How do I add variety to my breakfast routine?

Rene F.
I love my breakfast varieties. I have yogurt, granola, nuts, seeds, a couple of different fruits and local honey. I will eat oatmeal or yogurt or a smoothie. I will choose different ingredients everyday. I also love eggs, but that is usually weekend food when I have more time to be fancy. Oh and there are protein frozen waffles now yum! I hope this was helpful!
Jean P.
Well I am facing some problems while choosing what to eat especially at work, because there isn't much protein in the cafeteria, so I am trying to get as much as possible the similar foods that it may contain protein.
Luna Y.
Take 2-3 types of proteins+carbs
For example eggs bread milk one day, Oats with honey day two, stuffed bread(parathas) with curd day 3 and so on.

The idea is to have different tasting foods one day after another so the breakfast does not get monotonous.

Arthur P.
My advice is to not think of breakfast options as separate from any other meal. A lot of cultures have breakfasts that include rice, fish and vegetables and these things can be a great way to set yourself up for the day. So experiment with different foods! There's no need to focus on having something that seems "breakfast-y"; so long as it contains some healthy protein and slow-burning energy to set you up for the day, anything goes!
Deanna B.
I have a couple of bases and mix the variables up. Like porridge, I change up the fruit and nuts I top it with. With my smoothie and change the ingredients, like adding a greens powder, different frozen berries.
Jared U.
I like to switch between over night oats and smoothies. Both are super quick in the morning. Also having everything prepared the night before is always helpful! Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to breakfast meals as well!
Corey I.
Add fruits like banana or apple to your breakfast.. I am learning to prepare omelet so that once in two days I can eat either egg or omelet. Almonds, corn flakes or oats u can try
Apolline S.
Try creating a new variety of English muffin each week for a few weeks. Switch out the flavor of cream cheese, vegetables, and protein you might include. Ex: one week: Swiss cream cheese, salsa, bell pepper. Next week: veggie cream cheese, egg, tomato. Next: Havarti, sausage, avocado
Taylor F.
I usually have the same breakfast ( english muffin with a friend egg and pork patty and with some lettues) everyday as a routine. I would add some fruits or yogurt to add variety. On the weekend I would make something different. Like pancakes, or French toast to change the menu up a bit. Seldomly a acai smooth.
Josefine P.
Use different fruit, different nuts, yoghurt or porridge, try egg muffins with spinach and cheese, then with bacon slices and onion, etc. HTH.
Dario Q.
Instead of preparing whole meals for breakfast, prepare the ingredients. Then, you are able to mix them up, and have different healthy options ready – and each one will take 5 minutes to assemble.
Massimo Y.
I usually eat the same thing every morning which is pretty healthy but it will be good to try and change it up and try more protein rich foods instead of oats and fruit. More greens.
Katrine C.
Have a staple or two and ads variety around it. Commit to trying something new for just one day so it doesn't feel like you have to commit to liking it.
Am Lie O.
Here’s one way to do it. Try eating something for breakfast that you would normally eat at lunch or dinner. Much of the world eats savory foods for breakfast. When I was visiting Denmark, It was common for people to eat meat and cheese and Ryebread at breakfast. Give it a try.
Augustin Y.
I like to make smoothies in the morning with my tea or coffee. I mix it up by having 3 8lb bags of mixed fruit and alternating the flavor.
Philip U.
I have celiac so that is a hard one! I find that I do better with a standard breakfast. It’s not fancy, a rice cake spread with cashew butter and a little low sugar fruit preserves. If I have more time, I might make some «Dukan galettes » (1 Tbls oat bran, 1 Tbls plain yogurt, and 1 egg mixed together and cooked like a pancake) with a side of fresh berries. I also like to make egg frittatas with spinach and goat cheese. I make these ahead of time and cook them in a « muffin top » pan. They are great for grab and go when I am rushed in the morning. I don’t buy into the « breakfast is the most important meal » theory- it seems to just spike my blood sugar and make me ravenous all day. I didn’t eat in the a.m. for many years—but I have done the rice cake routine now for about 3 years and it seems to work for me.
Harold X.
To add varsity to your breakfast routine make sure to have many different options available to you and sometimes use left over food from the previous day if it has the same effect as eggs or nuts. On days where you are not doing much you can mix nuts with yogurt or mix nuts or eggs into other things like an egg burrito. You can even add peppers to the mix for extra spice or onions or other toppings.
Samantha Q.
My breakfast is pretty much the same everyday. With a base of egg whites. I make minor changes like one day I will have a hash brown party and the next day I will have a whole Wheat English muffin. On Sunday I allow myself to have 3 pancakes with fruit or sugar free syrup and turkey sausage patty.
Marv O Q.
You will probably want to consider your favorite flavors along with your nutrition needs. I suggest planning your grocery shopping once a week, and, herb and spice shopping once a month. Focus on nonGMO and minimally processed ingredients. And make sure you balance proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins every day, and whenever possible, at each meal!

