Is it good to eat bread?

Hui R.
It's depends on which bread, if like sourdough, baguette those is better but for crossaint and white bread is not good for our health
Elaine B.
Bread is low in important nutrients such as proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whole wheat breads are better for you because of the nutrients it actually contains. So bread is good as long as you get the right kind.
Naomi P.
In general bread has good carbs, so it's good for your body. It might be different if you'd like to loose weight, it's not recommended then, and it should rather be replaced by other lower cal food, but it depends on your daily caloric needs
Kai T.
It is good to eat a good bread made out of quality products. If you are already healthy you can eat it as many times as you want, but of course without forgetting about common sense, your diet, your body responses to products, and what you can or can't eat if you're not healthy.
Dylan T.
Yes, because bread gives you energy and helps your body absorb proteins better in order to gain muscle and healthy organs. Also, it's tasty. Especially with peanut butter and jam.