How do you prepare for your breakfast? Do you plan your meals for the entire week? Do you just wake up in the morning and find what you can? Do you tend to eat the same thing over and over?

Saiaravind L.
I have 3 kinds of breakfasts which I switch depending on preference of the day. I also change some ingredients depending on preferences and taste and what I have. The 3 breakfasts that I have are an omlete with onion, cheese and tomatoes. The second is chia pudding with fresh fruits, mixed nuts and dark chocolate. The third is roasted chicken with 3 vegetable types. The focus I have in mind is to have as many proteins, fibres and some fat. I try to avoid carbs because they make me sleepy afterwards.

Elsa C.
I generally buy my groceries once a week. I plan for breakfasts based on my current health status. For instance I am currently avoiding Milk, ice cream, and yogurt due to a sinus infection. I have protein bars in my house for dairy free weeks, and cereal for when I can eat cereal. A new dairy free option I found was oatmeal with out milk. It's still delicious. I hope this helps.

Saiaravind L.
I just wake up in the morning and choose whatever I feel like having in that moment. Live for the moment cause if you plan it, you'll most likely dread it the next day

Saiaravind L.
I tend to buy thigs in general – oatmeal, fruits, eggs, ham, several spreads -, and then after waking up I decide daily what to eat.

J Nio S.
Sometimes I just eat the same thing everyday. Even just a bowl of cereal is enough to just start your day. I avoid bacon because I just don’t like it, and it’s really greasy. Sometimes I make pancakes, or even bake some muffins!

Saiaravind L.
Usually i look through the kitchen for whatever looks good, although sometimes i wake up thinking i really want that one thing for breakfast

Saiaravind L.
I don’t plan ehat I wanna eat in a week. I just wake up and search for some oat meal, fruits, eggs then make something out of them. Sometimes I eat the same thing in a row but eventually I get bored and I change it.

Valdomiro F.
I tend to just eat whatever is in the fridge and maybe cook something quick
I tend to repeat Nutella and PB spreads with some bananas or if I don’t have time I just eat cereal

Saiaravind L.
I tend to at the same thing over and over again. I love cereal for breakfast because it makes me feel energized after aeting.

Saiaravind L.
For breakfast, since I am normally too lazy to get out of bed, I keep a box of granola bars by my bed and just have them with water that I also keep by my bed. I do not plan my meals for the week but sometimes at night I'll think about what I'll eat the next day and plan out the next day's meals. I normally just eat whatever I find or whatever my mom has cooked. I mainly run off of bagels and instant noodles but otherwise whatever I can put my hands on

Herminia O.
I tend to find what I can and make something using up what needs to be used up first, and based on my time. No it's not repetitive, as everyday, I will feel like having something new

Genesis W.
I will buy staples (things I know I want to eat) during my weekly grocery run. Then, I make meals based on my nutrition goals.

Giovana Q.
I often eat the same thing for breakfast. Cereal, with milk or yogurt and a sandwich. Pretty much a typical Swedish breakfast. But when I feel like it and have time I often do scrambled eggs or whatever’s available in the fridge

Saiaravind L.
I usually just find what is around and that is usually some of the same elements, for example black coffee or green tea. I always try to have fruits and nuts some other protein source. It's most important to keep in mind what will fuel your body and mind for the daily tasks. Also keep in mind breakfast is just your first meal after your fast, so you can have it in the morning at home or after you get to work or in the afternoon if you are doing intermittent fasting. It's what works best for you. Have fun, fuel your body and enjoy breaking your fast!

Saiaravind L.
When i am having a busy week, i like to eat the same thing over and over. One of go tos is oatmeal. If i have time, i like to prepare myself a breakfast with love and enjoy the time making and also eating it. I also plan my meals in a week but its very flexible.

Saiaravind L.
Normally, I wake up, go into the kitchen and see what I can find to eat for breakfast. Sometimes, it can happen to prepare something that I wanna eat.

Claude U.
I don't eat much in the morning. Fruits, granola or cereal usually fill me up. I meal prep for the weeks dinners usually. Breakfast and lunch are usually whatever I can find in the fridge. I eat the same 3 or 4 things for breakfast but rotate which combo every other day or week. Some weeks it's careal everyday. Other weeks its oatmeal one day and a bowl of fruits the next.

Saiaravind L.
I tend to eat the same thing – I have trouble eating in the morning, and I'm often not up to making anything until later in the day. So it's a cup of cottage cheese and a handful of dried apricots as long as supplies last. If I run out before I have a chance to get more groceries, it's whatever I can scrounge, and doesn't tend to work for me as well – or doesn't happen to closer to lunch.

Mh M.
Yes, I decide what to eat at breakfast based on what we have in refrigerator. I like to have different things each day but Don't have problem to eat repetitive things.