Proteins include eggs and meat, cheese, fish, and vegan options such as soy or pea protein. Please note that seitan and quinoa have significant starches. Fats are readily available, but we really don't need much fat, compared to other nutrients. Carbohydrates are the most common macronutrient.

Franklino Q.
Make a list of what you like healthy. Begin mixing and matching those items at mealtime. Then alternate them until you find a great match for you.
Joshua F.
I am a vegetarian who doesn’t like eating breakfast! Learning to be creative with my meals has taken some time! I like to make one thing with many different variations, like oatmeal. Some days I add fruit, other days I add nuts, and sometimes cinnamon. I do the same with yogurt! They’re easy meals that I can make on the go, but they’re delicious and different each day!
Malou B.
A good ideia is to think about it when you are at the market. Think about 3 different breakfast you can have in a week.
For example: I have in my kitchen some cereals (one day) and yogurt, whole bread and light cheese, one type of juice, at least 3 fruits like bananas, apples, avocados. You don’t need to have everything in one meal. You can have several different combinations among these.
Gordon J.
I stay with my husband after he gets off 2nd shift, so at max, I typically get 7 hours of sleep. So I don’t give myself enough time and prepping in other days to add variety. It’s cereal, banana, nutty bar of some sort, microwaves eggs, or greek yogurt. So i guess that’s variety but I wish I had more. But I don’t like cold oatmeal and I need bigger bowls atm to make oatmeal without a mess right now.
Caterina F.
Start with what you know and then add a little something different slowly…for me I started to do protein waffles and then in week 2 I added a apple and then in week 3 a banana…now I’m willing to try oatmeal also it just comes with time.
William S.
I try to think outside the box a little, like spicy beans, tortilla wrap, poached eggs and avocado. I base most my breakfasts around eggs or fruitm
Est Ban Q.
Have different types fruits and different types of nuts. Some days you can add cheese to your eggs. You can have milk with cocoa and honey. Some non sugary muesli, teas
Jonas I.
I find that frozen fruit is a handy option for eating with oatmeal / porridge in the morning. It lasts for ages with going bad and you can have a nice selection of different fruits. Also, if you get bored of porridge plain yoghurt is good with fruit as well. I would recommend alternating between those options and poached eggs, also if you're not allergic to nuts, brown toast with nut butters like peanut or almond make a good breakfast. Just make sure to get ones without anything added. Hope this helps!
Nathana L T.
It is best to think all the healthy things that you would like to eat in breakfast and then stash yoir kitchen with all of those things. Now, everytime you want to eat, you don't have to go through oh, wgat do I eat now! You will have food that you love and you could shuffle and mix and match and eat; pretty much like we do our closet. That's key to my having breakfast consistently and lovin it.
Madison Z.
I like to look online at recipe websites such as Tasty or Goodful. You can also make large batches of food such as egg muffins and have different ingredients such as ham and tomato. Or cheese and broccoli. Peppers and onion. I also like to try finding a new food and learning what can be made with it. If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning you can have different combinations. Yogurt and muffin. Egg and fruit. Sweet potato and beans.
Thea W.
I can eat salty one day, sweet the other one, make a mix on another day.
Once the good habit is taken the choice of ingrédients is easy.
Making, finding on internet a list of what is best for breakfast ( protein) then I make my own list for the supermarket and my menus.
Adding herbs, species, replacing dey fruit by an other one, there is so many ideas and variety in the nature that it is so inspiring!!
Ramona E.
I tend to buy my breakfast in advance and will choose what is right for me on the day. If I feel I need a lot of energy as I work with kids during the week I will eat eggs as it has more protein and will Give me a fuller stomach for longer. If I fancy a quick breakfast I will choose fruit granola and almond milk as I have a slight dairy intolerance. Hope this answers your questionn
Rosie C.
Well, first of all u have to have a lot of option like eggs, bread, fruits, açaí, organic pancakes and then u just alternate your breakfasts in the sense of u want 2 give it 2 it
Heide O.
A nice variety of fruit, grains, textures and temps. In a hurry, grab a yogurt and granola bar. If you have time, the night before you can put oatmeal yogurt fresh berries and .org honey in a sm jar fridge over nite- microwave for a min in the am or until warm… breakfast smoothies avocado arugula banana blueberries fruit juice ice honey to sweeten…sometimes I like a piece of rye toast with avocado mash add a fried egg if you like
Kurt Z.
Fresh Salads

Look for healthy recipe with above options. I am sure you will find plenty and easy to make recipes that suits your taste buds.

