What are some good breakfast ideas to eat?

Iag S.
I like to have 2 egg white omelette with spinach, kale, and tomatoes. Usually I add a fruit like an orange or Apple, if I’m looking for more sweet things I’ll have another tea, and hold off for 20 minutes to see if the craving is still there, I will get some hot cocoa or a graham cracker.

Eli N.
Good ideas for breakfast intake in the morning could be a strong source of fiber, fruit intake, egg and ham with juice nothing to filling but will fufill you until the next meal at Lunch.

Ari B.
Personally, I've always disliked eggs. Though, they make for a great protein. I like to make omlets because they encorperate other flavors and enhance the soft fluffy nature of the eggs. Another personal favorite is greek yogurt with granola and fruit.

Damien X.
Healthy breakfast: 1 poached egg, toast with peanut butter, an apple or a banana, and maybe some low-fat vanilla yogurt with granola.

Hearty breakfast: 1 fried egg, buttered toast, 2 sausage links.

A cup of coffee or juice accompanies breakfast.

Desid Rio Q.
Milk with Khakhra.

Khakhra is a thin cracker common in Gujarati cuisine of western India, it is made from mat bean, wheat flour and ghee (clarified butter).

So crush 2-4 khakhras in a bowl of milk, and enjoy!