What is the lightest acceptable breakfast for someone with a full hectic schedule?

Leire Q.
A protein rich breakfast. This can include : pre-boiled eggs, instant oatmeal, any nut butter on toast topped with bananas, protein smoothie with any additional ingredients on hand, homemade yogurt parfait with granola topping, fresh quinoa fruit salad with spinach or kale, egg muffins with vegis, balanced nutrition baked food

Carolyn N.
If you don't mind a liquid breakfast, I recommend smoothies. I personally take AlmondPlus drink series from First Brew (Singapore). No preparation needed. Just buy some to leave in your office pantry/fridge (if it needs refrigeration) and take them on days you just don't have time to prep breakfast. Teachers are terribly busy, start their day ridiculously early, and have a horrible habit of skipping meals. So this is like our go-to to survive the day (or at least the morning until lunchtime). And since it's liquid, it doesn't feel heavy, and it's easy to consume. You can try finding something of a similar kind in your local area.

Leana T.
Anything that is healthy and starts your day off right. How filling it is depends on the person. It could be just a handful of berries if you aren’t very hungry.

Jayden U.
I wonder that myself. I have been going for just a dairy-free yogurt some mornings and questioned whether that was enough. I guess it comes down to what your body is telling you. I had oat bran this morning and felt much fuller! I’m trying to break away from my granola bar habit.

Ragendra W.
An apple or banana(must be careful to prevent from smashing it in our bags) with a cucumber, some nuts and dried fruits, homemade Energy bars.

Jeffery J.
usually, i believe that eggs are a very quick and easy breakfast to eat on the go. whether it’s making them scrambled, hard boiled, etc. i personally love eggs so i have them every morning. instant oatmeal, fruit, or toast with almond butter are other options for me if eggs take too long.