What are your favorite go-to healthy breakfast recipes or ideas?

H Lo Se Q.
Personally I love doing a banana sandwich, it’s really easy to do and nutritive. Toast two slice of bread and cut your banana in nine slices. Once your bread is toasted, put the banana slices on one of the bread slices and put the other bread slice on top and you have your banana sandwich 🙂
Kam N.
I don’t like eggs usually but I do love making them for breakfast. It seems like an “appropriate” breakfast food so it is aesthetically and emotionally pleasing. I grill bread with a little bit of olive oil and dried garlick, add on tomatoes, eggs, avocado, and top it of with cheese. I left it sit for a few minutes until cheese is all melted and everything is warmed through. I like to top it off with fresh green onion.
P.S. If your morning starts later in the day like mine sometimes, I ad in that sandwich a piece of seasons chicken or turkey, and turn it into lunch 🥗 🥪🍳
Justa T.
Oatmeal banana pancakes. It's easy and very tasty. Grind up some oatmeal into a coarse powder, added 2 mashed very ripe bananas and one egg, make a batter out of it. Fry the pancakes with no or minimum butter and enjoy with a drizzle of honey. 🤤🤗
Johanne P.
The fastest one is a bowl of musli with milk and adding some fresh fruits in, if i have more time i like to have scrambled eggs or sandwiches full of vegetables.
A B.
I always try to have a diet lemonade. With that my breakfast is more like a brunch. I have it later in the morning because of my intermittent fasting. Most times I’ll have something like a breakfast sandwich. Sometimes I will just have a handful of nuts and berries like a granola.
Jacayla Q.
I love a roasted acorn squash with coconut oil and brown sugar on it, if I have time of course. When i’m in a hurry (which is often) i like a simple yogurt with fruit.
Rachel F.
I'm not usually a person who eat healthy breakfast but if i one day eat it i will probably consume some milk whit cereals or maybe a bowel of fruit or just a toast whit avocado.
Curtis C.
I think my favorite go-to breakfast would be vanilla Greek yogurt filled with nuts. What I do is I take yogurt, a packet of nuts (from a store like Aldi) and combine them, and that becomes my breakfast. I say it to be my favorite because it's simple, easy to make and good tasting!
Adam Q.
a great healthy breakfast for me is a slice of 5-grain wholemeal bread with light cream cheese and dried fruit, along with a glass of fruit juice