What is your favorite drink for great breakfast?

Scott E.
I don’t really drink anything at breakfast. Water is my preferred drink of choice. I do love tea and coffee but I almost always have it a few hours after my breakfast and not during.
Sof A C.
Water, but 30 minutes before breakfast. I don’t usually sip a drink while I’m eating breakfast, because it can interrupt digestion (according to experts). When I get asked this question I can’t stop thinking about that, for example, traditional American breakfast includes a drink such as highly processed juice or even coke (which you may have done before coming up with this question). But, I decided to run away from these types of drinks because of the enormous amount of sugar and poor nutritional value that they possess. I’m telling you, my life has taken a huge turn for the good since sticking to the choice.
Marinette Q.
My favourite drink for breakfast specially in winter is milk tea. It is hot, soothing and sweet. I really like it with my breakfast 🤤
Let S A.
I typically start my day with lemon water or a protein shake, but something refreshing like cucumber juice would definitely be my number one choice.