I have no time to make a really good breakfast before school every day so what’s something quick and healthy I can have? Could you please give me HEAPS of suggestions?

Lison Z.
Certain types of packaged bars can be pretty healthy and good for a quick breakfast! You could also prepare something the night before (for example, if you make sandwiches for lunch and wouldn't mind eating one for breakfast, make two).
Alice I.
You can do milk and cornflakes, it's easy and super fast. Another breakfast is tuna and ketchup; I know that It sound weird but It taste sooo good.
Goran F.
I would say in the mornings you could cook eggs, toast, and could even have a fruit salad but make it the night before if your running low on time
Alexander Z.
I used to boil eggs on the weekend and grab one in the morning as well as a banana. I’d also take granola bars to snack on in the morning and just keep them in my bag for the day.
Nathan E.
I struggle with this myself. I like to keep fruit and protein bars readily available for emergencies, but one way to get a full balanced breakfast on a busy morning would be to prepare it the night before. Portion out, say, a small bowl of yogurt. Keep small baggies of granola, ready to sprinkle on top, so you don't have to measure or scoop in the morning.
Disclaimer: this is advice I'm giving, not living. I'd love to try it together. If possible, let me know how this goes for you.
Erin O.
Some of my go to breakfasts for when I’m crunched on time are smoothies which you can take on the go. Some of my favorite smoothie flavors are chocolate, and strawberry banana. Another really quick breakfast is apples and almond butter/peanut butter with honey. You could also prepare a breakfast the night before. You could make healthier banana muffins, baked oatmeal, chia pudding, overnight oatmeal, or on the weekend make up a big batch of healthier waffles/pancakes, freeze them, and pop them in the toaster before school!
Emin F.
Hey there! You don’t have to go to extreme lengths to have a healthy breakfast! You could eat a fruit, which is a good and healthy way to start your day. I recommend the following options: two oranges, one banana, or an apple! If you prefer to be able to consume it on the go, blend together a fruit smoothie the night before, put it in the fridge, and the next day drink it! If you’re not the fruit – and – veggie type, you can buy some whole grain bread and toast it with some low calorie tapenade or topping! If you’re in a rush but need something to fill you up for the morning, you can drink 8 ounces of milk with a protein powder mixed in. It’s a great mix of vitamins and very healthy! There are tons of healthy options that give you the proteins and nutrients you need!
Natalia X.
Here’s a pretty good list: (I think)

– simple toast, wether with just butter or your fav spread
– quick bowl of cereal
– if your in a massive rush, a fruit or a breakfast bar is good on the go
– grab a quick healthy snack like fruit slices or oat biscuits
– you can even have a healthy yogurt
Hope this helps 🙂