What do you normally eat for breakfast that is gluten free?

Ian S.
I usually eat eggs for breakfast. I have them differently each time, for example- boiled, fried, scrambled or poached. My favourite way to have it, it scrambled as I can mix other things with it, such as bacon or avocado. I also love to have a beverage with my breakfast. Either water, orange juice or tea.

Eliott A.
Its always different. These days I'm a bit too lazy to make myself breakfast and I just eat cereal something I find in my fridge.

Bianca J.
I don't eat gluten free because I am not intolerant to gluten. But maybe find a gluten free alternative to muesli with some (soy, coconut or oat)yoghurt and fruits and nuts. That is a winning combi for me 🙂