If I don’t have much time to get a breakfast together but I want to have a good breakfast to fill me up what could I eat that won’t take ages to make?

Karis Z.
Have you heard of overnight oats? You can soak oats in yoghurt, honey, whatever fruits you like and put it in a mason jar in a fridge overnight. In the morning they've softened and ready to eat! You can take them with you too🤠
Melvin T.
1 pack of blueberry Belvita breakfast thins, (good for 4 hour of energy), 3-4 pre-sliced salami slices. 1 large cup of orange juice. 1 Greek yogurt cup. Hit your food groups in an easy and efficient manner. Don’t forget a big cup of water!
Yamii T.
Try with the overnight oats. That way they are tasty and easy to prepare. And they are very easy to make. All you need is a mason jar and soak the oats in milk and water. Add a little bit of your favorite protein powder. Mix them well and top it off with some toppings. If you like cinnamon you can top it off as well and that’s it store it in the fridge. And then you can eat it in the morning.
Lioba F.
When I’m in a rush I normally grab a Banana and a protein bar! It’s easy enough for me to eat on the road and it fills me up. If you don’t like Banana you could always do 2 boiled eggs.
Sometimes when I have a few more minutes I make myself a bowl of oatmeal.
Sera F.
Oatmeal is a great option for me! I love adding peanut butter, cinnamon, and some dark chocolate. Takes 10 minutes to cook or less. Apples and almond butter is another favorite.
Amelia X.
Loaded toast is my go to, get creative and buy options that you know you like. Example: Vegemite on toast with Avocado and crumbly Cheese, a little squeeze of lemon to make it fancy and smoked salmon if you are really hungry.
Maria F.
You can prepare a cold porridge (fridge oatmeal) the evening before, there are a lot of recipes on the web. You can also make a nice batch of porridge, add nuts or nut butter or cocoa to it and put it in jars, then add fresh fruit in the morning. You can make a batch of breakfast muffins or pancakes and freeze them; let them thaw, heat them up shortly, add yoghurt and fresh fruit.
Lissandra Q.
A simple breakfast smoothie, fruit and some oats. Don't be fussy to make it complicated, pick two of whatever you have in your fruit bowl. Put it into a blender, add 100/150ml of milk and four tablespoons of oats, enjoy!!
Kira F.
Cream of wheat is great. It takes about 3 min in the microwave and you can add a bunch of random toppings. Dried fruit, granola, nuts, oats. Even savory stuff like eggs or cheese or tater tots. It’s very filling and nutritious
Nicoline Z.
Try making overnight oats. Put porridge oats in a sealable container, mix with yoghurt or milk (soya or other fairy alternatives are fine too) then add some raisins or other berries. Seal and store in the fridge.
The oats will soak up the liquid overnight and you'll be able to just grab it and eat in the morning.
Amanda C.
I would say a pack of oatmeal in the mornings would be a good alternative. It only takes 2 minutes in the microwave and is usually what I make.
Alban B.
Make a smoothie for a fast morning. You may want to meal prep the fruits, etc the night before so it's quick first thing in the morning.
Amira I.
Yoghurt, mixed nuts and fruits and a banana. Pour yoghurt in a bowl, throw in a handful of mixed nuts and dried fruits and slice a banana. You can even add some dried cranberries which are really good for you 🙂 you won't be hungry until lunch time 😉
Rebecca H.
How about some fruit, yoghurt and granola or oatmeal? That doesn't take much time to put together and there are online stores where you can buy delicious different oatmeal/granola flavours . Just add some milk and you're ready to go!