How do I make a healthy meal plan by myself?

Letitia R.
When you get injury from bodybuilding, it can be devesrating & lower you’re motivation. I hurt my back awhile back when in completion, I was doing heavy t-bar row’s. I just didn’t quite quit but I kinda stumbled on wether it is worth pushing past bounderies. I kept going anyway until I got responsibilities in acting/artist musicology & other door’s opened. I permanently kept to my dream’s & now I am full-time. I know my body & I know how much I can push to achieve success. My body fluctuate’s & goes from really muscly to kinda soft and toned muscle. I love body-building i’d never stop but sometime’s it is good to shock the body while pauseing/reflecting & growing after adapting.
Elia E.
1-Each meal is a building block in your healthy eating style. Make sure to include all the food groups throughout the day. Make fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein foods part of your daily meals and snacks. Also, limit added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium.
2-A healthy eating plan also will lower your risk for heart disease and other health conditions. A healthy eating plan: Emphasizes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Limits saturated and trans fats, sodium, and added sugars
Alyssa Z.
I eat healthier than my family does. I make one “pot meal” (like a quinoa salad) each week and use that for my lunches at work. E
Loris T.
I take time to do research and print out a meal plan every weekend on Saturday then I make a grocery list, but groceries and prepare my meals on Sunday for the next week
El A Z.
Because I am not living alone and I am the only one who wants to eat healthier food (at least right now because my mum's health is poor ): ), I decided to tell my family about what I am going to do. And then they supported me, never comment anything if I eat less rice (Rice is every meal must have in my place).
Louisa T.
Start thinking about which food you really like . Is there a way to make them a little more healthy? Buy fruits for your snacks 2 will help you to get those vitamins. Salmon, eggs, falaffes are quick and great food with a salad mix and low-fat dressings
Jo O Z.
Hi, after discussing this with a nutritionist and searching and experimenting, I got to following rules:
1. Eat every 3 hours. Wait longer and body starts panicking and maybe store fat.
2. Drink a lot of water, mainly in the morning.
3. Eat proteins – 1 gram for 1 kilo of your weight. 1/3 for breakfast, 1/3 for lunch, 1/3 for dinner. This is supper important.
4. One fruit between meals.
5. 3/4 of kilo of vegetables in a day – any in any form, with each meal.
6. Stop eating sugar! If you keep this plan, you won't even want any.

Good luck!

Dianne S.
I follow people that makes healthy recipes and scientific recommendations on Instagram and get inspiration there.. would recommend to look what your lifestyle and your eating habits and check the people that has the same taste.
Kitana S.
I do some research online for proper caloric and macro intake. Then I use an app to create meal plans that fit the requirements.
Reginald E.
It's quite easy. Just focus on the "food pyramid" and act accordingly: the bottom, or the most common ingredient must be cereals, followed by vegetables and then proteins. Don't be afraid of carbs: about 80-100g of rice or pasta, with vegetables and low-fat toppings, are just great. Also, think about versatile dishes that can be cooked in batch and adapted to various recipes. An example: stewed aubergines in tomato sauce! They are great as a standalone dish, but also as a sauce for pasta. Just add a tablespoon of parmigiano and you'll get a perfect and healthy lunch.
Milton C.
Plan in advance what do I want to eat. Grochery shop for at least a week. Make a habit and stick to eat. Be grateful for food. Celebrate and reward myself for being successful and sticking to healthy eating habits.
Sadi C.
I find it best to find a list of healthy foods. I list these foods as “legal” foods anything that’s not on the “legal” list is not allowed in my diet and are never a temptation in my pantry.

So I look at the list of “legal” foods and I pick things I like (make me do the the happy food dance) on those lists for example I purchased these frozen kale and quinoa dinners as well as Mediterranean quinoa dinners that are frozen at Aldi‘s and I eat one of those every night and doctor it up with some combination of tomatoes, feta cheese, mini cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese different spices (cinnamon/cumin/turmeric/salt/pepper/etc.

Pick foods do you like. I pick three fruits a week bananas, apples, grape tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers…raisins, almonds, pepitas, pistachio nuts. I cut these up in various combinations and eat them and I allow myself as many as I want there’s never any limitation on what I can eat and I always wake up feeling good.

Overall my suggestion to you is just to simply find 3 to 5 things that you would eat for breakfast 3 to 5 things for lunch 3 to 5 things for dinner that you enjoy and like and are on the “legal” list of food. Then you can switch things up and you can match things with this and that and just make food enjoyable and fun.