Louise F.
Do you even need variety in your routine?
If you find a breakfast which is healthy and you love it, maybe there's not even a need to vary it too much.
Emilie U.
I plan all of my breakfasts for the next week, on a few days before Monday, (let’s say on Friday).
On that day, I look at my agenda for the next week and fit suitable breakfasts for the days to come. For example: Monday oath, Tuesday a couple of slices of bread, Wednesday eggs, tomatoes, beans, etc.
I plan it on Friday, so I can do the shoppings for the breakfast in the weekend. On the week to come, I just look at my schedule and ‘execute’.
Valentin Z.
Go to Pinterest, there's lots of healthy breakfast ideas. Then, try to make a menu, so you won't have to look what to take for breakfast every morning
Lester P.
I usually plan out what I will eat for breakfast for the whole week on Sunday. That way, you can buy different foods to give your breakfast some variety. Or, you can always search up quick recipes online for more ideas. Hope this helps! Enjoy your journey.
Timothe Z.
Don’t have the same meal every day, because after a while it gets really boring. Also add some fresh fruit into your breakfast it is a great way to live a healthier life ♥️
Harold O.
Find foods that you like and make those your go to breakfasts and rotate them so you don't get bored. Also , think out of the box meaning foods you maybe wouldn't normally think of as breakfast. Ex : I put natural no sugar peanut butter on an English muffin and sprinkle it with stevia sweetner to avoid sugar. You could eat an English muffin with an egg on it for 2 for protein.
Omelettes, or oatmeal is healthy
Rica N.
Fruit is so versatile, I use those to provide variety of flavor while things that don't need to be as fresh as the basis. Oatmeal and milk for overnight oats, sprinkled with fruit of choice next morning or over Cheerios. I could also add the fruit to yogurt or cottage cheese. Sometimes just as a side to a bacon sandwich which is easy to make with 15 minutes in an oven and quick to clean up
Tristan W.
Work out 4 or 5 of your favourite healthy breakfasts and make sure you keep all the ingredients for these on hand. Then you easily choose and prepare breakfast according to what you feel like each morning.
Suzy Z.
Well, since I'm still not a grown up, I can't always choose what I eat for breakfast, but I can surely add other "side dishes". So if I'm eating a traditional dish of my country, which I eat a lot, after that I eat a couple of fruits, drink milk and eat a boiled egg. I think that's balanced, right?
Greg F.
Fruit, yogurt, nuts. All of these are “fast foods” as your morning can be limited for time. Make sure you can grab your breakfast. Oatmeal works too but yogurt and oatmeal should contain low sugars
Stacy C.
Perfect breakfast must contain protein dairy carbs if possible so it can provide you with energy. Yogurt, oats and berries/apple added together will be a good example of that. Eggs too.
August B.
Take the time to think about foods that you enjoy eating and don't make your mind feel foggy. For me, this is berries, beets, and lean meats. I don't have a lot of time in the morning, so it's best for me to prep my breakfast the night before or make meals for the week. Sometimes I also make pudding or a nut butter to have in the morning.
Jon P.
I keep the basics while adding a different"flair" item each week. Something I'm willing to spend a little more money on that makes my meal more exciting, like a goat cheese I've always wanted to try or a foreign hot sauce.
Nils O.
Think about what you'd like to eat and then think if it contains any sugar or unnececery fats and if it does try replace that with fruits, eggs, meat or even oatmeal and then try combining some of your favourite flavors (preferable not sugar, you can try sweeten things with honey) and then put it together.
Valdin Ia A.
I love to add different fruits to my main meal which could be oatmeal, toast, celery, regular cheerios, nuts, etc. Sometimes I will put almonds on peanut butter toast or add nuts and fruit into my oatmeal. What really makes breakfast feel different is trying to add new things. I'm not a huge fan of eating eggs every day because I feel like it's too heavy for breakfast but when I do make eggs, I love to have vegetables with it like cucumber, cooked carrots, spinach salad with tomatoes, celery and peanut butter, etc.
Starting with a protein is the hardest to be creative with but once I pick a protein I think of what to put it in or what to add as a side or what I can add into it.
Cirleni Z.
Try shopping at your local farmers market or anywhere that will heavily feature seasonal produce. Eating fruit that's in season naturally means more variety and there's no guarantee that you'll get the same things week to week so you're more likely to really enjoy what you have.
B Rbara F.
Having different couple different breakfast set for the week for e.g coffee & two biscuits and egg or coffee , eggs and some fruits weekend make fresh breakfast like pancakes, waffles and eat with kids or family 🙂
Marius U.
To add variety to my breakfast routine I typically keep a few options available at all times. For me that includes Clif Bars, blueberries, blackberries, half a bagel, hummus, and eggs. It's not the most diverse but it provides a range of options in case I don't have enough time in the morning to cook a full, balanced breakfast. You can also try meal prepping breakfast burritos and freezing them.
Fanny C.
I figured out that breakfast is giving me a little bit more energy in the morning. I searched out for what I can eat for breakfast and slowly putting it in my breakfast routine.
Javier O.
Think outside the box. I like eating dinner food at breakfast time. Its easier for me because Ive never enjoyed boxed cereal or bacon & eggs type breakfast.
Lily P.
Find a few foods you enjoy. Personally I like eggs, scrambled usually the fastest but I also like putting it on toast with avocado, or making a breakfast burrito (which in itself can be a good way to change the flavor of your breakfast depending on what you want to put in and leave out.) I also enjoy a cereal, whether it be granola, milk, and fruit, or yogurt. As well as oatmeal and yogurt. (The yogurt is also a good variable for flavor)
Hildebranda S.
You can add different colours to your meal. It will give you a sense of variation. Different vegetables, fruits, milk/tea/coffee, nuts, dry fruits, etc will make you so full and healthy.
Erwan O.
Come up with a good mix to cycle throughout your week. Not every day hasn’t to be eggs. Try Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts or oatmeal flavored with some cinnamon. Even trying to make new breakfasts you’ve never had on days you have time will help keep it interesting while also finding more ways to fuel yourself!
Alexander G.
In order to add variety to my breakfast I need to have different ingredients available and make more time to cook the dishes that might take a little longer to prepare, like pancakes and waffles. Having different or seasonal fruits and veggies cut/prepared would also make that easier. I could look up healthy breakfast recipes to make once a week and try new ideas.
Henrik X.
Plan for it; prepare ingredients for various meals at the beginning of the week, or at a time when you're the least busy. When shopping, bring a list of desired meals, and make sure to pick up the necessary items for breakfast meals you want to try.

