What is the best protein rich breakfast?

Lillian Z.
Well I make eggs and sometimes I have yoghurt with fruits. I guess there are more creative and yummy things with protein one could have 😅
Anthony Y.
Mushrooms with spinach, 2 poached eggs on top.
Ritthy I.
For simplicity, I really like to scramble together eggs and some lean meat most. I usually prefer some trimmed ham or leftover chicken if I have any, and I will often pair it with some fruit and maybe a bit of dairy like cheese or plain yogurt. For when in a pinch, make sure youve got a good, low sugar protein shake mix that has more nutrients and vitamins in it in your pantry because it can come with you in a rush.
Zack E.
Eggs are good, but I feel more like oatmeal is more balanced. Yogurt works if there isn't much time, but it has more sugar than I'd like for every day.
Silje Z.
Eggs are always good protein. Add a little cheese for an extra boost. Protein powder in n milk does a great job too or put plain powder in oatmeal.
Pedro U.
Egg whites, English muffin, and maybe peanut butter with a thinner oatmeal.
Cecil J.
Eggs are a good source of protein with lots of other important nutrients – make sure you don't skip the yolk, that's where most of the vitamins are. Another good source is yoghurt, maybe with fresh fruits and oats.
Flenn F.
Protein shake – Milk with whey iso protein. I personally prefer double chocolate flavor 🙂
Same P.
I like eggs, they are rich in protein and light. Or a protein smoothie, cheese, fish, avocados on toast. You can combine these ingredients to have a versatile breakfast everyday.
Sandrino S.
Eggs, with a meat side, such as bacon, sausage, chicken, or steak. Add a few veggies for flavor.
Terry Z.
Eggs. Hands down. Combine whatever else you want with it, prepare it, however. Eggs. My favorite, if I have the time, is a French omelet. It took me a while to master, but I'm glad I took the time to do so. Otherwise, I'll freeze little egg quiches made in muffin tins and thaw one or two out the night before. By morning they are defrosted and I reheat them in the microwave.
Camilla A.
I like whole grain tortilla with cheese, egg and vegs from 8fit. It makes me full for hours. Don't even think about food until lunch time. For me breakfast is the main dish of the day and I prefer it to be somewhat massive. It helps me to eat less during the day.
Fatma Q.
Here, I would like to answer you assuming that you are not a vegan. Oatmeal with yogurt:
It's is a great protein rich breakfast which helps you to lose your weight. Add some Greek yogurt to your oatmeal is all you have to do. You may add some cinnamon for an extra flavor.

Banana with peanut butter:
Add some peanut butter to one or two sliced bananas. You may add some vanilla, yogurt or two tablespoons of cow's milk if you prefer an additional taste.

Fruity nutty yogurt:
Cut some fruits like apples, grapes, strawberries etc. into small pieces and put them in yogurt. Add some nuts like almonds or cashews . You may add some raisins if you like.

If you don't have enough time, you may take a hand full of nuts an eat it along your way to work :-)y

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Hope it helps :))
Good luck !

