, I make my usual — egg whites, lite cheddar, beyond meat sausage on a pillsbury biscuity. If I wake up ‘full’ from the night before, I go with oatmeal. Knowing that these are the options makes it easier for me to start my day on track.

Louie P.
I make my breakfast in the morning. Helps make me conscious of why im doing it. And also wakes me up. You can boil eggs the night before as well as cook your protein. Sausage bacon etc.

Aliciia Q.
I used to prepare my breakfast in the morning, but sometimes I used to take my breakfast at hours that aren't right for me. There were days that I didn't take a breakfast because it was too late and I decided to take my lunch instead of my breakfast. It causes me a lot of pain and illness. For that reason now that I am using this app I start my day with a healthy breakfast that makes me feel more energeric and positive to face my day.

Dylan P.
I make my breakfast in the morning. It rara when I premake my beakfrast the night before, but when I do, I usually just go for chia pudding (flavor depends), overnight oatmeal, or I freeze some fruits for an energetic smoothie in the morning.

My usual go to breakfast is eggs with some protein and fruit or yogurt or a hot oatmeal. They don’t take to long to prepare. I enjoy cooking, it’s kind of a “me” time.

Louise F.
I usually prepare it in the morning, because it’s just yogurt with granola and some peaces of chocolate.
Sometimes I eat a banana too.

Matusal M T.
I do prepare my breakfast in the morning. I usually only make a smoothie. I feel bad after eating, but with a smoothie, I don’t feel guilty. I hope you will be able to accept my mindset, which I will work to improve.

Jessika F.
Depends on if I know what I want or have in the fridge

Make a heads like overnight oats, sliced fruit, nuts.
Quick meals to make are avocado with an egg baked in. Precut veggies for omelette.
Cereal or warm oatmeal.

Troy Z.
Depends on the day! Overnight oats is an amazing make ahead breakfast food. Same with mini quiches in cupcake tins that I can heat up as needed. My mom makes food most days.
On days off I usually make it the day of. Often I'll do eggs. They're easy and just about all I know how to do that's actually nutritious

Claire P.
In the morning. If I want to prepare something from the previous night, I will simply decide on what I will have the next morning and lay then out in one place in the fridge

Lester Y.
I prepare the breakfast in the morning, my favourite option is toast with eggs, but if I don't have the time that morning i get some yogurt and fruit on the go.

Jon U.
I prepare my breakfast in the morning! I usually have avocado toast or granola with fruit. I’d like to try making homemade granola or muesli for meal prep. Another thing I’d recommend is overnight oats. I’m not a huge fan personally, but they’re easy and convenient, with so many recipes and flavors!

Jason I.
I'll prepare it in the morning. If I have the time, I'll make pouched eggs, humus or guacamole with vegetables, if in a rush, greek yoghurt, berries, nuts and granola will do the trick.

Alan Z.
So, I prepared my breakfast the night before, it's much better than running to prepare it in the morning especially when you don't have much time. I made a simple sandwich consisting a slice of cheese, ham and boiled egg, a simple quick and easy recipe but nutritious and makes you feel full even by eating the half of it! I highly recommend it to anyone! Another choice is to make some tea and enjoy some biscuits with chocolate (or whatever flavor you like!) sugar makes you feel energized right away but don't overeat them 3 of 4 biscuits are enough!

Alex Z.
I prepare it in the morning, despite my believe that boiled eggs (being hard to digest) could exhaust me easyer i found out that the exact opposite is true and started eating every morning, while i boil the water for the egg, i also boil some to make a cup of tea to acompanie and also eat some fruit like apple or kiwi and if i want also some crackers.

Thomas X.
I never make my breakfast the night before but maybe I should start.I did this night however. This morning I had a monster however I could prepare oats overnight

Theo P.
I make my breakfast in the morning. I don't really care for make ahead breakfast. If I need something quick, I can eat an apple or have a protein shake.

Sandra P.
A mix. Sometimes I make extra scramble or breakfast hash over the weekend to eat later in the week. Some mornings, breakfast is quick and easy (oatmeal, cereal, and/or fruit).

Andrea O.
I usually grab something on my way out the door. A bobo bar, egg bites, just crack an egg. I take thyroid medication in the morning and have to wait an hour to take it after I take it to eat. That makes my morning breakfast routine a bit difficult.

Susi O.
If I'm working it's the night before. I take cheese, grape tomatoes, almonds, a boiled egg and berries(Blueberries and Raspberries). More like lunch but it's a habit I somehow fell into. I eat it around 10ish.

Francis S.
Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day, even if I wake up late I have to eat breakfast before lunch. That’s why I like to have it fresh, I prepare it in the morning

Luis Z.
Usually I make my breakfast based on how much free time I have before going to work, a quick and easy option is oatmeal with a fresh banana.

Niloufar F.
I usually prepare my breakfast the night before, it's not about cooking but more of feeling safe that I'll have enough time in the morning. I soak lots of almonds and put apple and orange beside it. That's enough for me but I also put 2 bread loafs beside with peanut butter just in case.
If I'll have time I may make a green smoothie too, that's the ultimate healthcare

Pamela Q.
I prepare my breakfast in the morning. I work from home, so I will actually stretch out "breakfast" through the morning hours. To start, I will have eggs scrambled or boiled with either grits or toast. About a 1.5 – 2 hours later I will have a yogurt. And finally about an hour after that a banana or apple w/ peanut butter. Doing it that way, I tend to skip a traditional lunch.

Sheeva F.
Normally I don't prepare my breakfast a night before because my breakfasts are quite simple such as chese with walnuts on toast or fried or boiled eggs and omelettes.

Aubrey J.
I prepared my breakfast in the morning as I still don't have much time to prep for meals the night befofe. This is because we still have much going on at home with all the moving and stuff.

Devon S.
I make a startup routine making breakfast in the morning it gets my focus in place to start off the day with right priority actions

Melissa E.
I don’t always make ahead, but I do make sure before I go to bed that I have a plan for breakfast. Things that I make ahead include bacon, medium boiled eggs, muesli with yogurt. I sometimes use prepared items – such as Splendid Spoon smoothies, egg bites, oatmeal cups, or GF bagel

Thale U.
It depends on how much time I know i will have each morning. If I know the next morning will be quite busy, I prepare some overnight oats in the fridge the night before. Then the next morning I tip it off with some nuts and fresh fruit and im ready to go!

John F.
I prepare my breakfast in the morning, although planning it out the night before could be a good idea to choose different things to eat

Rosa V.
I make it in the morning, I work from home and is not hard to make. The hard part for me is to make the decision to have a healthy smoothie, tea and nuts for breakfast versus the usual toast, with solid food. What I’m doing to make it easier is prepare mentally… I’m already mentally encouraging a healthy choice for breakfast.