What do you have as a mid-morning snack?

Vinny M.
Organic sunrise energy bar or a handful of heart healthy trail mix. Both from Costco both are tasty and not too healthy yucky lol
Mille E.
I have a piece of fruit from the fridge that is quick and easy to grab. I will also go for a handful of nuts in a glass jar on the bench. With a little baby I need my food and snacks to be healthy, visible and easy to grab.
Rhiannon J.
Usually a stone fruit like a nectarine, it depends which fruit I bought for the week. If I didn’t buy any stone fruit then I would have a Banana!
Esther E.
Usually I have nothing. Unless I bring a snack I don’t get one. So sometimes I will grab something easy like a carrot or an apple. Those are a welcome treat for a little extra oomph through the day.
Victoria W.
I like to carry at least a banana with me if I'm going out with friends and I will usually take some fruit to work with me. I also think dark chocolate (70%) and a handful of nuts, such as cashews and almonds help keep me going when I start to feel peckish.
Clifton E.
If I'm home, I like to make eggs and some kind of meat to go with them. If I know I'll be at work I bring an apple, banana, or other fruits for a snack. Though, sometimes I fall victim to snacking on junk food at the office that others have brought.
Debbie J.
In The morning at 6am I have breakfast, usually something healthy, and then at 11am I have an apple and a capri sun, this makes sure I dont get hungry in school while waiting for lunch.
Luke E.
Well I don’t usually have a mid morning snack all e time but if I do I usually go for apples. Get the really juicy ones. Talking about it makes my mouth tingle and I can smell the fresh apple in the air . That’s the best option as the saying goes ; ‘ An apple a day keeps the doctor away’
Mohammad Z.
My favorites are black raisins and almonds. Sometimes I like to make a protein shake containing full day milk, peanut butter, oats, and a scoop of whey protein.
Matthew B.
This is something I have struggled with as in the past I tended to eat muffins or sweets as a snack! I am trying to replace these with yogurt and fruit, or at least a homemade (healthier) muffin.