What can I eat for breakfast? Something healthy, cheap and quick to eat?

Magnus N.
I prepare my own vegan bars protein for all the week (cheaper and the easier way to have something delicious every morning, is like a sweet gift to myself), coffee/tea and a fruits.
Storm C.
When I have time to make a bigger breakfast, I usually cook up some scrambled eggs with cheese, do some sort of bread (English muffin, waffle, pancake, toast), and then I add a fruit (like a banana or apple in which I eat it with peanut butter). I think this meal is actually pretty cheap and quick to make. I can usually get a carton of eggs and bread for pretty cheap and have enough to get me through the week. It also doesn't take me that long to cook up some eggs while I toast whatever bread I use.
Andrea Z.
homemade oatmeal. Pour the oatmeal into the pan, add milk. You cook and stir. You can also add some chia seeds. Then you transfer the mixture to a bowl and season it with, for example, peanut butter or syrup. You add fruit. Enjoy your meal!
Sonya E.
Something I've found that works for me is oatmeal with almond milk, a banana, and some cinnamon. It takes about three minutes to make, and it's very budget friendly as well!
Ekaterina N.
You can have porridge (I like oats), pour over with boiling water, then when it's absorbed add buter, berries, honey or sugar and voilà! If you want add milk or cream also. This will last you for your entire morning!