Hartwig G.
Eggs! Taking the “time” to throw them in the instant pot isn’t only weirdly delicious, it’s also nostalgic to the simple fast&furious ways my parents made me breakfast. I wish I had more veggies to throw in occasionally, but that’s what Starbucks egg bites are for, right?
Madate Q.
I would have to say something with eggs, a bit of meat, or some nuts would be good.
Livia E.
The best protein rich breakfast may include EGGS ( a famous one) if you have plenty of time perhaps accompanied by fruits. If in a rush, its never a bad idea to eat an apple or banana with peanut butter (which also has much protein).. another option would be yogurt with cut up fruits and granola bar.. Lastly, nuts with dried cranberries are also a great choice.
Bertram Z.
Veggie omelette (super quick in a microwave safe muffin mold: 1 minute at high).
Elias Z.
Two egg omelette with ham/bacon, good sprinkle of cheese and sweet peppers (optional)
Shane B.
Eggs are an easy way to get protein, and eating it in a simple-to-prepare meal will make it more likely that you’ll pick it up as a habit. Hard boiled, soft boiled with soldiers, poached with sourdough, omelette with vegetables, scrambled with fried vegetables…
Jadiara W.
Eggs and multi grain toast with almond butter. Carnation cocoa powder in almond/cashew milk
Dragica O.
Eggs are good! I would suggest a toast with avocado and a fried egg 🙂
Dwight T.
The eggs protein is the best one for me. Not just because its nutritional properties, but flavour, convenience, and multiple ways to cook.
Suzanna O.
Raw egg is the most easily absorbed protein you can get. Unfortunately, there's the chance of salmonella with raw animal products. Opting for soft boiled, poached, or fried eggs with runny yolk is the next best thing. Combine this with some high fibre toast to keep your digestive system flowing.
Lewis J.
Eggs are the best. You can mix them with flour and cook it like a crepe
Amanda U.
I love to eat eggs in the morning, it’s rich in protein and very easy to prepare. You can also have some protein bars if you’re in a hurry or a banana.
Nancy J.
A vegan peanut butter and cacao smoothie made with almond and coconut milk and topped with nuts, chia seeds and flax seeds in it for protein, fiber and texture.
Jamie Z.
Eggs with whole grain, lo cal bread. Overnight steel cut oats with berries & whey protein powder. Fruit smoothie with whey protein powder.
Oliver P.
The best protein rich breakfast is eggs with veggies and cheese.
Andrea U.
Eggs are probably the easiest and most common source of protein for breakfast. Along with eggs people often have bacon as well.
Other options may be salmon or other fish, ham or salami.
Hailey F.
2-3 whole eggs how you like them, a banana, handful of mixed nuts – good combination of protein, healthy carbs and fats
Christian A.
I have a couple of eggs, mixed nuts, and yogurt/ cottage cheese for a light protein rich breakfast. Throw in a banana, sliced apples and instant oatmeal with some whey protein in it for extra energy!
Frederikke C.
For the day to day schedule 5 to 6 days a week I prefer one that is easy to make and quick. So my usual is a chia-oatmeal-molases blend mixed with protein whey powder and a dash of salt, clove, and cinnamon. I make it before bed and let it sit in the fridge overnight or I make it hot in the AM. The chilled smoothie ready for me in the AM is best for my AM flow on my personal time routine.
Theda Q.
I think eggs are the best and easiest protein rich breakfast option. Also, you can cook it different ways and add vegetables if you wish. Win, win situation!
Jessie X.
My best protein rich breakfast I like to eat in the morning consists of eggs, bacon, Greek yogurt with walnuts, almonds, and natural peanut butter.
Axelle P.
Eggs, other lean protein, whole grains if you want carbs, and "slow sugar" fruit
Erin J.
ah protein. i'vee been told eggs are the best source of protein for breakfast. if you have a plant based diet there are many options, of which you might know of you've decided to change your diet that way. enjoy eating!
C Me P.
I love eggs on toast. I also add a watermelon, strawberry and blueberry juice with chia seeds for hydration, antioxidants and omega too.
Tammy U.
Eggs, scrambled ir sunny side up, and sliced tomatoes make a good protein laden breakfast.
Jofre Q.
For me as a vegetarian, it's an omelette or egg sandwich. The omelette with vegetarian cheese, tomato, onion, bell pepper, and herbs. The egg sandwich with herbs, guacamole, and hummus. Both completely customizable!
Rasmus W.
Tofu scramble, made with kale, tomato, mushroom, sometimes added chickpeas
Timothe U.
Some easy ones if you don't have time for a full bacon and eggs breakfast are cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, gently frying some deli ham or hardboiling eggs ahead of time and having one or two.
Salvador E.
Boiled egg or a grilled chicken breast
J Ssia E.
Eggs but I have high cholesterol so I eat organic steel-cut oatmeal with raw honey and cinnamon every morning… I also include a fruit secret usually a banana.
Hellmuth F.
Fool mudammus! It's an arab breakfast item made of fava beans, tomatoes, lemon, onion, garlic and i think parsley! Om nom nom! Fresh, tasty, and protein rich!
Lo S E.
Eggs! Scrambled on toast is yum or fried 🙂 I also like omelettes because I can add in other nutritious things like silverbeet, mushrooms and tomatoes. I guess salmon and mayo on toast is pretty protein rich too! Although lately I’ve been having fruit smoothies for breakfast, I dunno how much protein is in that. Are buts protein? I usually put in a spoonful of organic peanut butter & activated almond nuts.
Benjamin E.
I'm a big fan of eggs in the morning. Good source of protein that can be cooked quickly or prepared easily ahead of time- hard boiled or you can make mini frittatas in a muffin pan that you refrigerate or freeze and have easy access to in the morning.
Zoe C.
Water with lemons in it, Oatmeal with bananas and strawberries, And toast with avocado smeared on top of it.
Frank C.
I like to make overnight oats: 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 milk, 1/4 plain full fat yogurt, some fresh berries if I have them, and a small drizzle of honey. I stir everything in a mason jar and leave it in the fridge overnight. I usually make 2 or 3 days worth so I don’t have to think about it every night.
Ronnie W.
I’m vegan, and my favourite protein rich breakfast is overnight oats- I combine oats, flaxseed and vegan vanilla protein powder (sunwarrior’s warrior blend is my favourite), mix it with a plant based milk (usually coconut) and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning I have it with half a sliced banana and some almond butter.
Tessa Y.
I have steel cut oatmeal with milk with other add-ins such as nuts, hemp seeds or peanut butter. I sometimes add a banana or a dollop of Greek yogurt.
Andrea Z.
0% fat Greek yogurt with fruit.
Filling and full of protein. Oh and no sugar (apart from natural sugar in fruit) or fat
Holm X.
I'm not exactly sure but I would recommend an omelette with salmon or turkey ham and what ever veggies you like. That way you get a bunch of flavors together that you never thought before.
Charline T.
I like either porridge with flaxseed and quark, plus some fruit.. Or when I don't feel like having something sweet I like eggs, salmon, veggies.
Johnni E.
Egg whites are a quick and easy source of protein. Eating them boiled is the easiest way to consume them.
Adeli Q.
Hi there! For myself, I have been having either oatmeal + 2 eggs + a glass of milk, or full grain bread with peanut/almond butter + a glass of milk in the morning. Both are easy to prep and consist ingredients to have decent protein.
Emine Z.
Poached eggs are a great protein rich breakfast. They're quick to cook and a lovely runny yolk is a brilliant start to the day.
Sandrino F.
Eggs with vegetables, very delicious and very filling. Consider adding fresh salsa, which is good with then too.
Allen U.
Eggs and avocado toast or oatmeal with almond milk, protein Powder, chia seeds and flaxseed.