Alban G.
I'm not a fan of diets and I watch what I eat. Plan your meal around your favorite foods. Example I like chicken and I am cooking for one. Day one dinner- Baked chicken, sweet potatoes and a green vegetable. Day 2 green salad with chicken, Day 3 chicken quesadilla and I add the leftover green vegetables from Monday. I plan my meals around what I like and rarely eat anything processed. Shop only the perimeter of the store unless you need oatmeal or coffee😊. Hope this helps.
Bertram Z.
The first thing you have to do is prepare yourself with ingredients from your local grocery store,you can even create a list. Ok this list you should have low sugar items and low fat you can still have treats once in a while.
Scarlett J.
First start off with the ingridients. Look for the ones you will be eating, diet or recommendations. Second is preparation, look for the time when you are gonna prepare them, whatever works for you. Lastly is sticking to it and don't deviate from the plan.
Giani W.
lo mejor sería consultar con un nutricionista. pero si no podés, un médico clínico también sirve. después que tengas como hacer una dieta sana la podés ir modificando a tus necesidades y gustos.
Denazaide O.
I mixed Müsli including almonds, dark chocolate and coconut pieces with milk. And then warm up the bowl 90 sec in the microwave. And eat some fruits like apples and blueberries.
Ariana F.
I currently weigh 52 and I need to add some extra pounds so my meal is based on calories, fats and proteins so I researched and found the food that has highest quantity of the above things and that are safe to eat in minimum quantities every day. So if you want to loose weight or build muscle go for a Extra Healthy diet.. Don't forget to ask a nutritionalist or atleast Google.. Good luck 🙂
Ernest Z.
Try to eat fruit/vegs, carbs and dairy or protein at every meal. Aim for 3 portions protein, 3 dairy, min 5 fruit/veg per day and max 6-8 carbs per day. Remember 1 portion is smaller than typical serving sizes.
Jason F.
Sometimes, I forget take the breakfast and that is unhealthy. Then, I should eat fruits daily, even in the busy days, that is a delicious and quickly food.
Walther J.
Read. Search. Ask. Don't be too hard on yourself at first. Try to create a simple meal plan that you can stick too. You don't have to be too healthy on first try and don't immediately start cutting calories. Just focus on sticking too what ever plan you create.
Michelle C.
It starts in the grocery store. But healthier items, especially healthier snack items. Minimize simple carbs, increase healthy days and proteins, as well as complex carbs
Claudia F.
Hi! For the whole day you need to make sure you get all 5 food groups in. These include dairy, grains, fruit, protein, carbs/fats. For breakfast you need 3 out of 5 of those so they can work together to break down slower and make you full longer! I used to make a food plan daily but now i do weekly of what i want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I hope this helps!
Bruno O.
I use an Excel sheet with all the meals I *could* prepare, and decide every week-end when to prepare and eat them. Lots will keep for a few days or may have préparation done during the week-end.
Melissa F.
I have a weekly meal plan containing all foods that will be eaten throughout the day. I’m mainly plant based and only eat meat or eggs occasionally. It’s important to understand what I eat and how the food groups will work together. I. e. Whole grains and legumes work together very well. Always have foods with a high vitamin C content with every meal to aid iron absorption. Having nuts, especially some Brazil nuts for selen in the morning. Enough fibre, I aim for about 50 to 60 grams a day. Leafy greens are a main part as well. After it has been established how the diet has to look like it is very easy to create a healthy meal plan to incorporate as many healthy foods as possible. Healthy eating is interesting and not dull.
Nicoline B.
Consult my physician and check on the net. Being a type 2 diabetic means I have to have less rice, more greens, small amount of meat. I have to also drink milk and lessen alcohol intake. Reduce sugary foods and learn to drink black coffee
Mark P.
Well, you could look up ideas for healthy meal ideas. This way you will have some options. You could also ask someone if they have any good ideas. The more people you ask, and the more ideas you look up the better. This way you are for sure going to like at least one idea.
Salvador O.
It helps to think of food as different things you need, i.e. your carbs, proteins, ect. Just make sure you're getting enough of each type. It doesnt have to be perfect now – you'll get better as you keep at it. Also, our knowledge of foods is always changing, so don't feel bogged down by nutritional dogma. Eat what you'd like within reason.
Anna Marie O.
Think of things you like. Look up recipes with those ingredients. Pinterest has everything with a quick search. Stuff to freeze or refrigerate especially.
Marion O.
I like to include fruits like mango, greens, spinach, avocado and corn flakes with seeds, milk and coconut. Also, i drink coffee regularly.
Rabea Z.
Your main goal should be to reduce processed foods and increase vegetable and fruit intake. But investigate a little bit online for the kind of recipes and solutions that you find yummy and are also easy and quick to prepare, that way you can stick to the plan without too much effort.
Personally, I eat almost exactly the same things as before but in smaller amounts.
Good luck 🙂
Rufino F.
Just stop eating after 8pm and prepare for a sleep minimum 8 hours. Think that next day you will have a brunch instead of a breakfast.
Jimmy U.
Figure out the foods you like that are healthy, protein, carbs, and greens 🥬. Then portion them into delicious meals to then gobble up 😁
Arthur O.
Focus on 2 to 3 dishes a week and do them on the weekend for the week. If it’s not enough for the full week, fill in the rest of the meals with scrambled eggs for example or a tuna salad (high protein) or avocado. Try to not eat carbs at dinner, and at lunch try mixing with some veggies and meat or tofu.
Corina S.
Truly right now I don't. I know that in my work is place when I can buy proper food and last time i'll buy bananas like fabulous suggest. I don't have much time and my life is so unpredictable … Pure chaos and disorganization xD