Do I have to have breakfast before or after morning exercises?

Emilie Q.
I believe you should workout after even though personally i do it before i just do this because im in a rush from the time my feet hit the flute but I think it's better to workor after

Roy J.
A light one before, if you want or if you have time before you workout. After might be easier because your stomach won't be full during workout. But, you don't have to have breakfast. It is recommended to eat at least something in the morning, even small, because of how it fuels your body for the day and helps with hunger later during the day.

Carl P.
Before especially if you’re building muscle. Even for women, you’ll have a healthier looking body if you do. You don’t want your body’s lack of energy to take muscle mass away so please eat to maintain your health

Hailey Q.
After exercise is the best time for having breakfast but don't get breakfast just after the exercise atleast wait for half an hour then get your breakfast ,that will help you getting your energy back which you lost during exercising

Eloane E.
No. If you feel hungry do eat something small, like a spoon full of almond butter or some avocado with some water, but I think it’s a personal preference. I personally don’t like working out after I’ve eaten.

Eileen T.
Normally before but it depends what exercise I have planned – I focus on achieving all the steps of my morning routine but allow myself to be flexible with the order to suit my day.

Danny P.
I personally like to try and excercise beforehand. Just because I'll have the endorphins of the excercise, plus the food. Or I'll be fasting. When I'm not though, sometimes I just give in. It's up to you.

Karl U.
I like to eat after my morning exercise so that I can focus on one task at a time. I wake up, drink coffee, and then focus completely on exercise. Once I’m done, I feel great and I eat more consciously (instead of just grabbing something quick before going on a run). Try both and see what works for you!

Debbie F.
Not really. But it would be good if you want to keep yourself hydrated and satiated. It's up to you, I'm having breakfast and it's really good.

Sylvia P.
I usually have it after. Water usually energises me enough and a meal no matter how small makes me queasy during exercise.

Johan F.
I eat after exercise. From research I have done I believe you burn more fat. On the flip side if you eat before workout you would need time to digest. Your body would have more fuel and therefore preform better.

Ottilie J.
Try both and go with the one that works best for you. My physical therapist has told me that it can work well for people both ways. There are a lot of mitigating factors, including (but not limited to) your blood sugar levels, body type, diet, and exercise type.

Simara F.
For me it varies. If I workout right after I wake up, I just have an orange and water. If I've been up for more than an hour, I will have breakfast

Licete Z.
At the weekend, I exercise later so would have breakfast before. During the working week, I would exercise early so have it post workout.

Eliott E.
You don't "have to" have anything before or after. It really depends on how you feel and what your aim is. Some people prefer having a very light snack 1h before working out, some people prefer having breakfast after, some people do both. The only important thing is if you prefer working out with a full stomach or empty etc. Whatever your aim is, try to keep track of your calories, how many you consume and how many you burn. You need less calories to lose weight and more to gain weight.)(I'm using myfitnesspal to help me with this). Eating before or after changes nothing much to be honest. Just focus on how you feel and try all options to see what fits you the most. You could have a light snack 1h before working out (for example one egg, one slice of bread and coffee) and then another meal after. You could have a bigger breakfast like 2 or 3h before working out and after a snack like a banana or some nuts or you can try working out with an empty stomach and then having your breakfast. I personally cannot workout with an empty stomach cause I get dizzy, so I either have a light snack before and breakfast after the workout or big breakfast and then workout after a few hours. Don't eat and workout immediately though, you might get nauseous or even throw up.

G Nter H.
Faccio movimento dopo la colazione, anche se sarebbe meglio prima,in modo da svegliarmi meglio e soprattutto evitare di aspettare troppo a lungo perché con la pancia piena e rischio vomito

Julian U.
For me, I like to have breakfast after exercise. Having a healthy and delicious breakfast is a way to celebrate a job well done.

Kim Z.
Depends what time you are exercising. If i exercise early in the morning then I would exercise first and have breakfast afterwards.

Otfried U.
In my opinion i feel better when i do myself a juice in the morning before doing exercise and then after exercise i am still hungry ill do myself a light food fro example some eggs and if im not hungry i’ll just eat a fruit

Emily C.
I exercise first thing so only have water in morning before workout. I do make sure to eat good dinner night before and hydrate lots after workout, then eat about an hour later once kids are sorted.

Claude X.
No I don't think that's necessary. My body can handle exercise without breakfast especially if I've been eating healthfully daily. I feel better moving around on an empty stomach.

Bessie P.
Well I have breakfast before because you can say a bit more powered up. What I hate is that I need to wait around 1hr to start because if not I feel kind of nauseous when I do my exercise. Any suggestions?