Whether this means you cook every meal in advance, freeze most of it, and reheat it whenever you like, or simply ensure that you've got the necessary supplies to make what you want is up to you, but if the work is done ahead of time, I find it's a relief to have already made the choice.

Thomas X.
A vareity of breakfast should include some carbs, protein and a fruits as well. I suggest having a bowl of cereal with some pork or ham
Apostolos J.
Simple things like different fruits or some yogurt can help add some variety to your meals without having to spend too much.
Kaylee C.
Incorporate different toppings and side dishes like: tomato and cucumber slices, kim chi, sauerkraut, fresh cilantro or parsley, lemon zest, fresh squeezed lime, and sprouts. This will make breakfast more fun and nourishing!
Greg N.
Planning breakfast for at least 3-4 days ahead and buying all the ingredients makes it easier to introduce a variety of choices into your mornings. Also, things that you can start making the night before, like overnight oats, will make it for an easy morning meal. Then in the morning have fun with different toppings!
Alison E.
Make a list of stuff you need from the store, every week you pick something else for breakfast. No clue what to get? Search online!
Gunther Y.
I think the secret is preparing a few different things ahead of time so you have choices. If there’s a smoothie pack in the freezer ready to blend, your favourite oatmeal mix ready to heat up or a chia pudding in the fridge then you can make an easy choice in the morning or the night before 🙂
Pat U.
I have a smoothie for breakfast and a protein bar. In my smoothie I add strawberries bananas 2 scoops of yogurt, 1 tbsp of local honey, 2 tbsp chia seed. If you don’t like that smoothie like I do, than you have endless possibilities of ingredients to add from your accustomed liking.
Frederik Z.
I like adding more veggies or fruits to my breakfasts. One day I might add broccoli to my eggs and the next might be just a peach. I also like to experiment with different sauces to dip my eggs in to.
Sophia A.
You can add variety to your breakfast by looking up breakfast menus. You can find breakfasts that you might like, and have them sometimes. By doing this, you can have your usual breakfasts, or you could spice it up a bit. Also, you might be able to find different things you can add to your existing breakfasts.
Prisca F.
Breakfast doesn’t have to be cereal, toast or eggs.
How about meat and veggies, Nuts, fruit. Just because it’s morning doesn’t mean you can’t have your lunch.
If you really want cereal have them for lunchtime.