Do you have a breakfast menu?

Elizabeth X.
Yea. A bagel with either butter or cream cheese, a small yogurt, and water. Sometimes I’ll have cereal or add fruit/a donut.
Jandirene Z.
No I don’t have a breakfast menu. One thing I always make sure that I’m eating in the morning is protein. Wether that be sausage, eggs, etc I always get that in my body. Another thing I make sure I’m getting is some type of fruit like grapes or strawberries. Lastly, drinking some water or maybe juice with my breakfast also gives more energy.
Mayar N.
Eggs, peanut butter, cantaloupe, whole grain bread, olive oil, milk, apples, bananas, cucumbers, honey, cupcakes, coffee, tea with milk, falafel, beans, humus.
Kit Catasha N.
Yes. I have four variety of breakfasts.
1. Oats, milk, banana, peanut butter and cinnamon
2. Two eggs, half avocado and melted cheese
3. Two boiled eggs, fresh apple and peanut butter
4. High protein müsli with milk
I eat different breakfast everyday, alternating from the four points mentioned.
Stephanie O.
I have a simple breakfast menu. I stick to quick things, like cereal or eggs. This helps me be sure to actaully eat since forgetting my breakfast is a bad habit. Its better to eat a quick simple meal than none at all.
Frida G.
Costumo fazer umas taças de iogurte, com aveia, pudim de chia e fruta e noutros dias como 1 fatia de pão com queijo Philadelphia de barrar.
Todos os dias bebo café ☕