Do you have any tips on eating a healthy, quick breakfast that’s also tasty?

Inbar T.
when you wake up, eat something you like.
it could be anything, as long as you really like it.
you'll be excited to get out of bed and make your favorite meal, and be happy once you eat it.
it'll jump start your day and have feeling good and refreshed.
Johan Y.
For having a tasty quick breakfast, it is better to prepare it ahead, maybe the night before or you can get ready breakfast for the go.
For me, i go for fruit yogurt with banana and some nuts.
Omnia N.
Actually yes, you can start start your day with eating "oats muffins" or "oats cookies" first oats has the proteins that will surely makes you feel full, also in those recipe you will add eggs so also you got your intake of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. Moreover you can add a spoon of honey for a more sweet taste. Bon appetit.
You can search the recipe on Google it's not hard at all;-)
Flenn F.
Well I think that eating salad with sesame sauce is really good and you could add some fresh veggies or maybe tomatoes and egg slices inside and it’s a real real goodbye salad to start your day with. Maybe a cup or warm water too, drinking water before your day starts is also a very important step to get healthier, it keeps you hydrated the rest of the day.
Delores G.
I have about 10 minutes for breakfast in the morning, so things move fast. I heat a pan with a small amount of oil and crack one egg into it. I like my eggs scrambled, so I stir it right there with a wooden spoon instead of in a separate bowl, to cut down on dishes. Then I sprinkle in a bit of taco seasoning, Italian seasoning, or whatever’s handy for taste. Remove from heat, eat with the spoon, wash and go. Having a quick and dirty weekday routine allows me to look forward to a slower and more deliberate weekend breakfast.
Gustav B.
When I’m running out the door in the morning, I like to whip up avocado toast. I just put my toast in the toaster and slice up my avocado. Or I eat bacon and eggs when I have more time.
Gemma J.
A smoothie is my go-to easy, fast breakfast. All you really need are berries/ fruit (frozen or fresh), liquid (milk, water, juice), yoghurt, and peanut butter. I also add protein powder if I have done a workout.
Another easy breakfast are healthy cereals like bran flakes with plant-based milk!
Rishabh N.
Eggs go a long way when it comes to having healthy and quick breakfast.
You can add a protein smoothie with boiled/scrambled/poached eggs.
Do add greens (spinach, celery, green apple) to your breakfast smoothie for good guy health.
Inaya S.
Today we had a smoothie made of yoghurt, banana and berries. Next time we will blend in some spinach and maybe some flaxseeds to make it a bit healthier. Adding a boiled egg on the side gives some extra proteins.
Dominik O.
Fruit is brilliant for that, apples or bananas specifically.
Same as with water, put one near your bed before you sleep and you'll be eating a healthy breakfast in no time.
Sharon S.
Wholewheat bread makes your breakfast easy and fun.
Main composition is wholewheat, boiled egg – you can prepare it early night before, salad, match them with any meat i like : ham, chicken breast, sausages, smoked salmon etc.
This is easy and take about 20 minutes to prepare.
Silke R.
Take some frozen red fruit (strawberries, …) + a banana and mix it. You can always add some (soya) milk, yoghurt, nuts, granola coconut slices if you like that.
Anton G.
For sure, Usually I love eating some slices of bread with cheese or ham then a fruit and a cup of coffee without sugar. For breakfast carbs and protein are better than sugary foods. This because they make you feeling more satiated and they give more energy.
Luke E.
I'm not fussy when it comes to eating, I used to eat the same thing day in, day out. So I like to keep it real simple. In the morning I eat porridge, peanut butter and honey. Occasionally sprinkling some sort of nut in there like almonds, cashews, walnuts. Give it a good mix, I put the peanut butter in first and cover it to give it a chance to melt and mix in better. Packed with goodness to fuel me for my day.
Shelby E.
Sometimes eating breakfast can hard for me in the mornings especially when I’m in a rush or tired. To help myself, the night before I plan what I want to eat the next morning. Eating something small like a banana or a piece of toast. Start small and know that you can do it.
Baptiste U.
Yes, my breakfast is :
In a bowl : Oatmeal
Milk (if you're a teen)
Or water if you're an adult

In a plate : Eggs + spices

In cups : Green tea